Maryland Legislator Charged With Bizarre Conduct Outside Ex-Husband’s House

1198-1-06950bA Maryland state lawmaker was recently charged with trespassing and indecent exposure for allegedly baring her breast during a dispute with her ex-husband at his home. Delegate Ariana B. Kelly, a Montgomery County Democrat, was charged with trespass and indecent exposure in a confrontation with Barak Sanford after dropping off their two children.

Kelly, 38, divorced Sanford in November and came to his house to drop off the children. When she arrived, she reportedly found Sanford’s fiance in the home. Sanford told police that he asked Kelly to leave after she started ringing the doorbell and banging on the door. He also purportedly gave them a cellphone video of Kelly repeatedly ringing the doorbell, exposing her breasts and “with one breast in each hand [shaking] them up and down.”

The charges are misdemeanors and a trial date of Aug. 13 has been set. The misdemeanors could lead to a review of her status in the legislature. These are relatively minor charges, though the underlying alleged conduct is quite bizarre. A misdemeanor offense can still result in incarceration, though for a first offender such a sentence is relatively rare.

Here is her background from the state legislative site:

Member of House of Delegates since January 12, 2011. Member, Health and Government Operations Committee, 2011- (insurance subcommittee, 2011-; minority health disparities subcommittee, 2011-14; estates & trusts subcommittee, 2015-); Joint Committee on Federal Relations, 2015-. Member, Protocol Committee, 2015. Chair, Democratic Caucus, Montgomery County Delegation, 2014- (bi-county agency committee, 2011-14; chair, economic development committee, 2015-). Member, Women Legislators of Maryland, 2011- (secretary, 2015-).Co-Chair, Work Group on Access to Habilitative Services Benefits, 2012-13. Member, Midwives Work Group (DHMH), 2012; Commission on the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, 2013-; Task Force to Study Maternal Mental Health, 2015-.

Born in Bethesda, Maryland. Attended Ashburton Elementary School, Bethesda, Maryland; Tilden Intermediate School, Rockville, Maryland; Walter Johnson High School, Bethesda, Maryland; University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.A. (history), 2002. Volunteer coordinator, Travelers Aid International, 1999-2000. Annual Fund Manager, Girls Inc., 2000-02. National Judicial Education Program Associate, National Organization for Women Legal Defense and Education Fund, 2002. Executive Producer, Persephone Productions, “To the Contrary”, airing on Public Broadcasting Service, 2004-05 (associate producer, 2002-04). Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, 2005-08. National campaign director,, 2009-. Board of Directors, Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland, 2008-10. Member, Montgomery Women, 2009-; Women’s Democratic Club, 2010-; Fort Sumner Citizens Association, 2010-. Member, Tifereth Israel Congregation, Washington, DC. Two children.

28 thoughts on “Maryland Legislator Charged With Bizarre Conduct Outside Ex-Husband’s House”

  1. Actually, for it to be indecent exposure, someone would have to be offended. Can’t be the husband. He has seen them before.

  2. Her mental status makes her well qualified and she should have a fantastic career in politics.

  3. It can be a sex offense for men to be caught urinating in public. I’m pretty sure that screaming and wagging your weenie is a sex offense too 😀

  4. Baring breasts is a sex offense? Nursing moms need to be aware of this!!

  5. The political organizations which were her path to elected office would, if a man were accused of such conduct, work to get him classified as a dangerous sex offender and strip him of his rights as a parent. Without a trial.

  6. You’ve got to wonder, where were the kids when this insanity was transpiring? Did they witness this? Given her instability and irrational conduct, the kids should only be exchanged at the local police department. Better yet, investigate whether or not she is too unstable to even have unsupervised visits with them.

  7. If some crazy lady comes to my house and bares her breasts I’m going to insist on a line-up.

  8. LIST HER AS A SEX OFFENDER! Is she on the exemption list like the cops, docs, and lawyers. Her act was a sex offense by many states. But then again prostitutes are on the exemptions list too.
    Look at the list and look at who in the news is not on the list for their sexual acts.
    Special treatment is not “Equal Treatment of the Law or Due Process.”
    Therefore, the registry is unjust to only brand some offenders and not all.
    A woman complained she was not told she would be living in the same building as a sex offender as an excuse to break her lease. But in that building were 2 murderers out of prison a handful of drug dealers and thieves. The building was classed as section 8 on the lower floors and condos for the top 2 floors.
    Her lease and address were not grounds to break the contract. She moved in to an established project noted by a search on the internet. But she only knew who the sex offenders were by name because of the flyers and internet.
    Who is your neighbor, doctor, cop or law maker? Maybe they are exempted from the felony list too.
    What she did was in public and not a clothing free area either, that makes her a sex offender for exposure here in the “Land of the Free.” But is this not a police state now?

  9. Her behavior suggests that her former husband betrayed her and she hasn’t been able to move on from the betrayal.

    Her behavior suggests that she is a psycho nutbag and probably was uncontrollable even under the best of circumstances and explains WHY her husband has moved on to a more normal relationship.

    See…we CAN look at the glass half full or half empty 😀

    What kind of thinking goes on in a head like this? “Yeah!!!! I’ll shake my breasts at him and scream like a banshee. That’ll show him. He will really want me back NOW.”

    Impresses the kids too, I bet.

    1. Dust bunny queen

      She could go live in the Alan Grayson Home for Wayward Wives Who Don’t Read Good but Want to.

  10. bettykath

    Her behavior suggests that her former husband betrayed her and she hasn’t been able to move on from the betrayal.

    Inventing circumstances to establish that it’s a man’s fault rather than the agent is the first sign of patriarchy.

  11. I remember this Gary Shandling bit:

    As much as I’m paying for this house, I better be able to open my curtains and see breasts pressed against the glass.

    It sounds like Barak’s popularity is at an all time low.

  12. We are from France! What is wrong with this behavior? In France this is nom de guerre.

  13. In Hong Kong she might have been arrested for assault by breast, or threatened assault by breast, or?

  14. Her behavior suggests that her former husband betrayed her and she hasn’t been able to move on from the betrayal. It’s hard to move on when you have to turn your kids over to him and his sweetie (who was probably at the center of the betrayal).

  15. Outrageous behavior! Shameful! It’s all because she’s a Democrat.

  16. If anyone dare calls her a Double Dog Democrat on this blog I will be outraged. She does not look like a dog. Do not even think that. She merely had some titties that needed soothing by her prior room mate.

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