China Arrests Over 100 Lawyers and Activists In Latest Crackdown on Human Rights

225px-mao_zedongThe Chinese government is carrying out another infamous sweep of human rights lawyers and activists with over 100 people arrested nationwide. The authoritarian communist regime has offered preposterous excuses for the arrests but the message is clear: human rights will not be tolerated in the worker’s paradise that is China. Indeed, with pollution and corruption choking the life out of the public, the communist rulers still view human rights lawyers as the priority danger for the country.

The chief targets of the regime include members of the Fengrui Law Firm in Beijing, which as been at the forefront in pushing the meager legal rights in China to check government excesses. Six lawyers include Wang Yu, her husband, Bao Longjun, law firm director, Zhou Shifeng, his assistant, Liu Sixin, and Fengrui lawyers Huang Liqun and Wang Quanzhang. They are accused of “seriously violating the law” without any other explanation. Two other law firms were searched in what the Chinese police is calling a “major criminal gang” operating in conjunction with the Fengrui law firm since 2012. The government said that Wu Gan masterminded the gang’s activities in the name of “rights defense, justice and public interest.”

However, if you read more carefully the authoritarian purpose becomes more clear. The government says that Fengrui lawyers were behind over 40 incidents during the last three years that “severely disrupted public order.” Nothing disrupts the regime as human rights protests.

The human rights and environmental activists in China are an inspiration for public interest lawyers around the world. These brave men and women put themselves and their families at risk to fight for the most basic legal and environmental protections against a massive tyrannical system. The arrest of these lawyers is clearly meant to send a message to the entire Chinese bar that they should not confuse the Chinese legal system with a real functioning system of laws. It remains the extension of the Communist Party and it is used to silence anyone threatening the Party.

Source: ABA Journal

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  1. Let this example of how China works be an example to all Americans. We too are now subject to being run by our socialist government, which is quickly becoming our authoritarian big brother. We are headed toward communism. Wake up Americans.

  2. The “yellow peril” is evil and insidious. They send young women to Europe to learn English, and give them “bolt-on’s”, heavy tanning, protein rich diet, heels, Heinie implants, waxed from the neck down, although most are almost hair free mongoloids, and send them back to china, in heavy make=up, heels, tight skirts, they use these Chinese women from Hong Kong, to seduce men, they are spies! Watch Volunteers with Tom Hanks, same thing, only not in Indo-China…get my drift?

  3. It interests me that the Chinese government should go after these individuals while allowing organized Christianity. Could be that they learned from the example of the USA government that organized Christianity is a very useful tool.

  4. Let’s see:


    Affirmative Action.

    “Fair Housing.”

    Social Services

    “Civil Rights.”

    Regulation of Free Enterprise.







    “Hate Crime” Law.



    Food Stamps.


    Social Security.



    One man, one vote “democracy” supplanting the criteria-applied, restricted-vote republic of Ben Franklin.


    Of course, ALL of the above is antithetical, was not practiced in 1789 and is entirely unconstitutional.

    The Communist Manifesto prevails in America.

    The Communist Manifesto has voided and nullified

    the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights (original).

  5. PCS, the “rule of thumb.”

    Sounds like Mr. Shaw’s address was 123 Pragmatic Place, “Realville,” Planet Earth,

    not 456 Idyllic Way, Fantasyland, Cosmic Ether.

  6. Isn’t it great that we sold our country and it’s jobs to a still-Communist dictatorship just so the economic elite could stuff more money in their pockets.

    So what was the purpose of allowing a communist dictatorship into the World Trade Organization other than it benefitted the powerful and wealthiest people in the world. Apparently their love for democracy and free markets only goes as far as the money they can make from it.

  7. The RepubliCons in America prefer not to call the territory “Red China” anymore. They will admit that it is Communist. But they like the trade deals. The Koch Brothers like the trade deals. Also the RepubliCons like the dynamic of Blue States/Red States in America. They are of course the Red States. Better Red than dead. That phrase works in China and in the RepubliCon Party in America. Same strokes for different folks. If ya know what I mean jelly bean.

  8. George Bernard Shaw once said that “Children should be locked in a closet until 18.” He also said “That women were like rugs, they should be taken out and beaten regularly.”

  9. The issue of Freedom is being judged by US standards in this posting.

    And the US concept of freedom in 1776 was anything but Freedom and it is certainly not free and democratic even today despite American Protestations to the contrary. But it is getting there.

    So it is important not to throw the first stone…… especially if you share some collective guilt.

    I came across a cartoon which stated a view point the Chinese Government could make of the USA:

    “We make you pay for the water you drink, for the food you eat, for the wars we need, for the crimes we commit, we make you dedicate the most important part of your life to us, but we give you wages and tell you they allow you to buy stuff and pay for your needs to make us even richer. We call this freedom…”

    Thomas Jefferson stated: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have”.

    Mark Twain understood this argument well: “It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either”. It is this final phrase that is the most chilling. It was true then and it is true today.

    America is home to 5% of the World’s Population….. and also to 25% of the world’s prisoners. In fact America has the largest prison population of any country on the planet. So it isn’t really the land of the Free. It holds the World Record in another department.

    Other countries do not historically operate within these US Standards of parameters – by their own admission.

    Of course the arrest of human rights lawyers and activists is absolutely unacceptable in a civilised world. But this is a stage in history that is being witnessed and the world is anything but civilised. It will come and pass and the Chinese system will continue to evolve. Chinese Society has always been regimented. “Saving Face” is extremely important and runs deep in the culture.

    If the United States wants to help these targeted people, some tact and understanding with considerable diplomatic skill is required. China is probably now the most powerful economic force on the planet and it won’t be shoved around by any other country least of all the United States.

    Remember, “Good lawyers know the law. Great lawyers know the judge”.

    My view is that there is a natural tendency to “Freedom” and that other countries will meet this goal in their own time and their own way.

    I think where the United States stumbles is that your definition of freedom is not shared by others – and you have absolutely no insight into this….. You cant turn the Chinese in China into Americans.

    Freedom with Responsibility and Accountability is the answer to which there is no question, and provocative sabre waving from a country that only nominally achieved civil rights for their own citizens in the 1960’s will be viewed by the Chinese with some distain and contempt. What they want is stability and ordered reform of their society which is facing economic meltdown far worse than Greece.

    This is not the way to win an argument. You win it by setting an example that others what to follow.

    America isn’t there just yet.

  10. I recommend we setup a lawyer exchange program. China sends there human/civil rights lawyers to the United States and we send them ours. That would be enlightening.

  11. If they violate human rights, then why not put in sanctions against Red China? Of course, we all know the answer to that idea since the US can only protest against countries which do not enrich US businesses, like Cuba. I would be more impressed if this administration would take some action to support human rights.

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