21 Year Old Trooper Cadet Murdered During Vehicle Pursuit

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor


Taylor Thyfault
Taylor Thyfault

We read with sadness of an aspiring young man who lost his life while he and his critically wounded field training officer attempted to spike strip a vehicle fleeing during a pursuit.

Army Veteran Taylor Thyfault died Memorial Day Weekend. He was twenty one years of age. His FTO Trooper Clinton Rushing received critical injuries.

The tragedy reportedly occurred when, according to police, Christopher Lee Gebers was attempting to elude pursuing police vehicles when he happened along an unrelated accident scene that Trooper Rushing and Cadet Thyfault were processing. The collision occurred on Highway 66 in Weld County. It began when Gerbers allegedly sped away from a traffic stop for speeding. Both men were hit while attempting to spike Gebers’ vehicle in an attempt to end the pursuit.

Clinton Rushing
Clinton Rushing

Gebers’ driver license is suspended and he has convictions for theft, drug possession, and weapons violations. He stands charged with First Degree Murder with Extreme Indifference, First Degree Assault, Vehicular Eluding, Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Manufacture, and other felonies.

Tow Truck Driver Rusty Melvin who was removing another vehicle at the prior accident scene informed reporters he was walking around his truck to secure a car when Cadet Taylor shouted for him to get out of the road, possibly saving Melvin’s life as Gebers’ vehicle drove down upon them and both officers were struck.

taylor-thyfault-armyDuring funeral services, after which a twenty mile procession followed, Cadet Thyfault was posthumously promoted to Trooper. Trooper Rushing faces a long recovery from his injuries.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for those doing the Honorable gesture of donating to families of both men. Contributions may be made to:

Troopers Thyfault and Rushing, GoFundMe Page

By Darren Smith


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