ISIS Reportedly Holds Koran Competition With Slave Girls As Top Three Prizes

Islamic_State_(IS)_insurgents,_Anbar_Province,_IraqAs ISIS prepares to destroy another priceless ancient city, it is adding to its atrocities in the rape and enslavement of Yazidi and Christian girls and women in Iraq. Various news sites are reporting that the Islamic militants are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan by holding a contest to memorize the Koran. The top three prizes are girl slaves or “sibyl.”

The fundamentalist Sunni group follows the Koran literally and thus believes that Muslim men have the right to female slaves. The announcement was made on Twitter and lists money prizes for those not receiving female slaves. It tells competitors to come to one of four mosques including the “Mosques of Abu Bakr el-Sadiq, The Mosque of Osama Bin Laden, The Mosque of Abu Musab el-Zarqawi or The Mosque of el-Taqwa, and listed prizes, including “slave girls” and Syrian currency amounting to $500 and less. It concludes with “We ask the great lord to make your life easier and to grant you with what he loves and what pleases him.”

In any other war, such stories would be dismissed as wildly manufactured and untrue. However, ISIS appears intent on shocking the world and conveying that it will not yield to international criticism in its creation of its view of a pure Islamic state. The enslavement and rape of Christian and Yazidi girls is well-documented. Indeed, ISIS has published price guidelines for such captives with women 40 and 50 years old sold for just $40, girls between 10 and 20 years old auctioned for $129 each, and children under 10 commanding higher prices. A United Nation envoy has documented girls and women being traded for as little as a pack of cigarettes as they are passed around ISIS fighters as war prizes.

Source: Fox

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  1. Karen S

    Of course, what you state makes perfect sense. Only those with a sick mind, devoid of any sense of right and wrong, are willing to equate all behavior, regardless of the circumstances. Self-defense, which ends with the perpetrator’s death, is given the same gravity as the death, of an innocent, that results from a madman running over someone at a bus stop. Your explanations, unfortunately, fall on the deaf ears of those lacking a moral compass. There is no cure for it.

  2. Isaac:

    “It’s time to call a spade a spade”. That is a racist comment and I am offended. I need a seminar and Gloria Allred.

    “I still don’t see the difference between incinerating children with the push of a button in the cockpit of a fighter jet and blowing them up at a bus stop.” Well, one is accidental collateral damage and the other is an intentional act of terrorism. Many terrorists are well documented for using hospitals or schools as their headquarters so they can use innocent women and children as human shields. I read an account where a Palestinian terrorist held a baby in his arms as he ran shooting down the street in Israel. What a hideous choice for the Israeli soldier he was shooting at. I saw video of a terrorist who drove a van into a bus stop where only civilians were standing, running over a baby.

  3. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

    “The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.”

    “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.”

  4. “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

    ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  5. There is no one way to combat this evil. However, a good start is to deny any group the identity of a religion if they commit these barbarous acts in the name of religion. ISIS is not a religion and could just as easily latched on to the old testament. Past civilizations did and committed much more heinous crimes against humanity.

    When Saudi Arabia chops off someone’s head for murdering someone who is the US to comment. Our circus leading up to an execution is far more tortuous for the victim. However, when Saudi Arabia chops off some one’s head for so called blasphemy or speaking their mind then this is an affront against humanity and in this context the US and other Western countries should not refer to the Saudi’s as religious, simply a barbaric dictatorship, afraid and unstable. It’s time to call a spade a spade and perhaps look at our own shortcomings along with those of the rest of the world. We have the illusion of democracy but suffer an oligarchy. American and the Western World have advanced through their own barbaric past to today. Perhaps that is all that is going on and several hundred years ago who could have dissuaded the Western nations from committing their atrocities. Well not even several hundred years ago, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq etc.

    I still don’t see the difference between incinerating children with the push of a button in the cockpit of a fighter jet and blowing them up at a bus stop.

  6. Dave,
    I responded to you directly and addressed what I perceived as your intolerant attitude towards anyone that believes in God. I’ll pray on it and perhaps God will inspire to me to respond in a way that satiates your ego.

  7. Dave:

    Muslims are not persecuting Christians because of their actions a thousand years ago. Which, by the way, would have coincided with the Muslim expansion when they enslaved Christians.

    They are persecuting Christians because they are not Muslim, and non-Muslims are not welcome. Moderate Muslims who criticize extremist Imams are not welcome, either.

  8. A Persian friend of mine showed me his childhood stamp collection that he’d discovered at his mom’s house. We opened it up to take a stroll down memory lane. All the stamps were bleeding Stars of David, burning American flags, dead people . . . It was brutal. My own childhood stamp collection had ducks, queens, artists, animals, and important historical figures. He said they started every day at elementary school with the kids chanting “Death to Israel! Death to America!” Indoctrination started very early in life. So it’s not like 8 people who lived there were extremist. It’s the government sanctioned view pushed on its people from infancy through the schools, mosques, and their own family. The fact that some people manage to resist this indoctrination, move here, and enjoy freedom is a testament to human dignity and critical thinking. Please note that Iran has banned nuclear investigators from ever visiting military sites. A grim and completely predicted outcome.

    The Iranian government would tell you with certainty that they are “real” Muslims. The executioner who threw those 3 gay men off a roof would tell you he was a “real Muslim”.

    The American Muslims of Dearborn are also “real Muslims” in their peaceful enjoyment of their faith. It’s not a matter of judging who is “real;” it’s fighting extremism and setting boundaries for behavior here in the US, and fighting the spread of violent extremism around the world to protect ourselves from waves of people pledged to kill us.

    Here is an image of a stamp that post-dates my friend’s collection, but captures the general trend:

  9. Olly:

    Thanks for not responding to anything said. So I’ll continue to do so.

    “If that’s what brings you satisfaction then mock away.” —

    Will do. Much like prayer brings satisfaction to the deluded.

    “But don’t pretend your brand of intolerance is somehow superior simply because you aren’t lopping off heads or selling women and children into slavery.” —

    My brand of intolerance is challenging ridiculous beliefs. What’s intolerant, exactly? Am I silencing anyone? Am I threatening anyone? Where’s the intolerance, other than the fact that people with small minds squirm at any criticism. All ideas, especially religious, deserve to be and always should be challenged. I think that’s vastly, grossly, superior.

  10. bam bam:

    “The prize list includes the word sabiya, which is what the winner will receive for placing in first place, and this word translates into prepubescent young child.” Oh my God. We need to destroy ISIS to prevent this from spreading further and gathering strength. There was a point in time where destroying the Nazis would not have involved the invasion of multiple countries. They were weak at a crucial point in history before the cancer spread.

    Isaac – extremism is the norm, not the exception, in the Middle East. ISIS is just a bit more extremist. Saudi Arabia treats foreign female workers like slaves, and Jews are forbidden to set foot in the country. Homosexuality is a capital offense. Just read Sharia Law anywhere it is practiced. It’s not like they’re all the Shahs of Sunset or Dearborn over there, where Muslims are as Americanized as apple pie. Even Turkey is getting swept up with the extremist tide. Dubai used to be a very tourist friendly, cosmopolitan country, but I don’t know where it currently stands. Egypt is persecuting Christians and burning down mosques.

    ISIS, Boko Haram, and the mobs that burned a woman alive because she was falsely accused of insulting Islam all think they are good Muslims. Moderate Muslims who find peace and centeredness in their faith, getting along with everyone, also believe they are good Muslims. Standing on the outside, we say that extremism is not “real” Islam, but millions of people living in the Middle East would disagree. My father saw 2 men beheaded just for being gay and it deeply affected him. The huge crowd of people who came to see it as entertainment in Chop Chop Square thought they were “real” Muslims. It varies from region to region, but look up polls on whether apostasy should be punishable by death. It is shockingly high in multiple countries.

    You can’t say this has nothing to do with Islam or that these people are not “real Muslims”. We need to be clear that we condemn extremist Islam, without being afraid. Because we can’t be effective fighting a problem we can’t even talk about. Clearly, moderate Muslims who find great peace and comfort in Islam are not the problem, but extremists ARE. The people that I have known who emigrated from Islamic countries did so expressly to escape extremism. One woman still shook like a leaf recounting how her family was slaughtered after the fall of the Shah and the imams took over again. Her family had supported the more secular Shah, and were condemned for not being “good” Muslims after the coup.

    Here’s what I don’t understand about extremist Islam – why do they try to force non-Muslims to follow Islamic Law, even in non-Muslim countries? I can fully appreciate Muslims being forbidden to portray the Prophet in any way, even a positive image. But why do they become literally violent when a non-Muslim does? It would be like Christians killing those who ate meat on Friday during Lent. Or burning down every play, art exhibit, comedian, or public speaker that ever satirized or criticized Christianity in any way and anywhere in the world. BOY would they be busy!

    “Real Islam” is in the eye of the beholder, and is the source for much of the violence in the ME. People are killed or maimed every day for not being “good” Muslims.

  11. “We are mostly a nation of people who are quick to react and push for further reactions, to politicize and proliferate every violent event, to judge and be judged. Yet Charleston—specifically, the people of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church—has shown us a different way to handle the most unimaginable of all tragedies.”

  12. Oh my God, those poor, poor girls.

    The Ohio case where Arial Castro kidnapped three young ladies and raped them for 10 years, was a sickening case. But that is the reality of the women enslaved by ISIS and Boko Haram, as well as those women forced into marriage against their will around the world. Many women are living this nightmare every single day, with no way out.

  13. Dave,
    If that’s what brings you satisfaction then mock away. But don’t pretend your brand of intolerance is somehow superior simply because you aren’t lopping off heads or selling women and children into slavery.

    1. It is undeniable that criminal behavior exists across the board, within all societies and religions. The difference is that Christianity, Judaism, etc., don’t condone the above-referenced savage acts. Our laws are based upon Judeo-Christian values; abhorrent conduct, which is rampant and sanctioned in various Islamic societies, is, instead, criminalized and punished in our culture. There are consequences for engaging in perverse and disgusting behavior. Equating all religions and all societies, including comparing the severity of all wrongs, is beyond foolish.

      Example: ISIS Reinforces Ramadan Fast by Crucifying Two Children

  14. This is horrifying but not unique. The abuse of children happens everywhere, in every religion and culture. We need to ask ourselves why adults hurt children. Internet dark porn sites have amazing amounts of child porn on them. Why is that? Why is it considered that child sex is not only acceptable but to buy a child for abuse sexually, it is the highest cost, meaning it is the most “desirable” kind of sex for the buyers.

    What is going on here. We really need to understand what is going on. We also need to understand that the USG both formed, supported and covertly supports ISIS. What is up with that? I suggest going to wikileaks twitter for a really good examination of the leaked documents. It will show how messed up USG foreign policy is.

    As to child abuses everywhere, your cruelty is unimaginable.

  15. Olly:


    “These people are living out their faith in a manner that truly reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels.”

    Truly Reflects is exactly my point. There are numerous sects within Christianity, so they can’t even agree amongst themselves. One person loves meek and mild Jesus, others believe the mandates of Deuteronomy should be implemented. Who’s right? Well, neither. It’s ancient nonsense written by people who didn’t know about germs, earthquakes, or the orbit of Earth around the Sun. But they knew the mind of a creator? Sure.

    “If that faith binds them as a community and instructs their character in a manner that will heal the festering wound that race-baiters simply don’t want to heal then we should not malign their motives.”

    And sugar-pills taken with the assumption they cure headaches nevertheless remain mere sugar-pills.

    “You presume theirs is an “arbitrary” forgiveness which begs the question, how would you know what is in their hearts?”

    I know what’s in their hearts based on what comes out of their mouths.

    “The fact you want to tell them HOW to grieve says more about you than it does about them.”

    Pretending the person isn’t dead isn’t grieving. And if he/she is with Jesus, why the sadness? Consistency.


    “Why exactly are Christians being persecuted? (Ahem.);”

    “…That comment implies ANY Christian justly deserves the horror inflicted upon them as a result of the actions of others throughout history.”

    You’re reading implication into it. Islamic State is persecuting Christians for, what, economic reasons?

    “Any belief can be perverted to give the appearance of just cause and that is not the result of the belief.”

    Right: hence the problem with all religions that claim to have access to the mind of a deity. Shakespeare wrote that even the devil can cite scripture to serve his purpose. Which is why scripture-as-a-justification doesn’t work. Hello? Anyone home?

    “Your comments are exactly why I lean so heavily on promoting inalienable rights. A society that respects the inalienable rights of others can exist under any belief. Those rights exist for the Theist as well as the Atheist and it is the infringement of those rights that is the measure of how perverted the belief has become.”

    Random divergence, ok. I equally defend everyone’s right to believe in whatever nonsensical sky-magic they want to: and for that defense, I’m free to mock it and point out its ever-deepening absurdity.

  16. I don’t know about the US “creating” ISIS but it’s no secret that McCain was beating the drum to “arm the moderate Syrian rebels” of which it’s become clear there are NO moderate Syrian rebels, only ISIS/ISIL or whatever they call themselves.

    And our “allies” the Saudis have obviously graced their Sunni allies in ISIS with plenty of arms and money not to say the least with their oppressive simple minded version of Islam. The geopolitical interests of the US, Israel, and Saudi, in seeing a permanently divided Iraq, are being served by this “ISIS” entity and that much all the world can see.

    Does this not embarrass thinking Americans that our government invaded Iraq with no valid causus belli, deposed the moderate Sunni secular tyrant, instigated a civil war, enthroned a Shiite government, then turned our back on that government as we turned our war of aggression sights on the neighboring moderate Shiite secular Tyrant Assad, and have again instigated civil war to weaken him and thus serve the supposed national interests. Doesn’t this kind of belligerence and rank hypocrisy bother people?

    Keep in mind that the USA is among the most secular of states, and yet it has a long history of letting crazy Muslim radicals do its dirty work. And we keep at it even when they come back and bite us in the ass.

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