Sundance in All of Its Glory

IMG_3178Today I leave (reluctantly) Utah and its immense beauty. After the final event at the the Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University. I rushed back to the hotel and set off for a hike in the mountains around Sundance. As you have likely seen on television, the area has been inundated by rains that produced massive flashing flooding in some parts of the state. However, the rain abated in the afternoon and I took off for the trails. It was spectacular.

The conference was an extraordinary exchange of ideas by academics from the areas of law, history and politics. My second presentation concerned Lincoln’s use of war powers and how they laid the foundation for expanding executive powers in the United States. I then participated in a wonderful exchange with Louis Fisher, Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project and Jennifer Weber, an associate professor of history at the University of Kansas. We were fortunate also to have Judge Sir Christopher Greenwood, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Judge on the International Court of Justice in the audience for this interesting exchange.

The hike in Sundance took me up to Stewart’s fall. I took a ski lift half way up the mountain and jumped off at the midpoint where a white trail begins. This adds a couple extra miles for a longer hike. It was glorious with mountain trails and meadows and bogs. I took a couple of side trails though some became difficult to navigate in the thick underbrush.

Here are some of the pictures of the different terrains. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Utah with its immense and unparalleled beauty. This area is an excellent example of what makes this state so magical. To make the day even more perfect, another hiker spotted my Cubs teeshirt and yelled out to me that the Cubs had just won the last of the series with Pirates. It cannot get better than that: natural wonders and Cubs victories on the trail.
























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  1. As usual, I vicariously went on this hike with you. The photos make it easy since, when I click on them, they fill my screen and I almost feel I am looking out through your eyes. What gorgeous views.
    Although I am nearly 67 (in two days), I am inspired to start hiking too. Now I just have to get my husband on board. lol

    1. I second Eric’s suggestion. I would love to read your presentation, and regret not being able to hear it first hand. I think most folks on this blog would have the same views on reading it.

  2. Is your presentation on Lincoln and war powers available on line anywhere? I would like to read it.

  3. I remember hiking in the Maine woods and the Appalacian Trail, and the water back then was clean enough to drink. Could you do that with those nice clear streams?

  4. Born in San Francisco and Bay Area resident till age 53, at which time I moved to N. Utah. Except for a few exceptions, you can flush CA as far as I’m concerned.

    Someone graphed how the value of a dollar varies among the fifty states (the average of all fifty states = $1.00). In CA a dollar is worth $0.80, in UT $1.20. CA residents desiring to increase their net income: move!

    I know someone who lives in a swamp hole about forty minutes N. of San Francisco. This person constantly elevates his/her family for living in CA where life is so much better than any where else on earth (especially compared to the other 49 states). The home this person lives in is so dilapidated it borders on being condemned, because the owner has no funds to repair it. This same person’s sole income is from self-employment, constantly owes back taxes to the lovely State of CA, and constantly receives CA tax bills for unknown and unknowable reasons. The real irony is this person’s spouse constantly brags that being self-sufficient is God’s way, and not pulling one’s weight is the worst of all mortal sins. While they pay taxes in a State that collects five times the average in safety net programs (as a ratio of State GDP) vs. the average of all fifty states!

    As I said, flush it.

  5. Beautiful photos. I don’t know the elevation? We just got back from Telluride and stayed in Mountain Village which is almost 12,000 feet. I hike regularly, but that altitude humbled me. There’s no freakin’ oxygen up there. A new movie coming out, Everest, looks good. It’s based on the Jon Krakauer book, Into Thin Air, which is a must read, even if climbing is not your cup o’ tea.

    Your not talking about the great season the Cubs are having makes me think you are superstitious.

  6. Scenery, beautiful.!
    Is it safe, going into the wilderness on one’s own.?
    We need someone to keep the Government in check……stay safe.!!
    God protect you.

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