IMG_2156I went on a nine-mile hike this morning at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland and wanted to share a few pictures. The spring blooms are in full display and the hike was glorious.

Sugarloaf Mountain is a monadnock — an isolated hill or small mountain rising a above the level surrounding land.

Sugarloaf is actually run by a non-for-profit organization, Stronghold, and has a surprisingly high number of crisscrossing trails — allowing you to mix trails to extend or shrink hikes.

The mountain is part of the deep history of the area. It was named by pioneers who thought it is resembled the sugar loaves popular in that time. It was sketched for the first time by a Swiss explorer in 1707. Troops under British General Braddock marched past the mountain during the French and Indian War in 1755. Northern and Southern forces treated wounded soldiers in the log cabin still standing on the property.

There are a couple wonderful vistas and it is worth a visit. You can pick less or more challenging trails. Bring a good map because the trail markers can be a bit confusing.







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7 thoughts on “SPRING ON SUGARLOAF”

  1. If you ever make it to Seattle I will take you up Mount Washington or Rattlesnake Mountain if you like lots of elevation gain. Pix look awesome, nice to know there are such great hikes around there.

  2. Pics are awesome; very nearly as wonderful as our Colorado Rockies! Thanks for the excellent photography. P.S.: Your pics of Moab were equally wonderful and very much appreciated!

  3. Do not see any graffiti on the rocks. Agree with your prior post that graffiti has no place in public parks. Nice photos. Thanks.

  4. Used to live in Frederick, MD. Miss it like crazy but I would never move back because the taxes are too high and the government is too liberal. If western MD split off and became its own state I’d come back in a heartbeat.

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