Rainbows Make You Gay: Saudi Religious Police Arrest School Administrator For Having Rainbow Image On Building

Rainbow-House-x400Saudi Arabia has given the world another bizarre example of life under the strict Islamic code and values of the Kingdom. The Talaee Al-Noor International School in Riyadh painted an inviting and playful rainbow image on its building. The Kingdom’s religious police quickly swooped in an arrested the administrator, fined the school $25,000, and ordered the facade painted over. The reason? Rainbows are seen as “emblems Of homosexuality.” It is not clear what the religious police will do with naturally occurring rainbows.

The offensive, unIslamic rainbow is now gone and the morals of Saudi citizens saved by another brave act of the Saudi Arabian Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.


Saudi Arabia enforces the Islamic Sharia legal code and punishes homosexuals by death by stoning.

Of course, the greatest offender is God who continues to display this “emblem Of homosexuality” to millions of children and impressionable adults around the world on a daily basis. It is akin to the Vatican banning images of a crescent moon as an emblem of Islam. All of this makes sense to the Saudi Arabian Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. After all, these are the defenders of morality who forced schoolgirls back into a burning building to die because they fled without wearing their veils.

Now they have moved on to rainbows in the protection of the Islamic faith. It appears at the end of every rainbow is found not a pot of gold but a party of gays.

Kudos: Professor Roger Schechter

22 thoughts on “Rainbows Make You Gay: Saudi Religious Police Arrest School Administrator For Having Rainbow Image On Building”

  1. Yippee for Saudi Arabia, they produced all the 9/11 terrorists! Woo Hoo for Saudi Arabia!

  2. Well, good for Saudi Arabia! better to take the Gay Menace too seriously, as opposed to not taking it seriously enough! If they’re not careful, today its the rainbow, and tomorrow it’s tranny boys tinkling in the girl’s restroom.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Saudi Arabia has given the world another bizarre example of life under the strict Islamic code and values of the Kingdom.

    King Salman is free to treat his subjects as he so sees fit.

    His subjects are free to suffer under the sadistic and tyrannical yoke of their king for as long as they so desire to be treated as chattel.

    It is truly a morally reprehensible situation especially in light of the fact that the US government is providing these tyrants with $80 billion dollars in armaments/munitions/training thus further enabling the sadist Salman and his religious cronies to repress the Saudi people (not to forget recent Saudi victims in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain etal) .

    The sadistic and terrorist supporting theocracy known as Saudi Arabia is the US governments — #1 ally — in the Persian Gulf region.



  4. davidm2575

    Most of the time I find you way off the beam. However, you make some good points here. Gays should not have husbands and wives but partners, partners for life if they want to get really mushy. A husband is the male partner in a heterosexual relationship and the wife is the female. I am not against gays getting married but let them choose their own names. Let’s call a spade a spade and stop this nonsense. The rainbow stuff has no basis whatsoever. A rainbow is a combination of many colors of the spectrum, not one on one or two blues doing it or two pinks doing it. Again gays are off the mark and overstepping.

    I think that the greatest contribution they could make is to make the keffiyah their official headgear. That would be a statement that I could respect. The husband/wife thing no, the rainbow thing no. Being respected and treated equally with heterosexuals, yes.

    Just as with most oppressed groups, when they get rid of the oppression the payback starts. However, the gay payback is not as bad as some.

  5. “Perversion” is an interesting concept. Are politicians perverted? Lawyers? Bankers? Religionists? Those who kill others? Those who hoard money in off-shore accounts? Those who have an arsenal of guns? Those who use steroids to increase muscle mass? One person’s view of “perversion” is another person’s view of being normal or exceptionally wise.

  6. Meanwhile in America, some people still deny that there is a gay agenda. They hijack the word “gay” from the English language, hijack the rainbow, and hijack the meaning of marriage. The California legislature just voted to remove words like “husband” and “wife” from the California code, and governor Jerry Brown signed it into law, because the words “husband” and “wife” are now considered “anti-gay” terms. The Boy Scouts too just voted to allow gay leaders. And yet some people still continue to claim that legislatively forcing all States to approve of and endorse gay marriage will not affect any heterosexuals.

    Some people like to look at all of this as progress, and it empowers them to snub their noses at Muslims who at least recognize perversion. Meanwhile, the meaning of words like gay, the rainbow, marriage, husband, wife, and even love have all changed. There is not a wise man left in society who will take to heart what these changes mean for justice and the future prosperity of civilization.

  7. Finally, the confirmation I’ve always wanted. I knew God was gay! This explains his often repeated practice of spirituality impregnating virgin women to have his sons. I’ll never look at another rainbow the same way.

  8. Bending light beams, refraction, bent, homosexuality, by George they’ve got it. Now that the gays are riding a wave on just about everything, it is time for them to give back. Gays should adopt the keffiyeh as their common head gear. The design potential is there. If they had any balls or not, this would make a statement.

  9. Tut tut, since the Rainbow Flag is de facto Gay Pride (PBUT), as evidenced by the White House becoming gaily colored as the Gay Rainbow celebrating the Most Important Victory in the History of Ever, Gay Marriage endorsed by SCOTUS, the entire world saw that powerful symbol and understood that rainbows meant gay.

    The difficult part is that Muslims don’t like the Gay, but they represent the Most Holy Multiculturalism, so they remain Above Criticism.
    So much so that they can rape young schoolgirls in Britain without interference or even mention, and are so Powerful newspeople are instructed to have No Idea what the motivations are when a Muslim kills five military men.

    The Progressive Grand Inquisitor is thus a bit baffled.
    She knows the Gay Flag must defeat the ISIS flag, but then, how many divisions does The Holy Gay have?
    It is a puzzle.

  10. ~ and thank you, mr darren smith, for such clarification. nowhere else would i find an educational simile, and explained in plain english for my consumption. i always appreciate your columns too, btw. … but natalie simpson, girlfriend, have you got at least 1 ambien lying around in your dresser drawers? your head may explode at any minute at the rate you’re going. it IS the chief’s residence for the time being, and i hear it is far from the luxury in which most of america’s millionaires live, being very, very old construction, you know with precious little privacy, if you don’t approve of its decor for a 24-hour period, well, they have considerately removed it and i’m certain that was done just for you. there, there, now have some warm milk. my goodness. and an icebag for your forehead.

  11. They are dead right on this issue. I support the religious police 100% on this issue.

  12. justice holmes, that is certainly yet another strike against the western infidels’ “God” as opposed to the true “Allah”. i have no clue how Allah fits into the weather schemes of the planet, but perhaps we could propose a challenge as to whether Allah could paint over the next rainbow in the sky and ban them forever, then make it stick? After all, isn’t a faith only as good as its deity? why should the so-called Saudi Arabian Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice rush around doing Allah’s dirty work if Allah cannot even hold up his end of the bargain? when the next rainbow appeared it could keep these rats busy for years searching for the infidel God to be arrested and keep them from harming humans for awhile. i always thought the only reasons we are tied to the saudis’ apron strings has to do with the bush dynasty’s friendship with the late saudi king, and fossil fuel. am i wrong on that? those both seem like stupid reasons . . . Idstar, i do not believe the perps in your scenario could hope for protection under the first amendment or any american law. wouldn’t wash before any judge or jury save, perhaps, a special florida bunch [she said, tongue firmly in cheek.] . . . and barkindog, before i go paint rainbows in my armhairs, what the devil are you smoking? cuz i know that ditchweed didn’t come from colorado. gotta be laced with roundup from nevada, the zero tolerance ho-happy state, or utah. throw it out, bro, that stuff will kill you. 😀

  13. Saudi Arabia does not give a RIP for being politically correct. To bad the American Government did not do any thing when President Obama covered the white house with the rainbow color LIGHTS. He forgot that the WHITE HOUSE IS NOT HIS RESIDANCE BUT WE THE PEOPLE SUPPORT HIS MAGNIFICENT LIFE STYLE. ALL THIS MAKES ME WONDER ABOUT THE INTEGRITY OF OUR COUNTRY.

  14. The scientists at the religious police service announced that photons having energies between 1.5 eV and 3.5 eV are homosexual. Moreover, the symbol for Wavelength is λ (Lambda), which is also a symbol used in the gay community. Wavelength must be a measure of sexual orientation. Low frequencies are Straight. Visible light is Gay. High Frequencies are Bi. (since they are the sum of the two frequencies)

    It is now proven that both God and Gay People are the light of the world. Thank you for showing me the light, religious police.

  15. God created the first rainbow! Does that mean God is……. OMG . Call the religious police and arrest God! These people are insane. Why oh why do we stay attached to them. It makes no sense.

  16. Genesis: 9:12-16

    “And God said, ‘This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. Whenever, the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.’ “

  17. Given the current Big Government/Big Media imposed and enforced political correctness, if an American Gay was “caught” in a Mosque in the United States, would he, or she, be stoned to death; and, if so, would the perpetrators be shielded by the First Amendment?

  18. If you are bent, you are bent, you are bent all the way. From your first rainbow to your last roll in the hay.
    I did not like that rainbow on the White House either.

    We need some Saudi policing over here. Wesley Kanne Clark would agree with this.

    Hotsie Totsie, I smell a Nazi! –Curley, Three Stooges.

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