Respecting Women By Erasing Them: Ultra-Orthodox Papers Remove Female Cabinet Members From Official Photo Including Justice Minister and Gender Equality Minister

150521-israel-cabinet-newspaper_a39aac85fa58c87afb06bebfd083fdc5.nbcnews-ux-680-520We have yet another triumph of Orthodoxy in the removal of all female cabinet members from an official picture with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. There are three new female cabinet members — Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Culture Minister Miri Regev and Minister for Senior Citizens Gila Gamliel — but you would never know it from the pictures in Jewish ultra-Orthodox publications which either removed them or even replaced them in the shot with male cabinet members.

One publication appears to have pixelated the faces of the women while others edited them out. You will recall recently how such publications removed the image of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ironically, ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox parties were allies of Netanyahu in the recent election, but balked at showing his full cabinet team. In airbrushing away of the new Justice Minister and first-ever minister of gender equality (Gamliel) completed the overwhelming irony.

Many Orthodox publications simply refused to publish the picture due to the inclusion of the women.

Yomleyom, an ultra-Orthodox weekly newspaper run by the Shas political party, actually transplanted a man in the place of one of the women. Yomleyom’s deputy editor, Rabbi Moshe Shafir, did not see anything ridiculous in the exercise and explained “We honor the women specifically because of their special merits and we have reservation from looking upon women as an object.” In other words, we value them so much that we delete them from historic photos and government images. Call it elevation through elimination.

Source: NBC

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  1. Religious and political fundamentalism are a cancer on the world.

    1. old nurse – science and medicine have not cure cancer, why do you expect anyone else to do it.

  2. davidm:

    Speaking only for myself, I do understand men. A thoughtful person recognizes that we have been endowed with brains as well as libidos. Sexual arousal can occur through a virtually infinite variety of sensual stimuli. So what? A man who is raised to respect himself and others controls his impulses. I am fully capable of appreciating the beauty of a woman without committing an assault. In my opinion, your views on this matter insult men as well as women.

    1. Mike Appleton wrote: “In my opinion, your views on this matter insult men as well as women.”

      Just to be clear, I was not representing my views. I personally have no problems with women being in these photos. I was simply expressing what I believe to be the view of the Orthodox Jews.

      Some people here imagine a more sinister motivation. Rabbi Moshe Shafir is quoted above as saying, “We honor the women specifically because of their special merits and we have reservation from looking upon women as an object.” I see the same perspective from other Orthodox Jews. You might not believe that motivation, or you might not respect it if you do believe it, but that is much different than maligning their behavior for reasons that have nothing to do with why they do it.

  3. David with all due respect you are incorrect about why the women were removed. Orthodox Jews object to women in government positions. As a result they want to remove them. They are starting with photos.

    As to a man’s inability to be in or around women or the likness of a woman, that sounds like a psychosis. I am always amazed why some men beleive that their failings should be a reason to punish women.

  4. Of course, they didn’t need to photo shop in any Asians.

  5. The University of Wisconsin got caught photo shopping minorities into photos on their recruiting brochure. Both ends of the political spectrum like to screw w/ photos.

  6. Hyper-religious people are so weird. Theres’ a lot that can be said about extremism and orthodoxy, but the end of the day it’s just plain weird, airbrushing people out of photos because they have vaginas.

  7. A mere picture of a woman in a business suit can arouse a man to do immoral acts? He gets that distracted? Or the sexual arousal is immoral in itself? Whoa. Do Orthodox men have Sexual ADD?

    1. I. Annie, you really don’t understand men. There is gender inequality when it comes to sex. It is biology, and no gender equality legislation will change this.

  8. Perhaps I should have said, “which can lead to immoral thoughts and is distracting to the story.”

    I think many men will not admit it publicly, but when they look at the photo on the right with the women in it, their eyes are drawn toward the women, not because of what great political things they have done, but because of their sex and beauty. So the Ultra Orthodox have reservations about looking at women as attractive objects. They would rather let the text reveal what great things the women have done.

  9. I think there are a lot of misinterpretations about why the ultra orthodox remove women from photos. It has nothing to do with men thinking that women are inferior to them. They simply do not want visual images of the women. Women are superior to men in beauty, and men are visual creatures when it comes to sexuality. Leaving the women in the photos can arouse sexual interest in men, which is immoral and distracting to the story.

  10. They can pretend women don’t exist in powerful roles by erasing them from pictures, won’t change the fact that those powerful women will be making policy that affects them.

  11. Theocracy rots the brain. When a religion makes it impossible for simple facts to be communicated, it makes it clear that allowing it or its adherents to have any influence on government is a horrible and destructive mistake, no matter the country, no matter the religion.

  12. If I was one of those women I would not want my photo included with that group of dorks.

    1. Beldar – since you had been appointed by those “dorks” you would want to be photographed with them.

  13. jb – you have yet to state anything that is really out of line. I have looked at both dbids and q codes and neither should be a problem for you. One is for your security and the other does not seem to cover you.

  14. military brides don’t get a free lawyer for planning or ability to pick a favorable jurisdiction. But the serviceman does. A fortori….i knew better and was a bride. How many of my peers were hailed to wyoming for a quick divorce? Do the study Mr. Turely. Women as wives in the military are expendable…..especially with federal custody laws. No one should marry them. Petreaus was obvious. They get it all their way….always….why do ppl like you pander to families? Oh you pander to the parents…not the bride.

  15. would it kill you to have a student research dbids? Would it kill you to have a student research q codes? Would it kill you to have a student write about the extra regulation military brides face? Cause frankly I am sick of the pandering to military families when you have no clue the legal environment we have to navigate to remain families.

  16. I saw your memorial day quip it has too many comments to load on my phone. Mr. Scholar ….ya ever heard of a self fullfilling prophesy? Look up dbids….that is the insurgent program developed for iraq they wanted to enroll military brides in. Crossed into ncis. By our fingerprints. Then they try to track our grocery purchases in the name of maketing. Meanwhile they want us to play in the key spouse nark deal. You want to see what social engineering look like? That orbit. Look to military brides. The opposite what our man fought for. But what can he say? If we don’t go along he can ‘q’ code us via the threat of ucmj punishment. Funny we say we have an all volunteer force…..funny we say ppl can’t help who they love….but if they happen to love a serviceman the usg thinks they can regutlate the lover. When you think of your relative and goat hill….please think of me….to get an I’d I need dbibs….ok that vanished mysteriously but look it up….then to get grocery I am
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  17. so they do it in politics blatant….but isn’t it the same end that male ssm says? Queer marriage says women don’t matter….our only role is a year hire by two men who want a kid by their sperm…via a surrogate. So they airbrushed the woman out….isn’t that what ssm ppl want to do with women? Airbrush us out and pretend kids come from rosy palmer?

  18. Orthodox Judaism seems quite similar to Islam; what’s wrong with these Middle Eastern men that they’re so freaked out by the sight of a woman, even in a newspaper photo? And the OJs have had 6,000 years to work on their issues…

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