China Bans 120 Tunes as Harmful to “Public Morality” and Social Stability

130px-Mao_Zedong_portraitChina remains one of the world’s most repressive regimes in the denial of free speech, association, and other basic rights in the “People’s Paradise.” The latest target of the government is music. The regime has posted a list of 120 tunes that can no longer be played in the country as harmful to “public morality.” Obviously, even the censors manning “Great Firewall of China” may have a hard time keeping music from the masses.

The Provisional Regulations on Administration of Internet Culture list such songs as “I Love Taiwanese Girls” as threatening the stability of the nation. Clearly, you cannot love Taiwanese girls without loving Taiwan. Taiwanese songs are particularly prominent on the list. There is Chang Csun Yuk’s song entitled “Fart”, featuring the line: “There are some people in the world who like farting while doing nothing.” That may have come to close to the role of Chinese censors.

Then there is the song “Shaking Your Head for Fun” which was put on the list because the name sounds the same as “head shaking pill” which is slang for ecstasy.

In a speech last year, the president, Xi Jinping, said that artists should present socialist values and not carry the “stench of money.” It is an almost comical statement. One of the first things that you see in flying into Beijing are massive homes of the ruling elite, who live like Red Aristocracy in the People’s Paradise.

It will be fascinating to watch how successful the country will be in banning these songs. The United States went through a period of such comical efforts to ban rock and roll, including prosecution of some artists for indecency. That was only a few decades ago. It failed miserably. Indeed, the forbidden nature of some music only fueled the interest among young people. China would be far better to seek to eliminate the “stench of money” in the rampant corruption of its officials and the evasion of work and environmental safety laws.

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  1. America had scruples at one time but today, with the prominent protected cultures and, we get garbage instead of true music. Our kids go to school looking like sluts in grade school. In high school, the girls dress like hookers. Why, it is cute some say. They admire the slutty singers, nasty language and have you listened to two kids talking to each other lately, I would have spent an eternity with a sore backside had my parents heard some of those words coming out of my mouth, or heard music being played by some of the artists of today. The parents of today seem to be immune to it and don’t seem to mind. The country has been dumbed down. We have you name it on TV, sex, foul language, blood and gut stories so why are we complaining. This is what the people have chosen. We have set no examples for the kids being raised today. I shudder to think what the newer generations will be like. Killing and misbehaving, defying authority seems to come easy to so many young folks as well as taking part in protests and anarchy. SLIPPERY SLOPE INDEED. Folks we have hit rock bottom as a nation because nothing is taboo today except of course the “N” word. My opinion only

  2. forgotwholam

    ‘The American Thesis is Freedom and Self-Reliance.’ Yeah but with 350 million free and self-reliant types running around, things get out of hand.

  3. America bans freedom, free enterprise and private property through compulsory central planning, social engineering, redistribution of wealth, welfare, “Fair Housing” (which is unfair to private property owners), affirmative action (which takes matriculation and hiring away from free citizens and private property business owners and gives it to government), “civil rights” (superior rights for minorities), “hate crime” as differentiated from a “love crime,” forced busing, social services, Obamacare, welfare abortion (compulsory taxpayer funded fetalicide), welfare old age (Social Security/Medicare), minority mortgage assistance (HAMP, HARP) and the entire litany of governmental assistance laws and programs.

    China states, admits and does not deny or otherwise obfuscate the fact that it is communist.

    China dictates to its people. Currently, China dictates free market capitalism, and now, no rock n’ roll.

    The whole point of the American Revolution was to end dictatorship and implement freedom and free enterprise without interference by government. The new King, or Sovereign, was the People with the government as the new Subject of the new Sovereign. Collectivism was never the intent of the Founders.

    If liberal, socialist, progressive, collectivist communist democrats were honest and forthright, they would be campaigning openly to remove the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights (Madison’s original 10) and impose the Communist Manifesto.

    Why do you communists hide your communism, your dictatorship?

    We all know that you communists know what is best for all the people of the entire planet earth, ney, the universe (sounds like theocracy, huh? Next the Extreme Court will tell us the Founders intent was Sharia Law).


    The American founding documents establish severely limited government, freedom and free enterprise.

    The American Thesis is Freedom and Self-Reliance.

  4. It’s a good day @ the Turley blog when you look @ the commenters and don’t see a hat or a spy. Even seeing a hoser is not bad, per se.

  5. I suppose you could look at it in light of all the cr*p and be depressed; or look at it in amazement in being able to function despite all the cr*p. One of the greatest triumphs of America has been to endure eight years of the three stooges.

    Now, here’s Nick.

  6. “But I suppose it could be argued that America no longer has a culture; that we are a nation of hundreds of different cultures living side by side, each doing their own thing….”

    This place has never had a culture…


  7. @BarkinDog: I don’t know who Lester Maddox is, but just replace the “N word” with the “B word” and you’ll be fine. Among humans, some groups are more protected than others. You can’t say anything negative about blacks, but you can promote hate, ridicule and violence against women. I don’t know if there are any dog breeds that deserve special protections. I suppose Chihuahuas have been historically oppressed. Or at least ridiculed by being made to wear tiny sombreros. So I propose that anytime something bad happens to a Chihuahua, that the FBI rush in to investigate. All other dogs (and cats, of course) have to fend for themselves.

  8. @Hugh: I don’t think there is any decency left to preserve. Have you heard some of the rap music being sold to kids? It is violent, hate spewing, pornograhic filth. There was a time when the FCC attempted to enforce standards in public broadcasting, but it would appear that is no longer the case. The “slippery slope” argument boils down to this: Because we don’t know exactly where to draw the line, we have no line at all. As a result, our culture is debased. The crudeness and coarseness of the language is just the beginning. Teenage girls dress like hookers and their mothers are covered in tattoos. In some areas of the country, most notably CA, the public schools are all but abandoned by everyone but the poor. But I suppose it could be argued that America no longer has a culture; that we are a nation of hundreds of different cultures living side by side, each doing their own thing….

  9. I wasn’t allowed to sing “we shall not be moved” yesterday in your grand empire of freedom. But those different colored Chinese people in power are the real villains. Haha this place is a joke.

  10. [music-]
    Last night I saw Lester Maddox on a TV show…
    With some smart ass New York Jew…
    The Jew laughed at Lester Maddox…
    The audience laughed at Lest Maddox too.

    Well he may be a fool but he’s our fool.
    If you think you’re better n him your wrong.
    I went to the park and took some paper along..
    and that is where I made this song.

    We’re RedNecks, Rednecks!
    We don’t know our arse from a hole in the ground.
    We’re Rednecks!
    We are keeping the N guys down.


    That song would not make it on TV in America today. And it employs the real N word. It was a Randy Newman or Jerry Jeff Walker song. I can not recall which.

  11. Yeah, so what. We should do the same. We have laws for everything else – why not try to preserve some decency in our music?

  12. JR,
    Folks like Annie have openly stated all rights come from government. The Chinese ban some music and California bans using the word “Alien” in government documents. Annie and her ilk should be proud of how were are “progressing” back to the dark ages.

  13. “Our leaders are stupid, you could be the President!” Thanks for that musical interlude Harry, that was hilarious.

  14. Keep going like this and soon speech will be as restricted as on a US college campus.

  15. Actually the Chinese might have seen the film last week. However, they have been having real problems with their subtitling. I got a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy subtitled in English by the Chinese and I could not figure out the plot of the movie.

  16. Bet China ruling elite will like this GOP debate songified. Easy to understand, hacking into FED computers not required.

  17. With all the pollution that China generates, I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t already banned the use of the words “Climate Change”.

  18. I’m guessing the Chinese will not be watching Straight Outta Compton this weekend.

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