Saudi Arabia Posts Ad For Swordsmen To Handle Increased Beheadings . . . No Experience Required

220px-Traditional_Ethiopian_picture170px-Ministry_of_Interior_Saudi_Arabia.svgWe have previously discussed Saudi Arabia’s infamous “Chop Chop” square where the country’s medieval Sharia law is carried out for everything from apostasy to drug dealing to murder. The Kingdom has had a bumper crop of executions this year with as many beheadings already this year (85) than the entire 2014 period (87). The work appears to be exhausting their executioners so the Kingdom is hiring eight new executioners. While the Saudis insist that this is a humane form of execution approved by the Koran, the fine print on the advertisement is notable: no experience is needed for those who want to cut the heads off people in Chop Chop square or handle amputations under Sharia law.

Not only is the civil service ministry accepting applications without any minimal qualifications, applicants will be exempted from the usual entrance exams. The advertisement emphasized that applicants will be required to perform amputations like cutting off one or both hands of people guilty of theft.

We showed a recent videotape of a Burmese woman protesting her innocence before being beheaded by a swordsman on a public street in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. The executioner forces her to kneel in a pedestrian crossing and cuts her head off in compliance with Sharia and Islamic principles.

Not surprisingly, the executioner job is posted as part of the “religious jobs” section.

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  1. Max-1, the Speaker of the House is charged with scrutinizing candidates for eligibility. The SCOTUS exists to assure that actions comport with law. “Checks and balances” compel constitutionality. Impeachment and conviction for “high crimes and misdemeanors” perpetrated by “officials” high and low enforces compliance.

    What happened?

  2. I don’t see how decapitation is a cruel and unusual punishment. First of all it is not punishment but a penalty. The pain is momentary and the end is as quick and sure as can be. With the electric chair, what goes though the mind beforehand must be much worse. With the needle, the circus must be excruciatingly painful. There is a certain contradiction in punishing someone for whom it has been decided that they will forfeit their life. If punishment is called for then incarcerate the individual, without any chance of parole whatsoever, for the rest of their life.

    It is not so much the killing of someone but what that represents. It is not hidden behind ‘judgement calls’ such as are made constantly and take the lives of innocents on the highways, in the hospitals, and everywhere else throughout our society. A government decides to spend lavishly on frivolous public displays of wealth and achievement and foregoes hidden but necessary infrastructure repairs and several innocents are sentenced to death. Every day emotions calling for the deaths of enemies along with collateral damage can be heard in the highest levels of government.

    The death penalty is not about the scum that should be executed or not. It is about a statement that we don’t do that, when we actually do, in many ways, every day. It is impossible to have a society which satisfies all the minor conveniences and grants all the illusions each insignificant one of us demands, without losing a few under the bus as it goes by.

    Eliminating an individual for supreme transgressions is a more honest and responsible act than waving the banner of humanity, stating that we are about that, or interpreting one side of the religious coin only. The scum that killed the family and housekeeper recently does not deserve to live, should perform one last act as whatever degree a deterrent he can represent, and should be done away with as quickly and silently as possible. His life is not worth the circus he will perform. The cost should be no more than a bullet to the back of the head. It is not necessary that he knows that it is coming. Performing the dog and pony show that is an American execution is the cruel and unusual punishment and when it has already been decided that he is to be eliminated and not punished the humane thing to do would be to do it quickly.

    The only faults with the death penalty are the justice system when someone who is innocent is killed and the cathartic ceremony that it has become. The focus should be on the justice system not the death penalty and our collective hypocrisy.

  3. I hope they, at least, teach the executioners basic sewing. They’ve got to stitch the head to body’s torso so it can be carried away for proper burial.

    But hey! Deera Square. Good times, happy crowd (mostly), and good street food nearby. 😛

  4. forgotwhoiam
    You need to tell Rubio… he’s the one thinking he can run, and win!


  6. Max-1, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but Marco Rubio is not eligible to be President.

    Marco Rubio is not a “natural born citizen.”

    You might refer to the Constitution of the United States on this issue.

  7. The Death Sentence can never be justified in US due to too many repeated mistakes in our corrupt justice system, due to arrogance and/or money.

    Unfortunately, this consensus is proven daily per the (Jonathan Turley) “What is the Cost to Purchase a State Supreme Court?” article dated May 17, 2015, and concurred in the 44 Comments.

    As an example, “Why did President Andrew Johnson pardon fellow 33rd degree Mason Albert Pike who was one of John Wilkes Booth’s partners in the President Lincoln Assassination?”

  8. Never heard that about Marlyn…plenty of rumors about JFK, then RFK.
    ..Joe DiMaggio seemed to be a the closest thing she had to a real marraige in 3-4 tries.
    ..DiMaggio took care of her funeral arrangements, etc.
    Peter Lawford was said to be one of the first on the scene…he probably was there to deep-six anything that might implicate JFK or RFK.
    Didn’t know about Mae West’s investment acumen. Filmwise, I’m not sure uf she had any roles besides Mr.Ed. and Myra Breckinridge past her mid-30s. Clint Eastwood was hilarious as a Mr. Ed guest star.
    I still catch it sometimes on Me Tv or TV land.

    1. Tom Nash – Mae West’s work with W.C. Fields is classic. However, she was a big Broadway star first. When she worked with Fields they each wrote their own lines. The did not like working together, but they made a lot of money together.

  9. Paul C. Schulte…Yeah, it’s an open question as to whether she had a comeback in her…based pn what I’ve read, the studios were gettiing impatient with one person (Marlyn) holding up production and adding to costs.
    A lot of her costars, like Clark Gable, Eli Wallach, Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin seem to be pretty supportive of her, and patient about the delays.
    I’m not sure how Director John Huston handled her and all the delays in the remote Nevada desert during filming of the Misfits.
    Her death was widely reported to be a suicide, but like Elvis and Michael Jackson, it may not have been intentional. I think she was a heavy user of barbituites and accidently went over the line.
    As I mentioned, it seems that major female stars had trouble staying at /near the top after age 35.
    Elizabeth Taylor was about 7 years younger than Marlyn,”and the other majir “star/sex symbol if that era.
    After VIRGINIA WOLF with Burton at age 33, she still had SOME major parts here and there, but never seemed to have nearly the same drawing power
    Had she lived a long life, I think Marlyn could have ended up like Mae West, a long -in-the -tooth former sex symbol.

    1. Tom Nash – Mae West was a brilliant woman who wrote her own scripts. She put all of her money in real estate and lived a very comfortable life. She was a superb comedianne. Marilyn could never have pulled that off. I think one of the things that could have helped was that in the months before her death she had finally had her first orgasm from intercourse. A stable relationship could have helped.

  10. Karen S. and Paul C. Schulte…The Misfits was completed, and Marlyn was barely hanging on to her role in SOMETHINGS GOT TO GIVE when she O.D.ed at age 36.
    I think the studio was about ready to drop her and the movie
    outakes were cobbled together for a makeshift 20 minute movie on TCM.Cyd Charisse and Dean Martin costarred in the uncompleted film.
    Going back 50-55 years, there appeared to be few “big roles” for actresses over 35.
    ..I’d be hardpressed to name many. My feeling is that Monroe, had she not died young, would have ended up a has-been.
    Her premature death, I think, is what turned her into a legend.
    ..I just don’t see her career, already in tatters because of her unreliability, rebounded in that era.

    1. Tom Nash – Marilyn Monroe was the Lindsey Lohan of her age. She had done well in Some Like it Hot, but she was hard to work with according to the trades. According to this latest attempt to solve her untimely death the combination of drugs she was taking was lethal. I am not sure how that affected her behavior.
      They were moving from the studio system to the independent system. She was a big draw and might have done better if she was able to pick her own scripts. Under the studio system she worked whatever picture they put her in.

  11. To behead or not to behead… that is the political fundraiser question.

    Host Of Rubio Fundraiser Was Foreign Agent For Dictator Who Endorses Gay Beheadings

    Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who announced last month that he will seek the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, will hold a campaign fundraiser on Wednesday with an array of Washington lobbyists. One of the lobbyists co-hosting the event (and helping to raise money for Rubio) is BGR Group principal Jennifer Lukawski. She recently served as the registered foreign agent for a western African regime known for its human rights abuses, including repeated threats to behead gay people.

    In April 2013, BGR Government Affairs LLC and the then-Secretary General of The Gambia signed a contract. In exchange for $45,000 a month (plus expenses), BGR agreed to “advocate and help build support for increased political and economic assistance from government and non-governmental organizations for The Gambia’s adolescent and adult female education programs. BGR may provide guidance and counsel on other issues from time to time as required.” Several weeks later, Jennifer Lukawski informed the Department of Justice that she would be lobbying for The Gambia pursuant to that deal. The arrangement continued until that December.

    So… there’s that.

  12. Karen S
    “We cannot change other countries’ laws, but we can sure protest such abuse.”
    = = =
    Correct and that protest ought to start at home… IF the USA can execute prisoners, why can’t other countries?
    IF we should be protesting other countries that execute their prisoners, we shouldn’t, as a Nation, be engaging in the very behavior we’re supposed to be protesting.

  13. Speaking of the brutality of executions…

    Amnesty International USA Responds to Passage of Nebraska Death Penalty Repeal Bill

    “Nebraska becomes the latest state to acknowledge that the death penalty is an irrevocably broken and unjust practice,” said Steven W. Hawkins, executive director of Amnesty International USA.
    “The legislature has taken a courageous step forward for human rights. Rather than stand in the way, Governor Ricketts should get on the right side of history by signing this bill into law. The remaining states that retain the death penalty should follow Nebraska’s example and do away with this cruel and inhuman punishment forever.”

    Oh that’s right… it’s never when the USA does it.
    31 States permit the execution of inmates found not guilty or otherwise.

  14. Patriot (@musicman27103) —

    In “What is the Cost to Purchase a State Supreme Court?” article on May 17, 2015, you graciously posted an incriminating List of 29 items the Media has “not reported.”

    What’s the “Source” of this ‘interesting’ list of 29?

  15. Paul C. Schulte…THE MISFITS was the final movie for bother Clark Gable and M. Monroe. It was complete with great difficulty due to Marlyn’s tardiness, drug use, the complication of her ex, ” Arthur Miller, as screenwriter, and remot, rugged in site shooting in the Nevada desert.
    Her career was in a slide…she was still a “draw”, but tended to really hold up production and hundreds of people waiting on her.
    SOMETHINGS GOT TO GIVE, with Dean Martin, was her uncompleted film in 1962.
    They slapped together some clips and made sort of a 20 minute “film” based on the raw footage they had shot.
    I think Doris Day and Rod Taylor? completed the film project, redone from scratch.
    The studio had threatened to fire Monroe due to over budget over-schedule delays.
    Dean Marti was exceptiobally loyal to her, and said if you replace her, I’m walking.
    Clarke Gable ended his career with two top performances…RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP, AND THE MISFITS.
    THE MISFITS Was a unique film for its time, c. 1960, and I still enjoy it on TCM, etc.

  16. Hanging was the official method of execution in Washington state, and was used some until June 1963.
    Joseph Chester Self would have never have been executed in Washington, or likely any state, in 2015.
    I was called at the last minute to serve at his funeral mass. That was unusual…you usually had a bit of notice for weddings, funerals, and other tragedies.
    The congregation was very small, maybe 8 people. Warden Bobby Rhay, something of a legend at the WA. State Pen in Walla Walla, was among the attendees/pall bearers. He later said that if any murderer could be rehabilitated, it was Self.
    The priest/prison chaplain had grown close to Self, and had literally accompanied Self on the gallow’s platform late the previous evening. He had some difficulty getting through the sermon.
    It was about 30 years before the next execution..1993, I think. The inmate had a choice of hanging or lethal injection..if he didn’t choose, hanging was the official method.
    They had some problems finding a qualified hangman, since it was something of a “lost art”.
    CNN , etc. swarmed Walla Walla, a town with c. 32,000 people.
    The second hanging was about 18 months later, and made the back pages of the N.Y. Times, etc.
    ..Executions are rare in Washington, and the current governor announced a moritorium on all executions.
    Multiple murderer Robert Yates, who worked for a time as a prison guard, may never be executed. He got the death penalty in 2002, and is in his mid-60s.
    He admitted to about 15 murders, and pled guilty to avoid the death setence in Spokane and Walla Walla Counties.
    Pierce County (Tacoma) was not a party to that plea deal, and he got the death sentence for two murders with aggravating circumstances two years later.
    Burl Barer, a Walla Walla native and author, covered his crime spree in his book, BODY COUNT.
    Anyway, second hanging in May 1994 was barely noted…made the back pages of the N.Y. Times, etc.
    . One of the office gals in Chandler, AZ. had never heard of Walla Walla, Washington and would chuckle when she or I mentioned it.
    I brought the N. Y. times into the office, and said “You may find the name Walla Walla amusing, but we made the N.Y. Times.
    As she read the article about the hanging, I could see a bit of a shocked look on her face. She said “You HANG people up there?!”
    I said, well yeah, but we ALMOST ALWAYS have a trial first”.

  17. I think Dick Cheney just found his Second Calling! He’d probably do the job for nothing more than a couple quarts of oil in a golden chalice twice a day for libation. He’s probably already got an official Saudi executioners outfit and Haliburton already has a Saudi address.

    1. Karen – it had something to do with horses. I never saw it, was not a fan of any of the stars.

  18. “…Tickets Had Been Issued…”

    Saudi Arabia is a nation of laws. America used to be a nation with a Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights. America used to be a nation of laws.

    After Lincoln’s “Reign of Terror” concluding with his unconstitutional “Civil War” amendments, a fraudulent 16th amendment, ratified by a corrupt vote, ostensibly satisfying the people’s overwhelming desire to impose an income tax on themselves (what?), the compulsory anti-American communism of the “New Deal” (“that dudn’t make any sense”), $22 trillion confiscated since 1965 to fund the collectivist’s “War on Poverty” (Poverty won) and the introduction of antithetical and unconstitutional affirmative action, the SCOTUS has nullified and obviated the founding documents (high crimes and misdemeanors there), and America is entirely lawless as it is run by fiat and “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

    As residue of the preceding era, at the inflection point of Lincoln’s despotic transition away from the structure and discipline of the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights, the literal law was enforced strictly and swiftly after Lincoln’s assassination. To wit:


    Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865.

    The conspirators in the assassination were executed on July 7, 1865.

    No mercy was granted based on gender.

    “Mary Surratt, 42, the first woman to be hanged by the United States government, is the body hanging at the left. Virtually everyone (the author says) expected her sentence to be commuted by President Andrew Johnson, but it was not. From the left, after Mary Surratt, hang the bodies of Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt. Roughly 1,000 people, viewing from windows, walls, the courtyard, and buildings, witnessed the affair. Because such a large number of people wished to view the execution, tickets had been issued to limit the actual number in the courtyard.

    At approximately 1:26 P.M., July 7, 1865, the signal was given. The two soldiers underneath the gallows knocked away the supporting posts with long poles, and the trap doors snapped downward. The bodies of the four victims dropped about five to six feet and then came up with a sharp jerk at the end of each rope. After the hanging about 25 minutes elapsed, and the bodies were cut down. Doctors then examined them as they lay on top of their coffins which were really just crude gun boxes. The bodies (with hanging-caps still on) were buried in shallow graves next to the gallows. Pieces of the gallows were soon distributed as souvenirs.

    In 1867 the remains of Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, George Atzerodt, and David Herold were removed from the shallow graves in the prison yard. They were placed in a storage building nearby. In February 1869 President Andrew Johnson issued an order allowing the bodies to be released to their respective families. Family members claimed all bodies with the lone exception of Lewis Powell.

    For more details, please see the September 2000 issue of the Surratt Courier.

    Today Ft. Lesley McNair occupies the grounds of the Old Arsenal Penitentiary in Washington, D.C. where the hangings took place. The building in which the accused were tried still stands. It is called Grant Hall. The scaffold where the executions took place would today stand near the back of the tennis courts.”

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