“I Am Too Young To Die”: Pregnant Syrian Rape Victim Allegedly Murdered By Father And Brothers in Muslim “Honor Killing”

2D28C45D00000578-3262990-image-m-18_1444205953837We have another alleged “honor killing” in Europe. Rokstan M. is a woman who was gang raped by three Syrian soldiers and fled for freedom in the West. Her family however treated her as unclean and guilty for being gang raped. She reportedly feared being killed by her father and brothers. The young pregnant woman was found stabbed to death and her Syrian father is believed to have fled back to Syria. Police are also seeking her brothers who are believed to have participated in the savage murder. Rokstan wrote on social media shortly before her death that “I am awaiting death. But I am too young to die.”

Rokstan was employed as an interpreter on a book project on Syrian refugees. She recounted before her death that “I was taken by three men. Ever since that time my family has regarded me as unclean. My mother and my brothers mistreat me. They say that I deserve to die.” She lived at Papatya, a crisis center for girls and young women and the director, Eva Kaiser, believes Rokstan was killed by her family “because she was no longer a virgin and was raped in Syria.”

Her body was found behind a living area for Syrian refugees in Berlin. The father appears to have fled to Turkey and likely back to Syria — leaving his wife who is under investigation in Germany. The mother denies involvement but friends of the Rokstan say that the mother threatened her and once allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill her.

There have been at least 129 documented honor killings in Germany in the last 20 years. Police documented an average 13 honor killings a year in the country and tie the large number to the 1.5 million refugees, mainly from Muslim-majority countries.

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