2015 Already Set To Be Hottest On Record

290px-The_Sun_by_the_Atmospheric_Imaging_Assembly_of_NASA's_Solar_Dynamics_Observatory_-_20100819earth-screensaver_largeThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released new data on global warming that, again, the data supports the over-whelming view of scientists that climate change is a dire reality. The world has experienced record-breaking hot weather every month in 2015 and the year is all but guaranteed to be the hottest on record.

According to NOAA, August was the warmest August ever recorded — with records going back to 1880. It was 1.58F above the 20th century average. Indeed, every month this year has been the hottest on record.

On its blog, NOAA stated “We estimate a 97% probability that 2015 will become the warmest year on record.”

The issue of global warming came up during the last Republican presidential debate.

Source: Guardian

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  1. Nick,

    It helps to read the article.

    The article doesn’t dismiss the ice, the article discusses it. If you only demand ‘explanations’, you’re not a student of science.

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