Rep. Grayson Avoids Dividing Marital Assets In Divorce After Showing His Marriage Was Bigamous

Alan_Grayson_Updated_HeadshotThere is an interesting twist in the messy divorce of Congressman Alan Grayson (D, Florida) this week after his lawyers pulled off a challenge that you usually see in movies: the secured an order dismissing any division of marital assets with his wife Lolita because she was found to have been previously married. Since his marriage was invalid on bigamy grounds, there was no marriage and thus no marital assets. That is a considerable blow for Lolita who sought part of Grayson’s $30 million estate. She has four minor children with Rep. Grayson.

Rep. Grayon insists in papers that “Unbeknownst to Mr. Grayson, Ms. Grayson was married and remained married to another man …up to and after the parties conducted an apparent marriage ceremony on April 28, 1990.” He says that, four years after their marriage, Lolita “secretly participated” in a divorce from her first husband, Robert Carson.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-05-at-2.43.41-PMThe surprising allegation was the latest in a truly horrific divorce where Rep. Grayson referred to his ex-wife as a “gold digger”. On March 1, police were called to their house after Rep. Grayson’s wife accused him of shoving her against a door and required her to fight him off. Grayson then released a videotape that he says shows Lolita as the aggressor. The video was shot by one of Grayson’s aides. He then accused her of defamation, libel, slander and abuse of process. He is also accused by her lawyers of trying to have her arrested for credit card fraud.

After succeeding in proving his marriage bigamous, Rep. Grayson is moving to deny Lolita custody of their children and is seeking reimbursement for “all of the money and property she has received” during their “purported” marriage. This includes $15,000 in damages as well as exclusive use of the family’s home and their 1981 DeLorean.

In the meantime, Lolita (who married Rep. Grayson in 1990) has said that she is living on public assistance after Rep. Grayson cut her off financially.

Grayson has had an impressive career, including lecturing at George Washington University. He has shown both considerable intellect and skills in a remarkable series of accomplishments. He worked his way through Harvard College as a janitor and nightwatchman and finished summa cum laude with a degree in economics in 1978. In 1983, he earned a Juris Doctor magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and a Masters of Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. He is an accomplished economists and an expert on gerontology. He also clerked for both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia while they were on the D.C. Circuit. That is a background in law and business that anyone would relish.

Moreover, none of this controversy over the bigamy or divorce appears to have affected Grayson’s political ambitions or position. On July 9, 2015, his announced his candidacy for the United States Senate.

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  1. What part of bigamy don’t you get? B-I-G-A-M-Y. It’s a crime. Get it? There was no valid marriage and he was conned into living a life believing that he was legally married. He was not. The mention of 25 years makes the deceptiveness and violation even worse. She gets no points for perpetrating this fraud for a quarter of a century. She deserves no rewards for her criminal conduct; rather, she should be prosecuted, to the fullest extent, permitted by law. Hope her lawyers don’t cave.

    1. bam bam – what part of D I G N I T Y do you not get? 😉 The Supreme Court has over-ruled you. Since same sex marriage is legal across the United States I wouldn’t put any money on bigamy being illegal. You have the dignity to commit bigamy, you see.

  2. I suggest we introduce Grayson to U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman. Perhaps he and Dinesh D’Souza can participate in Group Therapy.

  3. They were together as a married couple for 25 years. She secretly obtained a divorce 4 years into this arrangement. Now 21 years after that divorce he is using bigamy as a reason to cut her off from any supposed marital assets. I think before making judgements on this we need to know when he found out about the previous marriage. Has he known about it for years and ignored it until now or is this new information. After 25 years of living together as husband and wife (21 of them after her previous marriage ended) does common law enter into this argument?

  4. Since he says he is worth Thirty million and the money and source is at issue, we need to examine how he, or she, earned that money. I am going to go look at his wikipedia story and report back.

  5. Any man with a conscience and $30 million dollars who does not have some compassion for his wayward wife of 15 years, is a jerk in the first degree. It doesn’t make any difference how many fancy degrees he has, nor how smart he is, he is wrong to let the woman of his children live in poverty as he basks in the mia copa spotlight.

    He accuses other people and the Republican party of having no conscience or compassion, but turns around and shows he is the one without virtuous conscience and complete lack of compassion.

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  7. Ah, but the kinda child support she should be able to get for those kids from a guy who has a $30m estate should be a lot, anyway.

  8. It is not a coincidence that Mrs. Grayson is using lawyer #6. Why? Because every lawyer is telling her to take the settlement, after realizing that they are unable to get more money from Mr. Grayson (probably, after taking the case on, believing that could?).

    1. My suspicion is that she will go to lawyer #7 in a few weeks since I think the GOP will be bankrolling her legal fees to keep this alive for another year or two. If not, she can keep on milking this indefinitely in hopes of forcing him to give more.

    1. Squeeky,

      There is no decision because she backed out. The divorce proceeding is still ongoing.


      Lol! The breast implant info is to let everyone know that he is not a ‘deadbeat’, just like the info that 2 of the children are living with him. For some reason, both parties are not prividing the details about the settlement that Mrs. Grayson agreed and then walked away from it, or the age of the children. She wants more money. There are many lawyers who like to inform their clients of whether or not they should try their case in the media if ‘justuce’ is not ‘rendered’ in court.

      1. RWL They also like to “forget” that she is on lawyer #6 since she thinks that she can ignore the law and blackmail him into giving more money. I think that even Prof Turley would be fired by her for telling her the truth and the law.

  9. many people, including I.Annie asked, “Wouldn’t their union be common law marriage because they were together so many years?”

    since 1968, florida law does not recognize common law marriages in that state, although the state does recognize lawful common law marriages from other states.

    Beldar stated, “Just because she was already married does not mean that her marriage to number two was not legal.”
    of course it does. have you any florida law on that?

    squeeky’s link reports there was an agreement of annulment, which had not yet been formally signed. although florida law has no specific definition of annulment, bigamy has been invariably recognized as an irrefutable ground for a ruling that the marriage was void.

    some people have argued that the fact that grayson lived with lolita for so many years constitutes a forgiveness or waiver (“ratification”) of any wrongdoing (sometimes called “condonation”). but under florida law, an annulment can be awarded for a “void” marriage or a “voidable” marraige. a void marriage, such as one for bigamy, cannot be ratified.

    the court will disregard all these arguments and concentrate on the well-being of the children, who are wards of the court.

    1. alan tiger – since the Supreme Court has recognized the ‘dignity’ of same sex marriage, there is no reason to not recognize the ‘dignity of bigamy.

  10. Squeeky,

    The article, you mentioned, is not the latest one. I pulled info from later articles. Karen S is using one of them; the divorce has not been finalized, because Mrs. Grayson backed out of the deal the right before the court date (even though both sides thought a deal was in place).

    Karen S,

    You are only qouting parts of the article and not the entire story. Why? Everyone should do their homework before going after Mr. Grayson. At first, I knew their was more to story after reading Professor JT’s article. Hence, I did my homework. Did you know that Mr. Grayson also paid for her ‘leaky’ breast implant just recently in April 2015?

    1. ” Did you know that Mr. Grayson also paid for her ‘leaky’ breast implant just recently in April 2015?”

      I am sure we all recognize that stories, especially stories about celebrities and the powerful, that involve breasts and implants are always fascinating.

      But I am a bit puzzled how leaky breast implants relate to the question of whether Ms Grayson is a loving mother and wife who made a serious mistake or whether Ms Grayson is a gold digger who committed fraud – or something far worse, akin to murder.

      If anyone can share Cliff’s notes on this I am sure many readers, including this one, would be greatly appreciative – or we could just talk about breasts and implants, always a welcome and lively topic.

      1. bfm The so called conservatives on this site would only be satisifed if she had murdered Grayson and gotten ALL of his estate. Absent killing him, they will only be satisfied if she gets all his money and leaves him nothing. so the objections to him are only political rather than rational. How any person can accuse him of not providing for his kids when he gives nearly ALL of his salary to her and gives her the house, cars, and then pays for cosmetic surgery too. It takes mentally ill deluded people to do that. I really get pissed because my mother was divorced with two young boys and only got $200/mo while this woman cries poor on $10,000/mo! To top it off, then she makes false charges and police reports against him. She could murder him and these cretins would stand up for her. It is useless to try and talk sense to these folks since they have none, only political bile.

        1. randyjet – you paint with an over broad brush. Personally, I want him censured by congress and then force to walk barefoot back to his district in sack-cloth and ashes. As I have said before, I was amazed at his resume because given his rhetoric, you would guess he was a community college graduate, at best.

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