“Please Be Careful As [Passengers] May Have Shifted During Flight”: Airbus Seeks New Design To Stack Passengers On Planes

lead_largeWe have been discussing the race to the bottom in airlines in the treatment of passengers from endless special charges to the elimination of every possible convenience or comfort. As I fly back to Washington this morning, I thought I would share the latest vision of the industry to stuff more people into planes by stacking them like kindling. It would seem that airlines may have to change their standard warning about luggage shifting in overhead bins to alert passengers to the danger of failing passengers who shifted during flights.

1f6ce27eeIronically, I previously speculated how the trend in airlines seems to be toward stacking passengers. Well welcome to Airbus’ vision of human luggage. An Airbus patent application allows for seating arrangements with passengers riding atop each other with one seat “arranged at a first lower level,” and “at least” one other seat above on an “elevated level.”

The application states:


In modern means of transport, in particular in aircraft, it is very important from an economic point of view to make optimum use of the available space in a passenger cabin. Passenger cabins are therefore fitted with as many rows of passenger seats as possible, which are positioned with as little space between them as possible. In order to still more efficiently use the space in a passenger cabin of an aircraft, US 4,066,227 proposes an elevated deck structure on a main deck floor in the passenger cabin of a wide-body aircraft for providing a mezzanine seating area in a substantially unused upper lobe of the aircraft fuselage.

The images bring to mind some other images from the “middle passage.”


50 thoughts on ““Please Be Careful As [Passengers] May Have Shifted During Flight”: Airbus Seeks New Design To Stack Passengers On Planes”

  1. Beans, beans, two cents a quart..
    The more you eat, the more you fart.
    The more fart the better you feel.
    So lets have beans at every mean.

    –Sign at the cafeteria at Laguardia Airport.

  2. pernicious pacifist … sounds like that “gargantuan plane” might have been one of the original Boeing 747’s, at least like the one I flew from Tokyo to Seattle and back to Tokyo in 1970. The more modern 747’s are little like those originals, with cocktail lounges, comfy lounge chairs, & what-have-you, upstairs.

    G.Mason … you suggested that farts might be more interesting. Why, yes indeed. As it is they’re “interesting” enough in ordinary “coach” seating, or even “business” seating, tight as they are today. Somehow I frequently seem to manage a seat next to a rotund fellow who apparently had eaten a half dozen bean burritos before the flight. More disturbing when the gaseous one lifts a leg to fire away. So sad 😀

  3. BamBam. The Airbus was designed by an international team. Some are produced in France. Be so kind and get off your silly “German Syndrome”.

  4. Thank you for that video, Darren. Now I know the meaning of “when the cows come home.”

    1. What kind of cows are those anyway? They look positively svelte, not like the slow moving rotund fellows we have in this area.

  5. Reading the comments, I see folks get he problem w/ spillage. If you have ever sat in the lower deck of a ballpark under the overhang from the upper deck, you have experienced this obvious design problem. Beer stinks when you’re soaked in it.

  6. ” ‘Scuse me Sir, I hope that was just a spill from your cocktail above me…”

  7. Is it possible to ship yourself and luggage, UPS or FedEx using overnight guaranteed express to hotel? With rental car deal and special hotel rates locked in?
    Skip baggage fees, Limo to airport fees and tips, TSA, long lines and computer outages.

  8. I assume that space will be set aside for more luxurious accomodations for first/business class passengers.

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