Alleged Law Office Bomber Tells Court He Is Having Trouble Finding A Lawyer

guido-amsel-facebook-photoIt is sometimes difficult to find counsel for people for various reasons: limited means, specialized cases etc. Guido Amsel has a particularly difficult circumstance: he is accused for trying to blow up the last lawyers that he dealt with. The accused bomber told a court in Winnipeg that he cannot secure a lawyer after he was arrested for setting off an explosive device went off in a Winnipeg law firm, severely injuring 38-year-old Maria Mitousis. Mitousis represented his ex-wife.

Amsel was going through a bitter divorce when he allegedly sent three explosive devices in the mail. In addition to the law firm, he targeted a second law firm and an automobile body shop. He is now charged with two counts of attempted murder and other charges.

What is interesting is that a number of lawyers were able to cite an easy and poetic reason: they donated to a Go Fund Me page for Mitousis’s recovery. It appears a lot of lawyers have made such donations and insist that it creates a conflict of interest. Not only do you help a victim and fellow lawyer, but you receive a tax and client write off.

Source: CBC

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  1. Yup, silly and stupid of me to assume lawyers contributed to a GoFundMe account to cover a defective Canadian Healthcare system when they were just doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Of course none of those lawyers were trying to establish grounds for a conflict of interest and they certainly won’t be looking for the tax deduction. Perhaps you could enlighten me on their worker’s comp system. I would certainly appreciate the knowledge you would so humbly share.

  2. Some are silly. Some are just stupid and don’t check the facts before assuming that it’s the fault of Canada’s healthcare system.

  3. You’re right junkChuck. I’m trying out this new-fangled interweb thingy and there’s all sorts of crazy stuff out there. Who would have ever thought lawyers could be so compassionate and self-sacrificing of their time and money to do such a wonderful, selfless act.

  4. An average of $128 given by each person to assist her in her recovery. She is blessed to have such noble people stepping in to help. Don’t Canadian firms offer worker’s comp?

  5. The Go Fund Me is not for medical expenses.

    Until she fully recovers she is unable to work and thus faces financial instability. The Go Fund Me is intended to cover those expenses.

    Too bad Olly has no access to the internet.

  6. When getting divorced, it is prudent to have meetings w/ the best divorce attorneys in the jurisdiction. Hire one, and the rest are precluded from representing your spouse because of a conflict.

  7. I thought the Canadian system was the Cadillac system. Why the heck would you need a GoFundMe account?

  8. Isaac,

    Cloistered? Why is that obvious to you? I point out an apparent failure in the Canadian system where a Go Fund Me account is necessary to cover medical treatment and your response is to blame the United States. As a citizen and voter in my once great country I take full responsibility for my ignorance and rise of the administrative state. Take ownership of your own country and when you get it in order then you might have a sound basis for judging ours.

  9. Brilliant idea. I’ll bet every lawyer in the state is suddenly going to donate to her Go Fund Me page.

    That poor lady. Her injuries must be terrible. And I shudder to think of the risk to all the postal workers who handled those packages. His ex-wife must be scared to death.

  10. Olly

    You lead an obviously cloistered life. The US is where that sort of thing was invented, prostituted, and thrives beyond all other places in the world. Pick a better example if you wish to point a finger and be careful not to point it right back at yourself.

  11. No one needs a doctor, a lawyer or an Indian Chief. Abandon all three in America.

  12. Why does he need a lawyer? No lawyer should be forced to represent him. Send him to Gitmo and water board him. Make a solar panel and implant it in his forehead.

  13. A Canadian lawyer needs a Go Fund Me account to be able to pay for the medical recovery costs. Sounds like an awesome medical insurance system they have up there. We should get us some of that here in the United States.

  14. Reminds me of a Paula Poundstone joke. “Siran siren stated at his parole hearing that he should be forgiven, that even Bobby Kennedy would forgive him. He killed the only guy that would forgive him.”

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