Another Arab Prince Faces Criminal Charges In Beverly Hills

2CBCF65100000578-3248499-image-m-3_1443156724642Last week, Qatar’s Sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani first took a dangerous high-speed race through the streets of Beverly Hills and then allegedly told a reporter that he could kill him given his diplomatic immunity (which he didn’t have) . . . . and then fled the country in contempt of U.S. laws. Now, a Saudi prince has been arrested at a hillside compound near Beverly Hills after allegedly trying to force a worker to perform a sex act on him. Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud was arrested on suspicion of forced oral copulation of an adult. The arrest followed the reported sighting of a woman covered in blood trying to escape the compound by climbing an eight-foot wall. He is now accused of sexually abusing and beating at least three women during a three-day party in his $37 million Beverly Hills home.

Al-Saud was booked and freed on $300,000 bail Thursday afternoon. He does not have diplomatic immunity.

Some fear that like his Qatar prince counterpart, Al-Saud will flee the country. One neighbor said that after his bail, there were a large number of cars coming in and out of the property as if he were fleeing. There are no cars left in the driveway and the compound appears abandoned.

In addition to the sex crime charge, Al-Saud is also facing one count of battery and one count of false imprisonment.

There can also be tort liability for battery, assault, and false imprisonment. Neither tort nor criminal liability however will mean anything if this prince also simply flees in defiance of U.S. law. Saudis on the criminal docket is nothing new (and here and here) in this country or other country, particularly with regard to the abuse of servants or failing to pay bills.

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  1. Keep the Saudis and Qataris out of the country.Same group of kleptocrats who fund the tangos in Syria

  2. It’s well known that these Saudis are very competitive, so I’m guessing that prince is trying to beat Bill Cosby’s record.

    I also heard that Bill Clinton was at that party. He was seen jumping the fence with tooth marks and red lipstick on his Anthony Weiner.

  3. Annie may have hit the nail on the head – the oligarchs of the world belong to the same club and the laws don’t apply to them. Laws only apply to non-oligarchs and are distorted in order to target anyone who opposes this club.

    Maybe that is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are so popular taking on the establishment candidates. They are presenting this truth to the voters.

    1. Ross – I heard that Hillary was trying to reset her campaign so she would be seen as an outlier. She has also gone to Steven Speilberg to soften her image. Neither is working.

  4. “chipkelly – if you are so unhappy with this site why don’t you do the honorable thing and leave?”

    He’s got a “chip” on his shoulder the size of a bolder.

    You are too nice Paul, they aren’t nice. Why we need a mean azzz Republican president who isn’t afraid to hurt any feelings and follow the PC doctrine of the left.

  5. Mister Trump: Build up that wall!
    You too Putin. Keep your gangsters in.

    Make the World Safe For Democracy! That was a statement by one of your Presidents here a hundred years ago. Someone else mentioned this on the blog a while back. Maybe America needs to scale that policy back a bit. Perhaps : Make the World Safe With Condoms. Your President Wilson was the one who re-seqregated the Armed Forces and Washington DC. He was a Democrat. So, the Democrats got you into this world wide mess of policing the world. What will it take to get you out of it? I dont see any candidates who are anti war, anti world policing.

  6. chipkelly – if you are so unhappy with this site why don’t you do the honorable thing and leave?

  7. Olly – I do not come here for the educational value. Periodically, someone is nice enough to drop a fact I don’t know. I am here for the entertainment value.


    The great escape

    “President Bush is campaigning for reelection as the Western world’s leader in the war against terrorism. But the president’s family has long been closely tied — through a complex web of oil, money and power — to the royal family of Saudi Arabia, which has maintained its despotic grip on the petroleum-rich kingdom through an alliance with the most militant strain of Islamic fundamentalism. Journalist Craig Unger has been covering the alliance between the Bush family and the House of Saud for years. His reporting raises crucial questions about the consequences of this personal, political and financial partnership for U.S. foreign policy, democracy and the future of the world. Salon is proud to present a series of excerpts from Unger’s book “House of Bush, House of Saud,” to be published on March 16 by Scribner.

  9. Sorry to burst your bubble Calypso. Our foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia, advanced by the Bush Administration allows these royals to get away with crimes in this country. Obama’s administration isn’t innocent either.

  10. “Nick Spinelli
    1, September 28, 2015 at 9:48 am


    ————————————– = civility, by Nick

  11. Just when I thought we were making progress, a complete relapse.

    4 Annie comments later, and it’s back to Bush with still no implication of Obama/Clinton/Kerry (you know, the most RECENT foreign policy team) ties to the Saud family and how they affect CURRENT policy (like might be involved with this story).

    It’s interesting how the mention of the close ties between the Obamas/Clintons and Royal Saudi’s upsets some folk — so much so that they completely avoid it, apparently.

    I did appreciate the joke about Progressives though.

  12. The connection is this: The fact is that the Bush Family’s close ties to the royal Saudi Family has most definitely affected our foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia even to this day. It’s interesting how the mention of the close ties between the Bushes and the Royal Saudi’s upsets some folks.

  13. Get him out of the country and don’t waste time and money prosecuting. There are more important issues in the world.

  14. Bush!? That would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic. If anything, this latest incident would prove the one 14 years ago had no connection to Bush. Unless of course you have proof or believe he picked up the phone and intervened on the bail request. Ah, never mind. The likelihood she would be able to make that connection and admit her false logic is absolutely nil.

    Is there a way to unvote on this site’s educational benefits?

  15. Calypso,
    Welcome back? I never left, I’m a Progressive. I move forward while simultaneously not conveniently forgetting history.

  16. “Of course I’m not in favor of rich Saudi’s getting away with rape. That should be quite obvious.

    No, but your knee-jerk reference of Bush would suggest you found it too boring to comment on compared to something that (may have) happened in 2001.

    So you’re not a rape apologist, just a rape discounter.
    She should feel better that you think it’s comparatively not as big a deal as Bush.

  17. PS – He was arrested in LA and they are a sanctuary city. Explains the low bond. If he had been in a non- sanctuary city, doubt he would out because he is considered a flight risk. Guess crimes against women must not mean much in sanctuary cities. Here’s you war on women!

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