Toronto Man Fired By Employer After Being Shown Insulting Female Reporter With Obscene Expression

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.20.44 AMWe have another case of a man fired for obnoxious conduct outside of his workplace. While we recently discussed this issue with regard to academics, it is increasing common for private employers to fire people who make themselves notorious with thuggish or insulting conduct in public. The latest is Shawn Simoes, who appears to have the mentality of a three year old and taunted a female report with a disgusting sexually explicit heckle on television. He was an engineer with Hydro One, which fired him after the scene was posted outside of BMO Field.

Reporter Shauna Hunt was surrounded by a group of juvenile men who seemed to wait to get the insult on the air. They wanted to embarrass Hunt by using FHRITP, which stands for “f–k her right in the p—y.” The two men speaking with Hunt actually laugh which is equally disgusting. Hunt says that two men “in a row” shouted the offensive phrase while passing by and “I could hear these other guys conspiring to do it,” Hunt added.

Hunt then confronted the group of men in a wonderfully balanced but firm way. One of the men however then proceeds to explain how using the vulgar expression is incredibly funny. “It is f——- hilarious … it’s f—— amazing, and I respect it.”

He later sent an apology to Hunt though I find it bizarre that a grown man would have to be confronted in public to suddenly realize that he is a thug with a toddler’s mentality.

His company did not like the exposure and fired him. There is of course a difference with the Duke and Boston University professors who were voicing their views of race relations and social issues. Having an employee espousing the value to degrading women with vulgarity expressions presents a different issue for a company that has hired employees to perform specific engineering or business tasks.

As we discussed recently, people who achieve such infamy on social media tend to find that their reputation can follow them with devastating consequences as in the case of Adam Smith.

It is encouraging that the team is planning to take action against all of the men but it is only considering a ban for a year. Why not just ban the men entirely? That could only be a net benefit to every other fan and send a message that boorish thugs should stay home and watch on television where they act like total morons in private.

I honestly cannot even imagine why these men — at least six in number — think that such an insult is so funny. It reflects a sad reality about the upbringing and values of too many people — not just in the treatment of women but basic civil conduct.

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  1. From many of the comments on this thread, I am guessing that people may not know that they were emulating a crude viral Internet hoax video.

    Personally, I wish British humor would go viral. Monty Python and Fawlty Towers have more wit.

    1. Karen – Monty Python and Fawlty Towers are both off the air.

  2. Since I am uncool, I had to look this up. Apparently a year ago, a YouTuber wanted to create a viral video, so he made a hoax video clip that appeared to be a Fox News Reporter who didn’t realize his mike was on, talking about what he’d do with a missing female. It wasn’t real, just a planned hoax, but it indeed went viral. Then more hoax videos popped up of reporters appearing to get video bombed by people shouting “FHRITP!” It’s kind of snowballed from there.

    The guys in this video were not actually making that comment to or about the female reporter. They were copying a stupid viral video, trying to be irreverent and boorish. In my day it was streaking. I find it ironic, but I’m here on an Internet blog complaining about the self absorption rampant on the Internet today. Everyone wants their 5 minutes.

    I believe the journalist stood up for herself and called them on the carpet, and the matter should have been closed there. Unless these men were representing their employers, they should not have been fired. As the reporter herself said, this happens 10 times a day. The original hoax video got millions of views and a lot of people are copying them as a prank. If we’re now going to fire someone and wreck their future chances of employment for making boorish jokes or comments, then we’re going to have a looooooooooong line at the unemployment office. Just about everyone says something ignorant at some point in their lives. These guys should have been old enough to know better than to do it on camera.

    With the advent of cell phone cameras, bars could now become the perfect venue to get your arch enemy fired. Just follow him around until he is inebriated enough to say a vulgar line and that’ll be that.

    I assume that this is Toronto, Canada, as they do not share our rigorous free speech protections. I understand security ejecting someone from a stadium if he was harassing another guest, but a lifetime ban for a vulgar or boorish comment would result in an empty stadium.

    I am surprised that Professor Turley supports dismissal and a lifetime ban from a stadium in this case.

  3. So glad we have BamBam here representing the conservative female viewpoint, makes me have hope for them.

  4. I wasn’t speaking for you, I was guessing what you might be thinking, there IS a difference Karen. You can say or not if I was right or wrong. I wouldn’t presume to speak for you, even though you so often have done so to me by completely misrepresenting what I’ve said. Others have also noted this tendency in you.

  5. I don’t think it should free speech should apply to public businesses.

    What if the business loses customers and money because people see this and are like “Well, not going there, they hired him!”???

    It’s one thing when it’s say, a public school, that decides this teacher or that one can’t be a teacher because they did ___ in the past (or currently). Public schools aren’t a business.

  6. SWM, I agree that Squeeky can be over the top regarding gay sex. I said my piece to her about that. She and I disagree on the issue. She gave me an earful. Then we both let it go and don’t discuss the topic. I know many folks have trouble getting their minds around my libertarian view of “To each their own.” I have family and friends who are sexist, racist, etc. I’m not going to disown them for that. As you might imagine, I let them know my thoughts. I would not allow them to spew their hatred in front of my kids when they were young. But, other than that, “Better out than in” is what my mom would often say.

    As far as being respectful, there are very few people in this world who are not disrespectful of other people @ times. We ALL have our dark side. I find much about Squeeky that is very interesting and endearing. I like her. She is very intelligent and well read. We share much more than we differ. You and I vehemently disagree on many topics, agree on a few. I see you as someone w/ a good heart. For me, if someone has a good heart, I’ll overlook almost anything. If someone has an angry, vindictive, mean heart, well I try and avoid them as best I can. That can be challenging @ times.


    Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter
    1, November 26, 2014 at 1:55 pm
    Hmmm. Like women need a law to tell them that MEN LIE like dirty dogs!!! Duh! If their lips are moving. . .Totally unnecessary! LOL! However, this is some good material for an Irish Poem!!!

    Plenty Five, or Six, or Four???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Oh, Heaven protect us from grinches!
    Who criminalize lies to wenches.
    All those transparent lies,
    About weenies and size. . .
    Gee, we knew it was never nine inches!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter


    Squeeky, I hope you don’t mind me repeating one of your amusing poems here.

    1. Inga – it is not just men who pretend to be someone else. I have a female friend who has created an entire persona so she can troll for men online.

          1. That’s nice Paul, because I really COULDN’T care less. Someone who makes jokes about raping women and beating women and brags about fist fights with others teachers at school is really just too weird for me to continue to converse with. Such sentiments make my skin crawl.

  8. “Squeek is not fond of gay sex, as we all know” Nick S Well, then, she does not have to engage in it but she could at least be more respectful of those that do.

    1. SWM – I am not fond of pedophile and feel no reason to be respectful of them. Gay sex is a hot button issue for Squeeky and I respect her right to have her opinion, even if I only agree with about half of it.

  9. Squeek is not fond of gay sex, as we all know. I don’t think Karen gives a rat’s ass about it. However, we have discussed Paglia, and Squeek loves her. She recommended a Paglia book that I had not known. You see, people don’t fit into little boxes, as much as libs try and put them in one. I give people motion sickness w/ some of my views. I refuse to toe ANY ideological line. Most folks are that way really. Chris Rock does a great bit about how most of us have liberal views on some topics and conservative on others. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

  10. Paul, she doesn’t want proof.
    Nothing offered would be accepted as proof.
    It’s their game.
    Pretending to debate, but refusing to actually discuss facts.
    Evade, deny, change the subject, logical fallacy, name calling.

    SJWs always lie.

  11. “Pogo provided no proof to back up his claims. An example is not proof.

    See? I knew you were arguing in bad faith.
    I can read you people a mile off.

  12. I get to call Karen and Squeek, true feminist in the mold of Camille Paglia. Typical PC liberal, trying to control what people say. Nick S. Unlikely…. I thought your pals did not approve of women that partnered with other women.


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