Second American Doctor Accused of Illegally Killing Lion In Zimbabwe

2B0B22D800000578-3183020-image-m-55_1438531460851Many people around the world have been following the unfolding drama surrounding the death of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by Doctor Walter James Palmer. Zimbabwe is demanding Palmer’s extradition. Now a second American doctor, Jan Casimir Seski of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, has been accused of an illegal lion hunt with a bow and arrow at the very same park, Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Like Palmer, Seski has a longing for animal trophies and poses with dead animals in triumphant pictures. Seski, 68, is accused of killing a lion illegally in April and his guides have been arrested in the African Country.

The question is now whether Seski will also be sought for extradition or whether the Obama Administration will protect the two American doctors out of animosity toward the corrupt Mugabe regime.

Dr. Seski is listed as being Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He boasted on a Alaska Bow Hunting Website that he has shot six African elephants.








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  1. Gang Green doden’t have a clue as to what is the cause of the 6 th Extinction… & it’s on sport hunters… try overbreeding 3rd worlders…

  2. On Sunday, Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority accused Seski, 68, a gynecologic oncologist and surgeon who practices in the Pittsburgh area, of illegally killing a lion in April, inflaming the growing international outrage sparked by Palmer’s killing of the iconic lion known as Cecil in early July. So you thought there was only one American health-care worker paying big bucks to slaughter majestic African wildlife and running afoul of authorities in Africa in the process?

  3. Fricken God complex. What is is with these dentists and doctors? They spend all this time trying to save and and then they have to go out and kill?

  4. This is a very strange blog site. You cannot reply to anyone’s comment directly. It’s like everyone is in their own little bubble.

    If anyone cares to read this; Does anyone think it’s strange that this heinous crime is occurring right after someone unearthed photos of Trump’s sons on a big game hunt. Ya think maybe the power possessors might have an agenda to demonize Donald Trump? Hmmmm… now why would that be? Let me think…. Are any alarm clocks going off yet?

  5. “But promotion of your skills or overemphasising them can get you into big trouble in the UK.”

    Apparently that is of no concern when blogging.

    1. Olly:


      No that’s not true. Even of a grateful patient blogs expounding skills of a doctor it can result in action being taken against the doctor even if they haven’t even seen the blog !

  6. The California women are shining brightly on several threads today.

  7. DBQ:

    The most effective deterrent I’ve seen to coyote predation on livestock is to have a dog specifically bred to guard livestock. The best I think is the Anatolian shepherd. After one or two attempts, the coyotes learn quickly and give the herds a wide berth. One of my friends who breeds Alpacas discovered her young Anatolian shepherd had torn the throat out of a coyote, which had foolishly tried to face off with it.

    I love coyotes, but we’ve completely disrupted the ecosystem. We removed wolves, which kept coyote populations in check. We’ve built out into open space, so rodent populations in residential areas is sky rocketing, without their natural predators to keep their numbers down. Plus we let out little kitties and small dogs, shaking our fingers at the adaptive coyote, telling him not to eat all this variety of food we put in front of their pointed little muzzles. And then some people start feeding the coyotes, which makes them bold and lose their wariness of humans, which they now associate with food.

    And it’s true that coyote fur is warm and frost free. Military coats used to have coyote fur in the hood. I’m still upset that my dad’s coat got donated. I hate to waste any part of an animal once it’s been killed. It seems like a sin to me. If for any reason a predator gets culled, it should be used as much as possible – whether stuffed as a museum display or the fur used for something. Which creates a paradox for me because I do not wear fur.

    Ninian – Yes, many predators cache food. However, when a weasel gets into a chicken coop, it will slaughter everything inside, and it will not drag any of that meat outside to cache. It just takes a few bites and then leaves. They are rather infamous for that.

    It is also true that animals do not keep trophies. But many animals do, indeed, play with their food and appear to take great pleasure out of it. Have you ever seen a cat play with a mouse? It just goes on and on, and the cat will toss the mouse, let it run, go catch it, throw it up in the air, rip its tail off, watch it run, catch it, throw it up again . . . Also, none of my cats have ever eaten a lizard, but they kill them every time they see one. Because it’s little and darts away from them, triggering their predator instincts.

    Play behavior is based on survival instincts. Animals play fight in order to learn how to fight in earnest, and they play with prey in order to practice hunting, as well as just for the fun of it.

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