Private Company Used By Clinton Reportedly Kept Its Servers In Bathroom Closet Of Loft Apartment

170px-Msc2011_dett-clinton_0298The growing scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured server now involves a little known Denver company that she used for the system. Clinton has repeatedly dismissed concerns about her decision not to use the secure State Department system by saying that she had her own security team and that the server was always protected. Now there is a media report that Clinton actually used a small company with Democratic party ties in Denver which reportedly kept its server in a bathroom closet in a loft apartment. The report raises again questions of the security used for the system while there are also questions being raised about Clinton lawyers lacking clearances to deal with possibly classified material in deleting thousands of messages and holding copies of messages. There has not been a response printed to the story thus far and the position of the Clinton campaign (including challenging the accuracy of the story) is unknown at this time.

The company Platte River Networks is described as a “mom and pop” operation by former employees.

Founded in 2002 by entrepreneurs Treve Suazo, Brent Allshouse and Tom Welch, Platte River Networks operated out of a 1,858 square feet loft apartment in downtown Denver until earlier year. The building hardly sounds secure from foreign intelligence penetration.

These concerns arise with the disclosure of hundreds of emails flagged as possibly classified, including at least two at one of the highest levels.

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  1. Annie
    “Trump today likened the wall at the border to the Great Wall of China and said it should be called the Trump Wall.”
    = = =
    Define: megalomaniac

    But we repeat ourselves…

  2. game over
    “If a woman with a 25 watt brain …”
    = = =
    O.K. I’ll play with the misogyny theme…
    … I suggest that you think of Hillary as more like a chandler of 25 watt bulbs.

    1. “… I suggest that you think of Hillary as more like a chandler of 25 watt bulbs.”

      How apropos – throwing off more heat than light and wasting a lot of energy.

  3. HIllary’s paranoia plus her abysmal stupidity set us up for this. If a woman with a 25 watt brain and an obsession for all those primary, secondary and extraordinary colored pantsuits is the Dems’ best shot, we are in for it. Well, not we – you. I had my 88th birthday last week and I am certain a merciful God will strike me senile soon, if He hasn’t already and I just haven’t noticed.

    What HIlary doesn’t want us to know about her personal email is when Moahamar (sp?) Ghadafi was snuffed she contracted with his couturier for those abominations she wears to camouflage her “redistribution of the assets” . Sid Blumenthal, with his Middle East connections, bargained for a discount.

  4. Max, I can just envision all the protesters with placards reading “No tax increases for AFDC!” after millions of babies are born to unwed mothers, because abortion was outlawed. The hypocrisy is never ending.

  5. Annie,
    Speaking of George Carlin, a quote:
    “Pro-life Conservative are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that they don’t want to know about you. They don’t want to hear from you. No nothin’! No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare. No nothin’. If you’re pre-born, you’re fine. If you’re pre-school, you’re f*@#’d.” – 2009

  6. pin

    Nancy Reagan and her hubby were staunchly against using fetal tissue and other cutting edge ways to regenerate cells, particularly in the research of ways to offset alzheimer’s. Then Ron started suffering from it and she did a 180 and went full out to promote the research.

    Interesting how that works.

  7. dutchjim
    “Paper or plastic? Aisle or window? Smoking or non-smoking? Those are your real choices.” – 2010.
    Red pill or blue pill? Where’s Neo?

  8. I was struck by the sign on the side of the Platte River loft apartment building – AJAX. There used to be a jingle, “Use AJAX, the foaming cleanser, sends the dirt right down the drain!”

    Seriously, we can all forget this. Hillary has assured us it is a “cause celebra”. That is how they say cause celebre in Arkinsaw. She also said “I . ..we carefully reviewed all. . .before. . .” Who is/are “we”?

    I think she had no purpose other than having Bill help her do her homework and he could not review her “problems” if they were on secure email server. Maybe the “we” are Chelsea, the CEO of the Clinton Family Foundation, unemployed Anthony Weiner, Huma’s recovering pervert husband and BIll when he is not on Fantasy Island with the pedophile guy. Maybe even Eric Hoteham, who set up the Mickey Mouse server for her. It had to have taken a lot of decision making to see how much foreign leaders could be hit for a Foundation donation – – in order to get a favorable nod from our Secretary of State.

    One reporter said “Every day there seems to be a new wrinkle in all of this.” One wonders if he was referring to the lies or HIllary’s furrowed brow and tight lipped dismissive denials.

    Is it possible the defecation has hit the oscillation?

  9. Well, he is opening the Pandora’s box of Amendment repealing….that old saying,”Be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it”.

  10. pin,
    Think tissue, fetal, donation, Planned Parenthood.
    That’s more like the Kevorkian way, if you ask me.

  11. Annie,
    Suppose we can do away with Amendments… I’d suggest a curtail addendum to the Second if not a full repeal. See how that can work?

  12. pin
    Admit it, you know the solution to the abortion issue.
    Arm the fetus… However the GOP hasn’t fully wrestled full control of a woman’s uterus yet.
    However when they do, IF they ever do, I’m sure they’ll find a way to fund the NRA into researching triggers and firing mechanisms small enough to fit. The only downside I foresee, though, is in the ability to give the fetus enough target practice time in to be licensed. But I’m sure there’s a way, yes?

    1. Max

      Do you know what Kevorkian did before he became famous driving his kill-van around Detroit solving crimes and killing old people?

      He was an OBGYN. He actually patented some devices used to torture women and incidentally extract tissue samples from the cervix (for example there’s an instrument called a “Kevorkian” that looks like an apple peeler but that’s not important right now.”

      If he’d be here today I could see him either arming a fetal army or inventing a home abortion machine you can use in your “Privacy”.

      Me, I’m for mom’s aborting their babies in the octogon since John McCain once described the UFC as “human cockfighting my friends.”

  13. ASH post #1 said: “I’ve never voted anything other than Dem. If she wins the primary there is little chance I can vote for her.”

    ASH. Got news for you. Prof. Turley voted for Obama 1st time but 2nd time did NOT vote for Obama, that is, he likely obstained, but definitely gave no vote for Obama, the supreme violator of the Constitution on so many fronts.

    That caught so many regulars here by surprise, regulars who DID vote for the schmuck Obama the 2nd time as the “lesser of 2 evils” but they’ve willy nilly petered out from this forum just as I predicted for their Godly Professor betrayed them for not re-upping for Obama but then again how could any Constitutional Law professor give a vote of confidence for one of the greatest underminers of Constitutional Law in Americam History?

    Think about it. The regulars of the past, those Turley stalwarts, are virtually all gone, and for good reason, their hopes are dashed, shipwrecked against the rocks, forever ruined.

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