ISIS Reportedly Executes Three Teenagers and Arrests Others For Raising Pigeons

180px-Blue_Rock_Pigeon_(Columba_livia)_in_Kolkata_I_IMG_9762AQMI_Flag.svgThe problem with ISIS and many Islamic extremists is that it is increasingly hard to tell what is a real story and what is an absurd Onion story. However, this appears a real story. When ISIS is not sledgehammering priceless artifacts and bulldozing ancient cities, it is arresting pigeon breeders and unIslamic. Why? Most articles report that the reason is that the breeding takes away time from worshipping Allah while some have reported that ISIS fanatics have also complaint that the sight of the birds’ genitals as they fly overhead is offensive to Islam. The latter rationale would seem to require exceptionally good eyesight or exceptionally well-endowed pigeons.

The anti-pigeon breeding arrests have occurred the group’s ‘Euphrates province’, which stretches from Anbar in Iraq to Dier ez Zour in Syria. Breeding has been declared blasphemy and subject to arrest or worse. Fifteen boys have been rounded up so far and three have been executed.

According to reports, ISIS officials issues a warning that “All those who keep pigeons above the roofs of their houses must stop doing this entirely within a week of the date of the issuing of this statement . . . Whosoever violates it will be subject to consequences of reprimand including a financial fine, imprisonment and flogging.”

The document also notes that the ban is designed “to put a stop to the greater criminal act of harming one’s Muslim and Muslim women neighbours, revealing the [pigeon’s] genitals and wasting time.”

Those founds with pigeons are being rounded up by the local religious police, known as the Hisbah. The Hisbah has been conducting house by house searches.

It is a particularly bizarre rule since raising falcons is one of the oldest traditions in the Islamic world and pigeon raising is one of the most popular activities by less wealthy citizens.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that Turley is the one that is being stupid. Check out his source: The Daily Mail.

    Call me when it hits The Washington Post, The New York Times, The LA Times.

  2. Animals, monsters, Satin’s warriors, they kill for the joy of killing. What do you expect from people that live and rule by laws made in the second century? Certainly there is no surprise here. “O” has no desire to go against them! In reality, is it possible that ISIS could secretly be his ally as is Iran? Just asking. Why should we go up against them, they have most of our equipment. Compliments of our fearless leader I might add. Psychopaths? Yeah, we have quite a few here, one in particular that would like to see this a third world country. The goal to give equipment to an army that turns tail and runs only leads you to one conclusion, The equipment is being taken by the actual group it was sent to help.

    Rounding up the pigeons to stop them from being PIGEONS for the enemy, is more like it. Question: Are they carrier pigeons? Maybe ISIS needs them to carry their messages since phones get lost and can be traced. Too many pigeons around can be confusing I guess. Don’t they know you can eat pigeons? They taste as good as chicken. It really takes a dummy to come up with a lame reason such as pigeon genitals being offensive so all pigeons must be banned. Like a chicken, the genitals are not on the outside., ISIS must think all people are as warped as those willing to strap a bomb on and commit suicide for them! Sad, this world is full of demented people it seems.

    Neo; ” ISIS (Israeli Security Intelligence Service) is a Mossad/CIA creation with the full support of John McCain and other US senators.” REALLY?????????????????????????????????????

  3. So – breeding pigeons distracts people from worship but rounding up pigeon-breeders and murdering them does not?

  4. isis should be more concerned about worshiping the pedophile prophet. These semi literate morons do not deserve to exist and one can only hope that their days are numbered before they go off to meet their 72 ugly virgins

  5. Is there some sort of test provided, so that only the stupid are allowed to become ISIS members? Is this some sort of testament to the poor state of education in the ME and surrounding region?

    Pigeons are BIRDS. Birds’ genitals are internal. You could get a microscope out and a bright light, and you can not see them without cutting them open. They are not mammals. That is why it is so difficult to sex newly hatched chicks that only the most experienced personnel at hatcheries can do so without harming or killing the chick. There is no difference between raising pigeons and raising chickens. Why is it not immodest for a woman to raise chickens, including having a very active rooster, but immodest for anyone of any gender to raise pigeons, either for food or hobby?

    Is it illegal to have a donkey cart, now? Or a goat? Because those ARE mammals and they DO have visible genitals.

    Maybe they just get bored and the homicidal maniacs start yearning for some violence, so they make something up to justify some more murders.

  6. I continue to be surprised and puzzled at Islamic terrorists ploys. Now it’s pigeon genitals that are offensive to look at when the foul are flying. With such modest people, you’d think that they would kill their camel owners and the camels too.
    Yesterday, I read about an Islamic cleric who told his congregation that Islamic women should be forbid from wearing blue jeans (even at home), because these jean clad ladies cause earthquakes.
    We women are smart and good at doing a lot of things, but not that good.
    Allah must be offended to His cleric’s give women credit for natural disasters.

  7. Some country is investigating a pigeon it has arrested, for spying. These birds are not to be trusted.

  8. This shows the futility of the death penalty. Instead of executing these prisoners, IS could sentence them to sewing underpants for birds.

  9. NRO is saying that stories about the US arming ISIS are fictions made up by Iran. But it doesn’t even touch this reality:

    “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now threatening Baghdad, was funded for years by wealthy donors in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, three U.S. allies that have dual agendas in the war on terror. The extremist group that is threatening the existence of the Iraqi state was built and grown for years with the help of elite donors from American supposed allies in the Persian Gulf region. There, the threat of Iran, Assad, and the Sunni-Shiite sectarian war trumps the U.S. goal of stability and moderation in the region.

    It’s an ironic twist, especially for donors in Kuwait (who, to be fair, back a wide variety of militias). ISIS has aligned itself with remnants of the Baathist regime once led by Saddam Hussein. Back in 1990, the U.S. attacked Iraq in order to liberate Kuwait from Hussein’s clutches. Now Kuwait is helping the rise of his successors.

    As ISIS takes over town after town in Iraq, they are acquiring money and supplies including American made vehicles, arms, and ammunition…..”

  10. Now Now Neo, those are the MODERATE Syrian rebels! It’s quite easy to tell the difference. The ones that McCain & the open budget support are moderates, and the ones the black budget and the Saudis support are ISIS.

    “Why Mr Anderson, why do you do it, why get up, why keep fighting? Do you think you are fighting for something, freedom or truth or love? DO you even know? Illusions, vagaries of perception, feeble constructs!…..why why do you persist?”

  11. Come on people, ISIS (Israeli Security Intelligence Service) is a Mossad/CIA creation with the full support of John McCain and other US senators. The US government supplies military hardware to ISIS. Oh yeah, and now this “group” has 2-3 camps in Mexico right near the border of Texas.

    ‘To keep a war going you always need to create more enemies and the US government is very good at doing just that.

    The world is ruled by psychopaths.

  12. It’s all kind of a joke it seems. As you condemn isis and all islamic extremism, you fail to mention your countrys rulers bragging about killing 10,000 members of isis. Congrats to you and your peers JT, that’s a lot of bodies and families.

  13. The Nazi state went down because there were allies who fought them tooth and nail and defeated them. Who in the world has a desire or the balls to take on ISIS? Not Europe. Not Saudi Arabia, nor NATO, or Russia, or the U.S.

  14. “exceptionally well-endowed pigeons”

    This was #3 on my list of phrases I never expected to see even on the internet.

    It seems they are competing to uncover creative extensions of their rules thus proving their commitment to the cause. This seems similar to campus feminists and English Dames, so we should henceforth reference both groups together as “extremists”.

  15. How many years did the Third Reich survive? How long did Pol Pot reign? How long did Stalin rule? How long did the Spanish Inquisition last? Murderous, power hungry, torturing, fanatical, defective thinking, ruling abominations can last much longer than IS has so far. As it spreads, just like any disease, so does its destruction.

  16. People will endure much if they are on the wrong side of a gun, whip or an oppressive surveillance state.

  17. Sigh. This is even too strange and ridiculous for the Onion. On the plus side, the more they push people about utterly stupid things, the sooner those people turn on them.

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