Another Arab Prince Faces Criminal Charges In Beverly Hills

2CBCF65100000578-3248499-image-m-3_1443156724642Last week, Qatar’s Sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani first took a dangerous high-speed race through the streets of Beverly Hills and then allegedly told a reporter that he could kill him given his diplomatic immunity (which he didn’t have) . . . . and then fled the country in contempt of U.S. laws. Now, a Saudi prince has been arrested at a hillside compound near Beverly Hills after allegedly trying to force a worker to perform a sex act on him. Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud was arrested on suspicion of forced oral copulation of an adult. The arrest followed the reported sighting of a woman covered in blood trying to escape the compound by climbing an eight-foot wall. He is now accused of sexually abusing and beating at least three women during a three-day party in his $37 million Beverly Hills home.

Al-Saud was booked and freed on $300,000 bail Thursday afternoon. He does not have diplomatic immunity.

Some fear that like his Qatar prince counterpart, Al-Saud will flee the country. One neighbor said that after his bail, there were a large number of cars coming in and out of the property as if he were fleeing. There are no cars left in the driveway and the compound appears abandoned.

In addition to the sex crime charge, Al-Saud is also facing one count of battery and one count of false imprisonment.

There can also be tort liability for battery, assault, and false imprisonment. Neither tort nor criminal liability however will mean anything if this prince also simply flees in defiance of U.S. law. Saudis on the criminal docket is nothing new (and here and here) in this country or other country, particularly with regard to the abuse of servants or failing to pay bills.

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  1. I forgot w/ whom I was trying to have an intelligent conversation. I tried to engage you the other day, you got beat w/ facts, and then got personal. You did the same here tonight. I get tired of beating minor league ham n’ egger and hen having to read their banal drivel attacking me. This is the Majors. Step up your game. I’ll be ignoring you until you show some improvement. Don’t hold your breath.

  2. The burning of the Alexandrian library is an interesting and complicated history. “Muslim destruction” is woefully short of scholarship.

  3. Some educated by Jesuits have no idea of the meaning of the word “objective’ and are blind to self-reflection.

    1. Mike – I was taught the difference between objective and subjective before I went to college. However, it was not the job of the Jesuits to teach me self-reflection. I suppose we were supposed to self-reflect when we were taking our annual retreat, but we were doing what all college students think about.

  4. Apparently, Jesuits can produce students with very closed minds. Some educated by Jesuits condemn entire cities, religions, political parties, political philosophies as being thieving, cheating, lying, evil persons.

    One of my most shocking conversations I had with a Jesuit was one who told me that God sent AIDS to punish homosexuals. I was young then and it made me rethink my awe of the Jesuits.

    I like and respect the new Pope. Isn’t he a Jesuit? And yet he rushed the canonization of the controversial Father Serra.

    Nobody has a lock on goodness and is assured of creating those able to think. I bet Francis would be the first to concur with that idea.

  5. A religion that does not value education, does not value truth. Jesuits taught me HOW to think, not what to think. Thomas Friedman pointed out that there are more patents emanating from the US in one day then from the entire Middle East in ten years! Poorly educated, poor economics, no jobs for young men, that is what feeds terrorism. Ignorance is NOT bliss. It is often angry.

  6. Paul, I am a fallen Catholic. But I am objective, that’s my job, “Just the facts.” It’s not just Catholics that have great universities and hospitals. Many religions do. There is simply a dearth of Muslim universities and teaching hospitals. I know it’s not PC to point out that fact, but you know me, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

    I worked Catholic priest sex abuse cases and had a high school football teammate be a horrible victim. I did not learn that until I was in my 50’s. This Pope is like the prior 2 Popes, just stalling and “studying the problem.” In his mea culpa in Philly he did not even say “sexual abuse.” He used euphemisms. I think if ALL the truth were to come out the Catholic Church would be shaken to its knees. Believe me, I see the hypocrisy quite clearly.

  7. It’s an interesting test that Nick proposes and one whose underlying bias deserves discussion. However, I would suggest one tread carefully here lest the Western ignorance of Eastern culture be exposed.

    I’m thinking we could propose a little twist on that exam…how many Americans can locate Middle Eastern and South Asian countries on a map? How many Americans can name the capitals of 10 Middle Eastern or South Asian countries? Hell, how many Americans can locate ten European countries on a map, name the capitols of Europe, name the members of NATO, able to identify what the letters of NATO stand for?

    Yes, the West does have a remarkable university system. Muslim countries had a different educational system. But perhaps we should be a bit embarrassed that with all those fine institutions, the American public is remarkably isolated and ignorant of the rest of the world.

    One might note that the Muslim educational institutions are driven by religion. Just something we should keep in mind as conservatives strive to make God and the bible ascendant in our institutions.

  8. Regarding Jesuits, they have built some of the finest universities in the world. Think of all their great schools. But, not only Jesuits, think of all the great Christian and Jewish universities and teaching hospitals. Can anyone name a great Muslim university or teaching hospital off the top of your head?

    1. Nick – be thankful to the Muslims for saving much of the books of the Romans and Greeks. You have too look to Spain for their universities and they were pushed out by 1492. However, the scholars they left settled in schools across Europe and taught.

      1. Paul,
        You omitted the Muslim destruction of the greatest library in history–Alexandria.Ende und aus.
        Richard Faust

        1. Richard Faust – the destruction of the library at Alexandria by the Arabs (not Muslims) has always been a legend with out proof.

  9. Things are changing quickly in Europe. The refugee honeymoon, as it were, is over. Incidents of Muslim men telling Western women to “cover up,” along w/ other cultural conflicts.This situation is fluid. I was glad to see the Pope fire a shot across the bow. When he spoke @ the UN the Pope was talking about the rights of children to have an education, something dear to Jesuits, the greatest teachers. And, he looked up and said emphatically, “That includes girls.” I’m fairly certain the Christian and non radical Muslims will assimilate. But, the fringe are looking to be a serious problem. Time will tell, but I have seen, from reading reactions of people in Europe, that they have problems. Hopefully JAG joins us and tells us how she’s seeing things going now.

    1. Nick – you know the Vatican has the strictest immigration policy in the world? It is completely walled (about 30 feet of stone) and no women unless you are married to a Swiss Guard. The Pope is going to take 2 refugees. Other Popes took more during WWII.

  10. The nice thing about DBQ, bam, KarenS, JAG, SWM, etc. is you can engage w/ them, even disagree vehemently, and it doesn’t devolve. JAG and I have gone toe to toe and then chuckled @ the end. There’s good will. They all came here to engage, not for any personal agenda, just to discuss issues intellectually honestly. We need more women like them. This blog is too male and too white. I keep trying to get black guys I know to join in. But, I think it’s a cultural thing, they don’t do blogs. A couple guys do Twitter and Facebook, but that’s it.

  11. LOL! Did you copy/paste that from Obama’s website? All anyone needs to do is review your body of work in this blog to know just how meaningful that statement is.

  12. Olly, I support our current form of government, which is a Representative Democracy. I have never indicated I supported any other form of government.


    1, September 12, 2015 at 11:27 am
    “There is a LOT of MIS-Information yet AGAIN, regarding what constitutes a REFUGEE vs a Migrant vs an Illegal Immigrant..

    The people coming from Syria, I have NO PROBLEM with taking in a certain amount.. and BOY, Sweden
    makes Germany look bad in their area.
    Sweden has taken in roughly 70,000 just this years… with MORE expected next year.

    The people fleeing Iraq and Syria, they are actual refugees… they are fleeing war and
    serious violence.

    The ones who are trying to seek asylum for ECONOMIC reasons, sorry, there is just NOT enough room.
    These are economic Migrants, and they are a totally different situation from the people
    fleeing Syria and Iraq.

    One thing that many people don’t seem to understand, or don’t care, is that Refugees have the RIGHT to come to
    ANY country to seek/ ask for refuge..
    Deals were signed after WW2, that made it so that if people are fleeing war, or danger in any way,
    they have the RIGHT to ask a country to take them in. And, the country they go to does NOT have the RIGHT to just turn them away… Europe and the USA signed these things after WW2, so that
    REFUGEES would not be treated as the Jews were treated during WW2.
    So, because of the The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Europe and the USA have
    an obligation to at least CONSIDER these peoples requests, and so they at least have a chance to apply
    for Refuge. The Hosting country does NOT have to accept the people who ask, BUT, it is a lengthy
    process and it is one that takes time. BUT, fact is, they are NOT illegal immigrants
    and they have the RIGHT per the 1951 Convention on the Status Of Refugees, to hit European and
    American Soil and ask for refuge.

    Now, as for Syrians and going to OTHER Arab countries…. Syrians are very moderate Muslim, In fact, Assad is a Secular Leader, nor a hard line Muslim.
    Many Syrians are Christian, just as many Iraqis were Christian, and they have enjoyed
    a lot of freedom in Syria. Of course with ISIS many have to flee, or they will be killed.”

    Here you go DBQ. Funny you don’t remember what she said, you commented on this thread.

  14. Annie,
    No matter what one believes regarding natural, unalienable rights, our government was established to secure them. That is indisputable. You and Paul Schulte may not believe they exist but the difference between the two of you is he respects the rule of law. You are on record supporting the rule of the majority.

    Interesting how self-reflection for you is actually self-deflection.

  15. DBQ, I know the “refugees” are not wanting to go to Finland, “too cold and dark.” Maybe they feel the same about Sweden?

  16. I’m hoping a commenter known as MamaM will join us. She reads this blog. DBQ also knows MamaM. We did have an interesting black woman, Robin, who commented here a couple years ago. I know she had healthy problems and hope she is well.

  17. @ Nick

    Yes, It would be very interesting to hear from JustaGirl and her take on the refugee situation in Europe and in Sweden in particular.

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