Rep. Grayson Avoids Dividing Marital Assets In Divorce After Showing His Marriage Was Bigamous

Alan_Grayson_Updated_HeadshotThere is an interesting twist in the messy divorce of Congressman Alan Grayson (D, Florida) this week after his lawyers pulled off a challenge that you usually see in movies: the secured an order dismissing any division of marital assets with his wife Lolita because she was found to have been previously married. Since his marriage was invalid on bigamy grounds, there was no marriage and thus no marital assets. That is a considerable blow for Lolita who sought part of Grayson’s $30 million estate. She has four minor children with Rep. Grayson.

Rep. Grayon insists in papers that “Unbeknownst to Mr. Grayson, Ms. Grayson was married and remained married to another man …up to and after the parties conducted an apparent marriage ceremony on April 28, 1990.” He says that, four years after their marriage, Lolita “secretly participated” in a divorce from her first husband, Robert Carson.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-05-at-2.43.41-PMThe surprising allegation was the latest in a truly horrific divorce where Rep. Grayson referred to his ex-wife as a “gold digger”. On March 1, police were called to their house after Rep. Grayson’s wife accused him of shoving her against a door and required her to fight him off. Grayson then released a videotape that he says shows Lolita as the aggressor. The video was shot by one of Grayson’s aides. He then accused her of defamation, libel, slander and abuse of process. He is also accused by her lawyers of trying to have her arrested for credit card fraud.

After succeeding in proving his marriage bigamous, Rep. Grayson is moving to deny Lolita custody of their children and is seeking reimbursement for “all of the money and property she has received” during their “purported” marriage. This includes $15,000 in damages as well as exclusive use of the family’s home and their 1981 DeLorean.

In the meantime, Lolita (who married Rep. Grayson in 1990) has said that she is living on public assistance after Rep. Grayson cut her off financially.

Grayson has had an impressive career, including lecturing at George Washington University. He has shown both considerable intellect and skills in a remarkable series of accomplishments. He worked his way through Harvard College as a janitor and nightwatchman and finished summa cum laude with a degree in economics in 1978. In 1983, he earned a Juris Doctor magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and a Masters of Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. He is an accomplished economists and an expert on gerontology. He also clerked for both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia while they were on the D.C. Circuit. That is a background in law and business that anyone would relish.

Moreover, none of this controversy over the bigamy or divorce appears to have affected Grayson’s political ambitions or position. On July 9, 2015, his announced his candidacy for the United States Senate.

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  1. Even if plural marriage was legalized there would still exist the element of fraudulent marriage, where one spouse was currently married to another without the knowledge of the new spouse.

  2. Anther sad story. Why couldn´t they just live happily ever after, even if only for the FOUR kids they brought into this world. One or two kids and maybe I would understand getting a divorce – but FOUR – and then they decide that they never loved eachother. And now he says she´s a golddigger. I guess that´s what happens when you marry someone you hardly know. I mean, he could be right, but why didn´t he recognize that fact before he had the FOUR kids with her? Very sad story. Poor kids.

    Oh, and I´m sure his next wife won´t be a gold digger…….riiiight.

  3. It’s okay to strike a woman, dismiss her summarily from your employ, and call her names so long as she’s incovenient to the Cause.
    (Rush was right, as usual.)

  4. Crickets from the “feminists” with regard to this emotionally volatile, stinking, steaming, pantload in a rep tie.
    War on women? What’s thaaaaat?

  5. Does anybody have a link to this story that is current??? Like in July 2015. Because all the stuff I come up with says they settled it, with an annulment. But that was in March 2015, or May 2015, or even in 2014. But did she get screwed or not in the settlement???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. “About adultery, Grayson is NOT the adulterer and to paint him as one is outrageous and shows a lack of intelligence.”

    Who’s painted Grayson as an adulterer?

    “She is as Grayson talked about her, a gold digger who refused an agreement which is extremely generous despite HER FRAUD and criminal conduct.” That’s interesting. What was the offered agreement? If she is holding out in a moldy place in order to get more money, using the kids as pawns, that reflects badly on her too.

    It sounds like the kids are the ones getting screwed here no matter what.

    bam bam: you make reasonable points.

  7. Karen S

    If the court does, in fact, grant her custody of the children, I do not consider Grayson’s obligation to pay child support as a reward or windfall for Lolita. I am going on the assumption, due to my lack of additional facts, that the two were never legally married to one another. What would justify her claim to any portion of his assets? Granting her any part of his 30 million dollar fortune would be a travesty, given the fraud involved and the duration of this ruse. The few things that I have read about Grayson paint an unfavorable picture of him. Again, I don’t care about personalities. Personalities are inconsequential. Support for the children, paid to Lolita? Absolutely, if, in fact, she is deemed to be the one most capable of caring for them. The children should not be victimized anymore than they already have been. Compensate Lolita, in terms of giving her any share of Grayson’s fortune? In my opinion, she has no claim to any of his millions, and courts should not be in the business of rewarding con artists for their criminal acts . Allocating any percentage of Grayson’s money to Lolita would be doing just that.

    1. bam bam – the Supreme Court has opened the flood gates on marriages and relationship. Given the new standards I am sure they were married.

  8. Bam Bam:

    I agree that the children should be supported and protected, because they are the only innocent people in all of this disaster. The problem is that if she has partial or full custody, he will pay her child support, which many may read as compensating her for the fraud she committed.

    But I have seen this many times. Here in CA it is a no-fault state. The spouse can cheat morning, noon, and night, and the other spouse still has to pay the same alimony and child support. Only rarely, like in the Sperling Divorce From Hell, does a spouse actually drag a mistress into court to try to recoup the marital assets her no good, cheating spouse lavished on her. Usually, the money is just gone. I’ve seen that happen, where a family is in financial trouble and it comes out the husband was giving all the money to a mistress.

    Does lying about your marital status mean you lose your kids? What about adultery? Gambling? Alcoholism? There are so many ways that people throw their trust and relationship away with both hands. Kids should only be taken away from their parents if there is a safety risk, or some other serious concern. I don’t have all the information. Is this the first time she’s done this, or is she a con artist with a string of 16 husbands behind her? Did Grayson really not know about this? Did she think she was divorced and found it something wasn’t filed or was it deliberate fraud? For all I know, she is a lifelong con artist, in which case there would be some concerns about her parenting. We need more information, but I am hesitant to support removing the kids from her unless there is a serious risk.

    I have concerns about his parenting, too. He allegedly allowed his children to go on food stamps and live in a moldy house with human waste leaking from the septic while he was worth millions of dollars. He is certainly not taking the high road here.

    I rather admire a man who puts his personal feelings of animosity aside and does what is best for his children. I do not get that impression from Grayson.

  9. Actually they both sound nuts and if I was a voter in Florida, he wouldn’t get my vote. The kids if minors, should go to the Grandparents if there are any, or the next of kin.

  10. She wants to be compensated? Since this whole escapade was based upon fraud–fraud for which Lolita was entirely responsible–I would argue that Grayson is, in fact, the one deserving of compensation for having been duped and conned. His lawyers should be arguing that he should be compensated by the perpetrator of the fraud, which impacted years of his life. He, in my opinion, has been irrevocably harmed. Nothing can compensate him for his lost time as a participant in a sham marriage. While living with this arrogant and obnoxious jerk may not have been a day at the beach, Lolita is not coming to the court with clean hands. The worst thing that the system can do is to reward her for her criminal conduct, which is what it is doing. Force her to get out and work to support herself. She garners no more of my sympathy than an illegal squatter would, living in my home, who now declares that she owns half of my possessions and property simply because her criminal conduct lasted for years. Of course, protect and support the children. They are a different issue.

  11. randyjet:

    “Beldar, The reason any kids SHOULD be working in a coal mine is as Bush and the wealthy like to point out WORK is good for the poor and all people other than themselves Since Grayson worked his way through Harvard as a janitor and other menial jobs, I think it would be good for his kids too. I got my education on my own with little or no help from my family.”

    Sigh. Again false logic. Being allowed to work on the family farm, run a lemonade stand, or deliver newspapers to get their own money, work ethic, and pride in accomplishment does not mean that kids should work in coal mines.

    This sounds like a very messy divorce with new information coming out all the time. No matter what, I feel sorry for the kids. They lost the Parent Lottery, and are living in a moldy house with human waste leaking from the septic tank.

  12. “In previous court filings and interviews, Lolita Grayson, who’s now on her sixth lawyer, has depicted Grayson as abusive and so tight-fisted that she and their four minor children had to go on food stamps. She said she couldn’t afford to repair a leaky septic tank and broken windows that allowed mold to fester in the family’s Orlando home. Her situation and the corresponding images of the home’s disrepair aired on local TV in October 2014, just before Grayson — a trial lawyer worth about $31 million — won reelection to a third term in the House.”

    Nice. He’s worth millions of dollars but his kids are on food stamps, living in a moldy house, and their septic tank is leaking human waste in their yard.

    1. I have zero sympathy for her, and I know from personal experience how hard it is on a woman who is divorced since my parents were divorced with NO fault on the part of my mother. She went out and went to work with two small boys and minimal child support of $200/mo from a EE from MIT. So I am inclined to be VERY sympathetic to women in this situation. She is as Grayson talked about her, a gold digger who refused an agreement which is extremely generous despite HER FRAUD and criminal conduct. About adultery, Grayson is NOT the adulterer and to paint him as one is outrageous and shows a lack of intelligence. Her living situation is HER fault since she could move out and get another place, and in FACT, she had that option in the agreement she reneged on! So that she is still living in such a squalid place supposedly is ALL on HER. Grayson already has the custody of two of his kids too, yet he was paying most of his salary to her and the other two at $10,000/mo. That is pretty good even for CA prices which they are NOT paying.

  13. What a mess, on all sides. On the one hand she was utterly and completely in the wrong to have hidden her marital status from him when they “wed.”

    On the other hand, he cut off the mother of his 4 children financially, forcing her to live on public assistance. He’s therefor using the public assistance system for his own gain, even though he is a millionaire. Plus he’s trying to take their children away from her, knowing she has no funds to hire top legal representation.

    Let the lawyers fight it out in court about the marital assets. But he owes her child support regardless.

    “This lobbyist, this K Street whore, is trying to teach me about economics.”

    Now, don’t you just love the double standard Liberals have? The media would have flayed any conservative alive who made such a remark. But it’s all good, because this is a Liberal politician.


    “I rather like Grayson’s blunt comments.Now if you can show me that Robertson worked as an actual economist and has a degree in that subject, THEN I will agree his comments were out of line.” So you would agree with Grayson calling her a whore if she lacked an economy degree and commented about the economy? You’re a pilot. I have no idea if you have a degree in economics, but I do know you have commented about the economy on this blog. Does that make you a whore?

    It’s really no use explaining the double standard to people too deep in denial.

    Here’s what Politico had to say on the credit card fraud:

    “he unsuccessfully tried to have her criminally charged for far less: ringing up grocery, gasoline and car-repair expenses on his credit card.
    Grayson’s previously unreported effort to have Lolita Grayson arrested on credit-card fraud charges was revealed in one of her court filings that complained about the wealthy Democrat’s tactics to withhold money from her.

    “The Husband has denied the Wife access to marital assets or funds that could be used to pay for attorney’s fees and costs, even going to the extent of filing a criminal complaint against the Wife for her alleged use of a marital credit card account,” her attorney said in a March 13 motion in which the judge gave her almost half of what she was asking.”

    He cut her off and then unsuccessfully tried to press charges when she used their credit card for groceries, gas, and car repairs. What are his kids supposed to do, starve?

    This millionaire Democrat is showing his true colors on what he thinks of women (in his whore comment) and how he’s treating his ex. Marriages break up all the time because of wrong doing – cheating, lies, fights, whatever. To use that in order to put someone on the street, with your kids in tow, is just wrong.

  14. Beldar, The reason any kids SHOULD be working in a coal mine is as Bush and the wealthy like to point out WORK is good for the poor and all people other than themselves Since Grayson worked his way through Harvard as a janitor and other menial jobs, I think it would be good for his kids too. I got my education on my own with little or no help from my family.

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