Australian Woman Posts Picture Of Car Parked Across Two Handicapped Spots . . . Abu Dhabi Court Convicts Her Of “Writing Bad Words”

1436817150041We have been discussing the intolerance shown by countries in the Middle East for free speech, particularly those Muslim countries applying the medieval Sharia law system. Abu Dhabi has again stepped forward to reaffirm its rejection of fundamental principles of free speech. Our Middle Eastern ally has jailed an Australian woman, Jodi Magi, 39, for merely posting a photo on Facebook of a car parked across two disabled parking spaces. She even blurred out the license plate (which most people would not do) in showing the rude conduct of some driver. The driver called police and Magi was arrested for on the truly moronic charge of “writing bad words on social media.” In bringing the charge, the prosecutors in Abu Dhabi confirmed that they are maintaining a faux legal system that recognizes neither basic rights nor basic logic.

The court quickly found her guilty of the child-like charge of “writing bad words on social media about a person.” For showing bad parking. Other Westerners have been arrested in the country for simply discussing how teens in the country have awkwardly adopted hip-hop culture or criticizing Arab culture generally.

Human rights advocates have denounced the United Arab Emirates for its crackdown on “cybercrime” in targeting unpopular speech. What is truly bizarre is that this driver had no qualms in coming forward to police to began prosecution after showing disgraceful conduct in blocking handicapped spots.

Emblem_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.svgArticle 21 of the 2012 cybercrime law is a provision that only an authoritarian government would love. It forbids not only the use of “a computer network or and electronic information system or any information technology means for the invasion of privacy of another person” but “amending or processing a record, photo or scene for the purpose of defamation of or offending another person or for attacking or invading his privacy.” That could be just about anything. The clear desire of the government is to chill free speech and give its total discretion in picking and choosing who to arrest at any given time.

Magi now faced six months or a year respectively for the alleged crime as well as a fine.

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  1. Mr Turley,
    Isn’t this what distinguishes America from the rest of the world?

  2. Squeeky: Is Amherst College different, separate in organization and funding et al., from the University of Mass in Amherst?
    There was a previous article about Amherst College and its expulsion of John Doe over some trumped up (no offense Donald) case of sex abuse. John Doe has a good civil rights suit against Amherst College. Inquiring minds need to know.

  3. I suspect the registered owner of the vehicle was someone of importance and this heavily influenced the decision to prosecute.

  4. Abu Dhabi must be where Amherst gets its professors:

    “Let’s make the Confederate flag a hate crime: It is the American swastika and we should recoil from it in horror.”

    So opines Nick Bromell, a professor of American Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In the wake of a purge that has seen the Confederate battle flag vanish from stores and disappear from the grounds of South Carolina’s capitol building, Bromell says in Salon that America should be going much, much further.

    “Americans who refuse to acknowledge the connection between the Confederate flag and the horrors of slavery and white supremacy are still in the grip of a ‘malignant spirit’ handed down from generation to generation from 1865 to this day,” writes Bromell. “It is a fine thing that the Confederate flag will no longer fly above the South Carolina state capitol. But displaying the Confederate flag anywhere is, at bottom, an act of hate. It should be recognized as such, and punished as a hate crime.”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. East of Corfu the Ten Commandments Dont Apply. They dont often apply in Texas either. But really folks this is a message for all folks in the world. Do not go in these Pirate Territories. Fly over and flush. Do not let the inmates from these Pirate Territories migrate to Europe or the Western Hemisphere. Stop the boat people from landing in Greece. The times they are a changing. You dont need Bob Dylan to tell you that.

  6. Or, perhaps it is simply the last frontier for the working class. In the past the adventurous would hunt for furs in North America at the risk of getting done in by the natives, or hunt for diamonds in South Africa at the risk of being killed by rebels, or any risky adventure in order to ‘make it rich’. This is a pedestrian version of the same thing, try and make more money as a secretary than you would in Australia, the UK, the US, or where ever, at the risk of being thrown in jail for opening your mouth, taking a photo, or swapping spits in public. Did you notice her bra strap is showing in her photo with the camel. That is more than enough to put her in jail for a year.

  7. It could also be the structure for a new reality TV show. You have to go to all these places and perform a number of expressions of free speech or whatnot, stuff that is not even noticed where more evolved people live. The idea would be like tip toeing through a nest of vipers and not getting bit. Those that make it through get big bucks. Those that don’t get free room and board, lashed, perhaps a haircut.

  8. Places to go to have a really bad time and maybe lose your life? Worst places to retire?

  9. Hey, Issac,

    That travel magazine — travel suggestion of the month? — is a great idea. I wonder if such a thing exists?

  10. And yet our universities and museums continue to rush to Dubai and other places in the ME to lap up the MONEY.

    Tourists should STOP going to these places. Boycott Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt ……. There are so many. Now if we could only get our government to do the same!

  11. I have several parking pet peeves. But my favorite is riding as a passenger listening to the driver talk about needing more excise, then watching him or her circle the parking lot and hold up traffic waiting to park in a space as close as possible to the building they intend to enter. Walking is exercise. Try it. If you are in fair shape and absent medical problems, why not park further away and leave the closer spots to those who need them?

    I also tire of watching drivers of large SUVs back their buses into spaces too tight. Now that’s holding up traffic. Attempt 1, Attempt 2, Attempt 3 . . . Reminds of of a guy trying to put on pants two sizes too small. I’ve had my car dented twice by such drivers.

  12. This is an opportunity for some rich person-Bill Gates-to start a travel magazine which features places where not to visit. The segment could be called, ‘Cesspool of the Month’, and Abu Dhabi could kick off the program.

  13. Perhaps, as a foreigner living in Abu Dhabi, her Facebook photo was particularly offensive, not so much because of WHAT she posted but because of WHO was posting it–an outsider criticizing one of Abu Dhabi’s own. What bad words? Only a photo is mentioned as being posted.

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