Second American Doctor Accused of Illegally Killing Lion In Zimbabwe

2B0B22D800000578-3183020-image-m-55_1438531460851Many people around the world have been following the unfolding drama surrounding the death of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by Doctor Walter James Palmer. Zimbabwe is demanding Palmer’s extradition. Now a second American doctor, Jan Casimir Seski of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, has been accused of an illegal lion hunt with a bow and arrow at the very same park, Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Like Palmer, Seski has a longing for animal trophies and poses with dead animals in triumphant pictures. Seski, 68, is accused of killing a lion illegally in April and his guides have been arrested in the African Country.

The question is now whether Seski will also be sought for extradition or whether the Obama Administration will protect the two American doctors out of animosity toward the corrupt Mugabe regime.

Dr. Seski is listed as being Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He boasted on a Alaska Bow Hunting Website that he has shot six African elephants.








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  1. Gigi,
    My point is that there are all manner of people who hunt for the heads of endangered species, some of them are sons of people running for POTUS who are unapologeticly proud of his sons hunting skills used to kill such animals. How am I trying to take away the rights of the Trump brothers or hunters who hunt for food by posting info on the Trump brothers big game hunting?

    1. Inga – let’s see, what is worse. Trophy hunting or running classified information through your ‘home brewed’ server? Now, one is legal and one is illegal, if that helps with your decision.

  2. Yeah Annie,
    So what’s your point?
    You act as if they’re the only people who big game hunt.

    To hear liberals and libertarians, who think everyone should make up their own minds and their own decisions, you liberal folks are always ready to take away the rights of others who don’t fit your ideal profile.

    1. Gig D:

      We are heading into a situation where the individual rights of hunting don’t need to be stopped by the legislature.

      The Dentist has closed his practice and is reportedly in hiding. Public opinion could finish his professional career.

      Why should the individual rights of those who want to prevent animals getting shot by hunters not prevail? Why is it that you are right and everyone else is wrong?

      Why aren’t they right and you are wrong?

      This is the inerrant problem with individual freedom. You can’t gave it both ways. Someone has to lose the argument.

      And in this case it is the dentist.

      1. ninny – the dentist can move his practice to a new state. Start again. It is the American way. You have the right to re-invent yourself.

        1. Paul C. Schulte:

          I don’t agree. We live in a global world now and this will follow him around….

          State boards may have additional requirements for dental practice include :

          “Good moral character” and a “background check”..

          But public opinion does seem to influence events. I think the Internet has mafe it a more powerful tool.

          Public opinion affected the fur trade for example, and civil rights. It has affected institutions such as the police and the reputation of celebrities. And public opinion has been mercilessly manipulated.

          It will be interesting to see how the anti gun lobby will use this case to increase their support base and how the NRA will counter this situation.

          1. ninny – does trophy hunting have anything to do with dentistry? If it doesn’t then the Board should have no say in what he does.

            1. Paul C Schulte:

              Well I’m sure you put your teeth under your pillow for a dollar from the tooth fairy. So I would say that trophy hunting is very much a part of dentistry. They photograph a lot of their cases so it probably does fit the personal profiling. Like the college plaques on the wall they are all trophies of one kind or another. I think there are all sorts of marketing pressures to show how good you are.

              That’s the difference between the British and the Americans. The British historically are reserved and don’t believe in self praise or self promotion. Advertising by the professions was forbidden until recently. So things are changing. But promotion of your skills or overemphasising them can get you into big trouble in the UK.

              For example if you stated or if any of you patients stated on line that Dr X’s skills are unsurpassed and he provides the best service in the state. He is a TMJ specialist (TMJ is not a recognised specialty) you can imagine how it might be described…. well this sort of thing is not tolerated in the UK.

  3. There is a difference between instinct killing and killing for pleasure. The canid is known to cache food. And this explains the so called “over-kill” by foxes and coyotes etc. It’s all about food and survival.

    Animals do not kill for pleasure and do not keep trophies. This appears to be a human trait.

  4. When I lived in California even people with liberal persuasions hunted animals for sport. In fact, there was a group of men who bought a couple hundred acres and fenced it off. Then they trucked in hundreds of animals, including goats, foxes, cattle, pigs, deer, etc. The clients paid a nice sum to camp on the property and hunt the animals who had no escape once they got near the fence.

    What about the hunters who go to Alaska to hunt moose, deer, bear and more.
    As Hillary would say, “What difference does it make.”

    Shh, don’t tell Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, or any liberal legislature in CA.

  5. Yes. Killing for fun is what causes this.

    The coyotes run rampant and slaughter the lambs, baby goats and domestic fowl. Mass slaughter. Every so often there is a coyote culling.

    My thoughts. What a waste. Coyote fur coats are awesome. [that should wind up some of the people here :-)]

    1. There is a difference in killing through instinct and killing for pleasure.

  6. DBQ – then there’s when a weasel gets into a chicken coop. They’ll kill every single living thing there, and just eat a tiny bit. Some predators are infamous for killing more than they can possibly eat. Lions kill all the cubs in a pride they take over to bring the lionesses into oestrus. Chimpanzees kill neighboring troops and eat the young in territorial disputes. Cats play with mice. Wolves kill other wolves that do not belong to their own pack. Predators are born with strong predator instinct that incorporates itself into their play behaviors. These games are no fun at all for the prey animals involved.

    I love animals, and we share a lot in common with them, including emotions. But they do not empathize with their prey or deliberately try to conserve resources. It’s the rule of the fang. I enjoy them for what they are without attributing morality or other human constructs on them. OK, sometimes I do anthropomorphize the local wildlife, but I TRY not to. 🙂

  7. I have yet to see wild animals hunt humans for ‘sport’

    You have obviously never been around wild animals. Coyote packs. Feral dog packs. Cougars. Wolves.

    They all hunt and kill without the intention of eating. They just like to kill for sport. They all have been known to target humans for no real reason other than they want to kill. They stalk their prey, kill and revel in it.

    Think of your typical house cat multiplied by 100. A feral killing machine that kills for the sheer fun of it.

  8. @ Max


    I think that’s why I inserted the “etc.” at the end of my statement, there are just too many countries/territories to count.

    On another note:

    When we are too quick to highlight a minor problem and ignore the really big problems we put ourselves on that “high horse” thinking how great we are. In this case protecting wild animals vs. innocent men, women and children. Maybe we are just too conditioned to think that is a bad thing.

  9. “Remember safe abortions are less than 3% of the services provided. Please show your support at this urgent moment. Love and peace, Johna”

    This is such an absurd statement. In other words, “Please remember that it is far better to offer the murder and dismemberment of human beings in a controlled environment than it is in some back alley; this heinous act is ONLY 3% of the wonderful things they due. Show your support for this “safe” practice of infanticide at this urgent moment. As always, LOVE and PEACE.”

    Makes me want to just give them a big hug!

  10. Neo,
    That would mean we have to ignore the hunger in Sudan… pick and choose well.

    1. Max-1 – there have been several noted occasions of lions hunting humans. Two of them are in the Field Museum in Chicago.

  11. Why is caring about animals as well as people being on a high horse? Please explain.

  12. People distinctly do more damage overall and with more explicit evil intent than wild animals are capable of (even though yes, nature is tooth and claw). I personally am equally outraged by coerced sex, irresponsible baby-making, and by what happens to baby coyotes in their dens when they’re hauled out with grappling hooks and torn apart by terriers–or when Cecil is shot with a crossbow (didn’t kill him the first time) and beheaded. Cruelty is wrong all around; I don’t think it’s necessary to have numerous contradictory/comparative positions on the subject.

  13. Let us all get on our high horse and condemn those who kill exotic animals while we continue to ignore the massive carnage of innocent men, women, and children in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Palestine, etc…..

  14. @ Jack

    The people who are bringing up abortion, selling the body parts of unborn children are trying to make people stop and think. Pointing out the hypocrisy and out of proportion outrage in the two instances.

    Killing a lion is suddenly fodder for a mass outrage against a dentist or doctor. People are calling for their deaths. Shocked, shocked, shocked and outraged. The worst thing EVAH!!!! Hunting and killing wild animals for profit.

    Meanwhile, thousands of babies are being killed, chopped up and sold for parts. Worse than an automotive chop shop. Crushing and dismembering living human beings for profit.

    Both are terrible, however, one seems to be more terrible to many people. I would hope that YOU would consider the dismemberment while still alive, albeit in the womb, is worse than the killing of a wild animal. Unfortunately, many don’t think that way and consider the lion more valuable of protection than innocent babies.

    The media and the internet is all OMG agog and infuriated at the lion killers…….and yet…..MEH about the systematic dismembering, murdering and selling of baby parts.

    You are right. They are NOT the same thing. One is distinctly worse.

  15. This post is not about abortion, fetuses, Planned Parenthood, right to life–it’s just NOT ABOUT THAT. It stands on its own merits. Killing an animal FOR FUN is wrong. If you want to take the moral high ground, which many of you seem to be trying to do, please explain why killing FOR FUN is ok (especially at 50k a “pop.”)

    1. Jack – think of it like climbing Mt. Everest. Some people want to do it, some people don’t.

  16. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to NOT be duped and used as a mindless puppet in this latest #publicshaming event WATCH the above video I posted. It will not make your day. This is ALL about demonizing Donald Trump and furthering an agenda that may not be in your best interest. I can see that some of you are stepping right in line. I would greatly appreciate comments.

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