“Idols Will Have Their Heads Cut Off”: Jewish Extremists Reportedly Arrested In Burning Of Historic Church in Galilee

200px-FeedingMultitudes_Bernardo180px-Courtyard_of_the_Church_of_the_Multiplication_in_Tabgha_by_David_ShankboneIsraeli police have reportedly made arrests in the burning of the Church of the Multiplication, in Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee, is where Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5,000 of his followers. The church houses the block of limestone that is venerated as the stone on which the meal created by Jesus was laid. The reported arrest of Jewish religious students reminds everyone that such destructive extremism is not confined to Islam. While the world condemns ISIS for destroying ancient churches and sites, these Jewish students have actively sought to put their own religion in the same disgraceful company. The fire was set on June 18 and destroyed much of the interior of the monastery and the roof. The attackers left graffiti scrawled in red Hebrew lettering on a wall outside the Roman Catholic church read, “Idols will have their heads cut off.”

One has to ask (as with Islamic extremists) where these reported students are learning such hatred. After the fire, sixteen yeshiva students, reportedly West Bank settlers, were detained but later released. Some sites are stating that three students have been charged, but the government has lowered an effective gag order on the case. One site however has identified the men as Yinon Reuveni, Mordechai Gedalia Margalit, and Yehuda Yedidia Asraf. The site is seeking to defy the gag order but the names of these men are not confirmed and have not appeared on other sites.

I am unclear why the intelligence services would withhold the names of the arrested individuals. Clearly, their families and associates know that they have been arrested. The public has a right to know where these students were raised and taught in such extremist views. To its credit, the government made this case a priority and worked quickly to carry out arrests. Israel has a large secular community and has protected sites of other religions. The government however would serve the public interest (and its own commitment to maintaining diverse faiths) by greater transparency in this case and these arrests.

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  1. Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East, including parts of Israel, in parts of Europe, and definitely here in this country.
    Let us clean up our own backyard and stop acting so superior to others.

  2. No doubt, Max, the issue of Palestine seems to challenge some people’s sense of logic and common sense in ways that is chagrining!
    One just can’t win 🙂

  3. Annie
    And Walker makes 15… Barnum and Bailey train wreck here we come.
    If the Donald is the engine that couldn’t, then Ted Cruz is the ca-boo’s.

  4. Terrorists exist in every country. The government sets the standard. When a government acts with arrogance, narcissism, and delusions of grandeur, committing military atrocities with abandon, the public in that country adapt similar standards.

  5. Max-1
    1, July 14, 2015 at 3:00 am
    Karen S
    The USA has seen an uptick in its own church fire issues, of late… Just saying.
    Those muslims! AHHHH! Run, shariah law is behind this! (Me impersonating Karen… 🙂

    Annie, that’s the fascinating thing, these Christians supporting Israel to the last Palestinian don’t realize that there has always been a thriving Christian community in palestine…which is subject to the same horrors as their fellow muslims …

  6. It has been stated on another blog that one of the perps had a Confederate License Plate strapped on his arse and it is visible in a photo that is viral on-line. I can not download photos on the Dogalogue Machine.

  7. Karen S
    The USA has seen an uptick in its own church fire issues, of late… Just saying.

  8. Karen S
    Repeating libel does not make it true.
    At least we agree on that, repeating lies and falsities does not make them true!

    Karen says:
    One should neither excuse nor enable extremist violence.
    Tell that to the US that caused the uprising against Syria that is causing 4 millions to have to leave their country, and 7 millions internally displaced, not counting the dead and maimed. Where is your outrage at such extremism? Feeling hypocritical yet?

    Where is your outrage at the millions of dead Iraqis?
    is Mexico in the ME? How many women are dead or missing in Tijuana?
    How many people are burnt alive, tortured, maimed, decapitated by drug gangs or soldiers in mexico? Are they muslims?
    Why do you then, Mullah, keep excusing and enabling Israelis’ war crimes against the Palestinians?

    Mullah says:
    Palestinians have openly declared nothing less than the annihilation of Israel. The Middle East will never accept a non-Muslim country in their region.
    All of the population of gaza and the west bank called for the annihilation of Israel? When the Palestinian authority recognized ISrael right to exist ages ago? When the resistance to the occupation is 95% non-violent? When Hamas is the one entity that called for the destruction of Israel, not the PA?
    Haha, mullah, you are showing your ignorance.
    Come on ayatollah, at least make the effort of being informed before you throw out “facts” as you do!
    Does Egypt recognize Israel? What about Jordan?
    Does Israel recognize Palestine?
    Does the Likud party’s charter call for:
    “a. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”
    b. “Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel.
    The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem”
    c. “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”
    d. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.
    There have been some updates to the platform more recently, reflecting Israel’s withdrawal of settlements from Gaza in 2005. But the Likud Party has *never* in its statements of principles, accepted a Palestinian State. Its electoral partner, Yisrael Beitenu, has likewise categorically rejected the possibility of an independent Palestinian State, insisting that the idea is nothing more than a ploy to facilitate the destruction of Israel.”

    Do you know that there are christian Palestinians? And they fight the same occupation that their muslim brothers fight? That they are treated the same exact way by Israel as evidenced by this thread?

    Karen says:
    How do you “meet them halfway?”
    Israel arrested and will prosecute the perpetrators. What more can anyone ask?

    Well, do you know that even Hamas and the Palestinian authority arrest and prosecute people guilty of crimes against israelis?
    As I asked before, how many Israelis were actually convicted of crimes against palestinians?

    You are much over your head, Mullah, you are just not knowledgeable enough to debate this topic. Just keep doing what you and bam bam do, yell muslim, islam. shariah law while running around with your pants on fire, just refrain from trying to make sense of your own utterances.

  9. Calling Bam Bam and myself as bad as ISIS rapists is ludacrous. Once again a clumsy attempt at shutting down free speech with personal insults. Repeating libel does not make it true.

    One should neither excuse nor enable extremist violence.

    Palestinians have openly declared nothing less than the anhiliation of Israel. The Middle East will never accept a non-Muslim country in their region.

    How do you “meet them halfway?”

    Israel arrested and will prosecute the perpetrators. What more can anyone ask?

  10. Haha… good try bamie…
    As I said to Mullah before, reading comprehension, like common sense, is not so fairly distributed.
    Let me give the offering again:
    bamie says:
    What ever happened to the individuals who kidnapped and brutally murdered three innocent young boys in Israel?
    Well, Israel killed them and blew out their family home! Yes, in Israel, when one is (merely) accused of terrorism, their family home is destroyed. Democracy, han?


    You asked the question about subjects
    I answered the question about said subjects
    Your misundertood of my o so simple answer reveals a blatant attempt to twist the argument around (a la karen), or perhaps you are as deficient in logic as you are in knowledge.
    I can’t believe I praised you earlier! Sheesh!

  11. Just a brief glimpse of the paranoid lunatics–who blame the Jews and Zionists for everything–here is a clip of one of po’s cohorts, blaming the Israeli Mossad for stealing his shoes. I couldn’t make up this shit. Lol!

    Wait, is this really you, po?

  12. As usual, po’s inaccuracies and conspiratorial fantasies are too numerous to adequately address in this limited venue. So, let me get this straight: Israel abducted and murdered three of its own citizens, just so it could blame the poor, helpless and innocent Palestinians and start a war with them? Right. Your attempt, as usual, is a pitiful one. Funny and sad at the same time. A desperate and weak attempt to somehow whitewash the atrocities of your Muslim brothers, not just in Israel, but worldwide, by making another one of your tinfoil-hat claims. Better yet, I am still awaiting admonition of your HAMAS pals, who, when Israel blanketed the area with pamphlets, warning of impending rockets, literally prohibited its men, women and children from escaping by threatening them with death. HAMAS wanted casualties and prevented their escape. This is well-documented. Atrocities that you have yet to ever condemn, even once. I suppose that, were you to do so, the paychecks from CAIR would stop. Suddenly, from out of the blue, you make reference to Jewish law, which holds that a child is Jewish if the mother of that child is Jewish. So what? Muslims believe that a child is Muslim if the father is Muslim. Big deal. Who gives a rat’s a$$? Now you want to re-write Jewish law and criticize its tenants when your own religion goes way, way beyond that? Women, in Muslim societies, who wish to marry outside of their faith, will be murdered by family members in order to preserve your insane beliefs revolving around family honor. A child, according to your beliefs, takes the religious identity of the father, regardless of the mother’s affiliation. While a religious Orthodox Jewish rabbi may refuse to perform a marriage ceremony between a Jew and a non- Jew, there is no one seeking to murder the violators, as is all too common in your belief system. Many interfaith couples reside in Israel, and they do so, I might add, quite peacefully.

  13. Hmmm. Fiddler on the Roof is going to need an update!

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    A Parody Song by Squeeky Fromm

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    Squeeky Fromm
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  14. bamie says:
    What ever happened to the individuals who kidnapped and brutally murdered three innocent young boys in Israel?
    Well, Israel killed them and blew out their family home! Yes, in Israel, when one is (merely) accused of terrorism, their family home is destroyed. Democracy, han?

    Rewriting history will not help. The gaza war was brought about by the abduction and killing of those 3 teens that Israel blamed on Hamas, even when its own secret service said Hamas was not responsible. Israel used it to renege on a peace deal it made with palestinians, rearrested hamas members and started raids in Gaza. When the response came, they used it as pretext to shoot fish in a barrel.

    I noticed you skipped over my points…such democracy that bombs kids on the beach…are you saying both, bamie and mullah karen that those kids deserved it…that hamas was hiding in the soccer ball?
    Was an investigation conducted then the guilty parties punished? No, Israel self investigated and found itself not guilty of anything….as is its standards.
    How many Israelis were ever convicted of crimes against palestinians?

    The two of youse, it’s evident, would be orthodox settlers in Israel, drones operators in the US and surely ISIS rapist and beheaders. Darkness transcends borders and faith. It is evident to everyone but youse that the hatred that paints your hearts black has risen to your eyes. That’s what evil and hypocrisy does! Patting each other on the back just reaffirms what you share.

    Such democracy that does not recognize interfaith marriage?

    Such democracy that separate its population between Jews and non-Jews?

    That built a wall to separate the natives from the settlers? South Africa anyone?

    Bam, I expected more from you..I know Karen operates with reduced logical capacities, but you…you…
    You ought to leave your lair more often, or read up, knowledge is easily accessible nowadays…making up your own facts only reveals the dearth of your own.

    Why are Palestinian students channeled into a segregated school system within Israel lasting from 1st grade through high school?

    Israeli settlements are for Israeli Jews only, and many towns inside Israel do not allow Palestinians to own property.

    Palestinians in the West Bank are prohibited from driving on Israeli-only settlement roads.

    More than 5 million Palestinians are denied equal rights by the state of Israel under a system of apartheid, a deliberate policy of racial or ethnic segregation.

    Israel commits war crimes in the form of collective punishment, disproportionate force, targeting of civilians, and other violations of the Geneva Conventions and international law. More…

    In 1948, the State of Israel created a Jewish majority by destroying approximately 500 Palestinian towns and driving over 700,000 Palestinians out

    Israel expels Palestinians, separates Palestinian families, prevents Palestinian travelers from returning home, makes Palestinian living conditions unbearable, and commits outright assassination and murder of Palestinians.
    More… “

  15. Is this the part where someone says, “So much for the religion of peace”?

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