ISIS Beheads Leading Archeologist Who Reportedly Helped Hide Artifacts And Refused To Reveal Their Location

1004411_555539554497517_663758343_n220px-Temple_of_Baal-Shamin,_PalmyraISIS has continued its blood soaked campaign to impose its view of pure Islam on the world and to destroy all evidence of art and civilization in its path. The destruction of ancient works and structures has appalled the world. The Islamic extremists have now murdered one of the world’s leading experts on the history and art of the region — 82-year-old archaeologist Khaled Asaad. By all accounts, Asaad refused to tell ISIS where art was hidden. ISIS has been destroying large works while selling smaller works on the black market. Images show ISIS supporters laughing and rejoicing as their ancient history and art is destroyed with sledgehammers as the professed will of Allah. The standoff between Asaad and these murderers put the conflict between civilization and these Islamic extremists into the sharpest relief. It also shows who many Muslims continue to put their very lives at risk to protect their history and art. Indeed, they are protecting the art and history of the very nadir of civilization.

ISIS beheaded Asaad and then hanged his body from a column in the town’s main square. He had been interrogated by Islamic State for over a month on the location of the antiquities after they seized Palmyra.

Asaad spent over 50 years working at the UNESCO World Heritage site with experts from around the world. He was renown for his knowledge and passion for archeology. His books include “The Palmyra Sculptures” and “Zenobia, the Queen of Palmyra and the Orient.” He was one of the greatest experts in the world on Syrian archeology and personally discovered several ancient cemeteries, caves and the Byzantine cemetery in the garden of the Museum of Palmyra.

Few academics or intellectuals are ever called to put their very lives at risk for the preservation of knowledge and art and history. Those like Asaad are on the frontline in a war between science and ignorance; between civilization and barbarism; between free thought and religious orthodoxy.

His headless body hanged from a pillar as another indelible image to the world by ISIS of its intent to destroy the very existence of civilization in its twisted view of Islam. For academics around the world, Asaad will remain an image of a different kind: a man of conviction and courage who died in the effort to preserve his nation’s history and very identity from those who would erase it. He died as he lived in showing that civilization transcends the lives of any given generation. This educated and enlightened man died at the hands of religious extremism and ignorance. In doing so, he left the world with a challenge to meet this ISIS threat united and unafraid and unbent.

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  1. Annie

    Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait was the invasion of a partner and ally of the US and the other countries that formed the US backed coalition. This was one ingredient and the other was, of course, Iraq could not defend itself against the combined forces of the allies. Compare this with Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and it becomes fairly clear that morales, justice, and the other flags can and will be flown when the adversary can be beaten and tucked away when the adversary has the power of a Russia. Also add to that the Crimea is predominantly Russian in ethnicity and the residents do prefer to be a part of Russia than Ukraine and the situation becomes more clear.

    Right is not always might but might can be right or wrong. History is a quilt of this. The ideal combination is diplomacy backed by strength.

    1. issac – Iraq had an army of over 1,000,000. It’s premier troops were called the Republican Guard. They had just come out of a war with Iran so they were battle-hardened. The coalition had no troops on the ground, immediately flew in some fighters to protect Saudi Arabia and a few troops, who called themselves “speed bumps.” They held on while other troops and planes and tanks were brought in. The tanks came from Germany, two at a time. Takes a while to fly in the number of tanks needed.

      Iraq had upgraded SCUDS, T-74 Soviet tanks, up-to-date Soviet equipment.

  2. Paul I seriously doubt it was “our progressive friends”. It was probably because there was no oil fields in that country.

    1. Annie – we did have troops in Cambodia but they left there when they left Vietnam.

  3. On the news, a U.S. drone strike supposedly killed the 2nd in command of ISIs? I’m curious, how do those who are against the use of drones feel about the use of drones against ISIS?

  4. There is an excellent book and film called “The Killing Fields”, tell me why the U.S. didn’t intervene there?

    1. There was interest in getting involved by some, but our progressive friends made sure that would not happen.

  5. And just why was it our business that Iraq invaded Kuwait? Plenty of other sovereign countries invaded other sovereign countries, why did we not have wars over those instances?

    1. Inga – There is an excellent documentary on Desert Shield/Desert Storm called “The Kill Box”. The interviewed a lot of participants at various levels and on all sides. Rather than tell you myself, I suggest you track it down and then make you own decision.

  6. “Now you lost almost all credibility.”

    Given the fact your standards rest on a foundation of sand, I might actually be entirely credible by tomorrow.

    I’ll wait. Thanks.

  7. Olly

    Now you lost almost all credibility. You exhibited some substance, however misguided it may have been and however much of an accident. But, now you are wanting with that last post. Let’s drop this.

  8. The European countries caused all of these problems by abandoning the colonies in the middle east. The result has been chaos. Americans still drift on the theme of Woodrow Wilson that we go to war to make the world safe for Democracy. Yeah, right. What we need to do is go to war to make all pirates and terrorists be dead.

  9. I’ll say it again.

    We started a bad war. Never should have happened. Without it, there would be no ISIS.

    1. anonymous – Iraq started a bad war invading Kuwait. Without it, there would be no ISIS.

  10. Well isaac, you walked right into the trap and proved my point; the progressive ego is alive and well.

    Well done! 🙂

  11. Olly

    You, again, have done my job for me. Almost everything you wrote can be applied in favor of my positions. Evolution, human nature, addressing these, etc. However we are a nation of men who made these laws. If you believe in some divine or natural origin then we have nothing to discuss as I believe in man as the measure of all things, something a Greek observed thousands of years ago. Regarding natural progression, the only natural progression is that made by man. If slavery in the US had been left to ‘nature’ or in reality the South, it would have endured into the next century. Where it was left to the South it did in fact endure well past the half way point of the next century and continues in some forms today.

    Man is the measure of all things. Now for an exercise run through your argument again but this time take my position. You will find that you don’t have to change much.

    Thanks again.

  12. Karen

    “I can’t help but think this would be excellent target shooting practice for our military.”

    I tend to agree with you on this. The new type of war is surgical. The US is developing special forces units in all four branches. The US is a partner with the rest of the developed world in having manipulated and affected these areas. Regardless of political bent, the US should be inserting units, drone striking, and cutting out these cancers. This will not go away and if left to spread will only result in more horror. So, ‘shooting practice’ it is.

  13. Lordy lord, we are off topic! Someone call Frau Toppenkrieg.

    DBQ has a good outlook on the draft and everyone taking the same risk. When I read Starship Troopers, I couldn’t help but agreeing to Heinlein’s government setup: You need to serve in order to vote. You don’t have to serve in a combat position, you can be a clerk. We will not force you to serve, however, you will not get a say in how our people are governed. I think the USA should adopt this as the new form of our restricted vote republic.

  14. the lack of participation or “skin in the game” by many allows them

    By them I mean those who would not volunteer or assist, who have no danger to themselves but who sit around and carp like anonymous, with no solutions to the problem.

    It is easy to be an armchair warrior while others put their real flesh and blood on the line.

  15. We started a bad war. Never should have happened. Without it, there would be no ISIS.

    would’a, could’a, should’a

    The past is history, and we need to LEARN from history. However, we also have to deal with the here and now.

    Putting your head in the sand based on previous decisions by people in the past and refusing to recognize a clear and present danger in the now is foolish.

    I hope you’re for activating the draft. Where are those troops going to come from?

    I AM. If we are to go to war, it should be a burden and responsibility on everyone. While a volunteer military is admirable and I respect and admire those who have volunteered, the lack of participation or “skin in the game” by many allows them and the politicians to make decisions where they personally can avoid any consequences.

    Throwing young men and women as cannon fodder while devising ridiculous rules of engagement that handcuff the soldiers and literally send them to their deaths……all the while knowing that IF they don’t want to volunteer their own children, friends and family are exempt by just deciding to sit idly by.

    IF you know that your decisions will affect not just disposable strangers who come from red states and who cares anyway they are a bunch of rednecks…..but YOU and YOUR precious spawn, you might make some other decisions. Going to war isn’t so easy when you have your own life and your children’s lives on the line…..isn’t it?

    If we have war. The draft should be instituted and EVERYONE is a part of it, not just some remote thing that happens on videos and when the MSM decides to show us what they want us to know in order to sculpt public opinion for their own purposes.

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