Palestinian Authority Names Street in Honor Of Terrorist Who Killed Two Israelis and Wounded A Woman and Child

IMG-20151003-WA0006-1-540x357The Palestinian Authority appears to have too many streets named Elm or Main street. Instead, it has decided to name a street after a murderous terrorist, Muhammad Halabi, 19, on the outskirts of Ramallah. Halabi stabbed to death two Israelis, Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi and Aharon Bennett, in the Old City of Jerusalem on Oct. 3 and also injured Bennett’s wife Adele and their 2-year-old son in the attack. Now Palestinians can live on Halabi street to honor these infamous acts.

Nehamia Lavi, 41, was a rabbi for the right-wing settlement group Ateret Cohanim, which seeks to create a Jewish majority inside the Old City. Halabi stabbed the two ultra-Orthodox Jewish men and wounded the wife of one of them. He then reportedly took a gun from one of the men and fired at tourists and security forces in the area, wounding the couple’s 2-year-old son. He was later shot by Israeli forces.

After the murders by his son, the father of Halabi proclaimed that “I am proud of my son and what he did − he has done what 1.5 million Muslims have failed to do.

Muhannnad-e1443900765101-635x357The Palestinian Authority said that the naming of the street was “to honor Halabi, who carried out a stabbing and shooting operation against settlers in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.” Muhammad Hussein, mayor of Surda-Abu Qash, insisted that “This is the least we can do for Martyr Halabi.”

Now here is the truly mind-blowing element. The Palestinian Bar Association has awarded an honorary law degree on a man who stabbed two people and injured a woman and a baby. It is hard to imagine a more antithetical figure for the concept of the rule of law.

I understand that there is extremism on both sides and I certainly understand that there have been deaths on both sides (including stabbings by Israelis). However, any hope to claim a higher moral ground is lost when the Palestinians select a knife wielding murderer as an honored symbol — and honorary lawyer — in their society.

What do you think?

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  1. Po – if you can’t abstain from personal attacks, or insane comments like I like to burn kids alive, then I’m not going to engage with you. It’s pointless to rationalize with someone who says such irrational statements.

  2. Palestine was not a country but a region. The vast majority of it, the Arab portion, is now Jordan. Israel is just a tiny sliver of what used to be the region of Palestine, which was originally named after ancient sea farers, or pirates, depending on the source, who died out.

    Israel is Mecca to the Jews. Muslims would lose their mind, literally, world wide, if there were firebombs every single day in Mecca against Muslims, and if its neighbors all wanted Mecca destroyed. They need to leave Israel alone and learn how to live in peace with their neighbors.

    The Persians under the Shah, before Jimmy Carter betrayed him, and those in Lebanon when it was a cosmopolitan tourist destination, got to experience a level of tolerance and modernization. Now the slide is towards more extremism, not less. It’s so sad.

  3. Who is this Daniel Greenfield who seems to inform bambam and Karen’s hatred of Palestinians?
    Is he the same noted islamophobe daniel Greenfield, born in Israel, notorious writer of fake news pieces that sow fear and hatred in our society?

    This Daniel greenfield?

    And this one?

    So transparent, bam, karen!
    Karen, for someone who refuses the islamophobic label, you are quite eager to quote a noted islamophobe, and you are quite willing to ally yourself with bambam, our second biggest hater of all things islam!

  4. Muslim firebombing against Jews every day of the week:

    I wish every impressionable Muslim youth, thinking about throwing his whole life away for hatred, could read this. “Why I Left Jihad.”

    The song he learned in kindergarten was, “Arabs are beloved and Jews are dogs.”

    Jews are not safe in Arab cities, yet Arabs can walk around freely without fear in Jewish cities. An example: When two Israeli reservists got lost in Ramallah, the entire population of Ramallah celebrated as they lynched the two Jews in a brutal, ritualistic manner. They were thrown from the window, and their guts were taken out with the kidneys and hearts and put on a platter and the entire population of Ramallah was praising Allah in a blood-thirsty frenzy. “Allah Akbar!” The world found out about this as the footage was smuggled to America. What happens to everyone that opposes Allah? What happens to those that side with Israel? They get lynched! Testicles, hearts, lungs, it is put on a stick and celebrated for the spilling of Jewish blood. When an Israeli soldier has an Arab casualty, he mourns. When an Arab murders a Jew, the community celebrates!

    In Hebron, the Jews need to have their buses protected with barbwire and bullet-proof glass. Why? I went to Hebron to see. As soon as the rabbis, old men and women, get on the bus, a hail of stones came from the Palestinians–seemingly from nowhere! I wasn’t astonished that the rocks were being thrown. I was astonished that I started to feel bad for the Jews. What are these Jews doing? Why do they have to put barbwire on the buses? Why do they have to live this way? Barbwire . . . around the university campus, around the holy places–everywhere. This has to do with a culture of hatred. I finally began to see this. A Jewish doctor saved my father’s life. My father had a blood clot in his throat, and days to live. The Jewish doctor saved my father’s life. I asked my father if he prays for the doctor that saved his life. He said, “No, I can never pray for a Jew. Cursed be him as he was by Moses, King David, and Jesus!”

    I remember one of my Persian friends showing me his stamp collection. He hadn’t looked at it since he was a kid in Iran. I expected ducks and queens. It was bleeding stars of David, burning American flags, dead Jews, blood. It was awful. Actual brainwashing. And they do this to kids. He said he would start his day in elementary school, with the entire school chanting, “Death to America! Death to Isreal!” All the while, he was hoping no one found out that he’d been born in the US and had an American passport. His brother-in-law swore on all he held dear that the Holocaust never happened, it was all a Zionist special effects scam. He also said the Jews knew in advance that 9/11 was going to happen, and they all stayed home, but didn’t warn anyone. He was convinced not a single Jew died, no matter the list of dead that I showed him. No amount of proof would sway him.

    Deprograming brainwashing is difficult for professionals, let alone the average person. That is why I so greatly admire and respect those who throw off the conditioning and work for good. When we were in Europe in the 1970s, in France, a woman went to help some customers, and came back white and shaken. She said, “I’m sorry. They’re German. I just can’t help how I feel, but I make sure I don’t pass it on to my daughter.” She had survived WWII, Nazi atrocities, but she was doing her best not to pass on fear and hatred to her daughter. That takes character.

  5. Paul are you aware that Palestine has lost most of its land to Israeli settlement building?
    And that Israel controls access to Gaza by air, land and sea?

  6. Speaking of slap, Rick, I am getting bored of slapping you around argumentatively…Either step up your game and give me something to work with or call forfeit and cross the street when you see me coming.
    Sheesh! Some people are real masochists!

  7. po
    1, October 29, 2015 at 12:41 am
    And in light of that, talking about “both sides” as if there was some parity in power and oppression is akin to claiming that the kidnapped woman’s slapping of her kidnapper constitutes violence on both sides.

    Children blown up in ice cream parlors and on buses are “slaps”. What insanity.

  8. The weak minded and the islamophobes joining forces again…did you even know that there are Christian Palestinians, who are subject to the same oppression and terrorism that Muslim Palestinians live under?
    Do you know there are Christian churches in Palestine that have been firebombed?
    And Christians who have been lynched Palestine by Israeli settlers?

    Karen, how many settlers were ever prosecuted or imprisoned for the crimes committed against Palestinians?

    Three years before the attack on the Dawabshe family, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a taxi, burning and seriously wounding members of the Riyada family. Despite incontrovertible evidence showing settlers were behind the attack, the case was closed after a two-week investigation.

    By John Brown* and Noam Rotem

    August 2012. A Molotov cocktail is thrown at a cab, burning an entire Palestinian family. They miraculously survive. Nearby the police find a red bag with a plastic bottle full of gasoline, white latex gloves, and a black lighter with DNA belonging to a Jewish minor from the Bat Ayin settlement.

    Despite the evidence, not a single person was ever put on trial for this act of terror, a fact that undoubtedly allows these attacks to continue taking place, the last of which led to the burning alive of 18-month old Ali Dawabshe, his father Sa’ad’s death, and life-threatening wounds for his brother and mother, Ahmed and Riham. “We will do everything to catch those responsible and bring them to justice,” promised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. But nothing happened.”

    “Acquittals happen, but this one is particularly galling. One of the accused was arrested while wearing a ski mask; all three were in a car that did not belong to them; the vehicle contained a plastic bottle containing fuel, stones in a sack, a crowbar, gloves, a can of black spray paint, a bag of nails, and a realistic, plastic replica of an M16 assault rifle. The judge stated that he “does not trust the testimonies of the accused, which aside from being late [i.e. provided only in the court, not to police – YZG] seem to be coordinated and make no sense.” None of this was not enough to convict them.”

  9. “There will only be peace when Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate Jews.”

    Golda Meir

  10. “Israelis and Palestinians cannot keep going on this way

    Yeah, the Pals can stop anytime, but they are Muslims, and that makes them hate Jews and, well, everyone else.

  11. What Doglover said @7:49 AM.

    Israelis and Palestinians cannot keep going on this way before there is genocide of one or both of them. These age old endless hostilities are eventually just going to blow up the entire region in some massive conflagration. Shouldn’t survival of both groups be enough to overcome their hatred of one another at long last?

  12. Frustrated’ Muslims Can’t Stop Killing Jews… and Everyone Else

    Muslim “Frustration” caused 9/11 and every other act of terror.

    October 19, 2015

    Daniel Greenfield

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

    As Jews were being butchered in the streets of Jerusalem, Secretary of State John Kerry blamed them.

    “There’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years, and now you have this violence because there’s a frustration that is growing,” the nation’s greatest diplomat said.

    “Settlements” are Jews living in parts of Israel captured by the invading Muslim armies in 1948, from which Jews were ethnically cleansed, and then retaken and liberated by Israel in 1967. A Jew living in a part of Jerusalem from which Jews were driven out in 1948 is a “settler” who “frustrates” Muslims.

    And who can blame Muslims for taking an axe or a knife to those frustrating Jews? Not John Kerry.

    Back before 1967, Muslim terrorism had to be attributed to “frustration” at Jews living anywhere in Israel. Before Jews had an independent state or any realistic possibility of achieving one, Muslims were frustrated at Jews living. And so they strove to make the Jews into the “unliving” by murdering them.

    That much hasn’t changed.

    “Frustration” is one of the most common excuses for Muslim violence. Most frustrated people just punch a wall. It takes a special sort of person to respond to frustration by ramming into a bus stop and then hacking at an elderly Rabbi with a cleaver or stabbing a 13-year-old boy on a bike.

    But Muslim “frustration” is an international problem.

    9/11, according to the OIC, was caused by Muslim “frustration.” Boko Haram’s bombing of churches and mass murder of Christians in Nigeria is due to “frustration.” When the Taliban blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan, their spokesman claimed that they did it out of “frustration” with the West.

    In the UK, Jahangir Mohammed, director of the Centre for Muslim Affairs, says Muslims are “very angry and frustrated.” A Home/Foreign Office report warned that Muslim terrorism was caused by “the lack of any real opportunities to vent frustration.”

    NPR tells us that French Muslims are “frustrated.” Muslim migrants showing up in Sweden are also finding “frustration” there. In fact, as far back as 1995, the New York Times informed us that “Europe’s Muslim Population” is … you guessed it: “Frustrated.”

    Are the Muslims frustrated in Australia? Yes, they are. They’re frustrated in New Zealand. They’re even frustrated in Canada. They’re frustrated in Atlanta and Baton Rouge. Are Muslims frustrated in China? Newsweek warns us that “frustration” could “drive” Muslims in China to join ISIS. Muslims are even frustrated in Pakistan where they’ve managed to kill or repress all the non-Muslims.

    In India, we are told that “Muslim frustration broke into violence on Direct Action Day… when after three days of dreadful slaughter 20,000 Muslims and Hindus lay dead in the streets of Calcutta.”

    The textbook, “The Muslim World in the 21st Century” informs us that “Indonesia saw an outburst of the frustration against Chinese domination of the economy in 1997.” This is a nice way of saying that angry Muslim mobs ran wild murdering and raping Chinese people because they actually worked for a living.

    But what other people consider psychotic behavior and war crimes is just Muslim frustration. When they get frustrated enough, Muslims have to stab a bunch of Jews in Jerusalem, rape hundreds of Chinese women or fly planes into the World Trade Center.

    If only everyone else didn’t frustrate Muslims into behaving that way.

    Back in the US, political scientist M. Steven Fish claims that Muslim terrorists feel “frustration and humiliation” because the “Christians won big.” The Christians have been giving back their winnings since the 1950s, but Muslims have only been getting more “frustrated” with every Christian concession.

    Fathali Moghaddam at Georgetown invented “Staircase Terrorism” (which despite the name doesn’t involve Muslims pushing non-Muslims down staircases), which claims that Muslim aggression begins with feelings of “frustration” that lead to violence.

    Muslim frustration leads to aggression. When the poor dears get worked up enough, they get violent. The more their violent efforts are frustrated, the more violent they become. Before you know it, they’re throwing a suicide bomber tantrum and diplomats rush off with a pile of candy and concessions to reduce their frustration levels to slightly less murderous norms.

    Instead of giving them an immigration time-out or a shock-and-awe spanking, they hunt down whoever made poor Mohammed Jr. feel so frustrated that snookums is out on the streets stabbing people.
    “What do you want from Mohammed? He’s frustrated. He’s a very sensitive boy. Why can’t you be more understanding of his feelings and stop trying to fight back when he comes at you with a butcher knife?”

    All this global Muslim frustration, though, seems to indicate that the problem might be Mohammed.

    Muslims are frustrated by the Jews in Israel, the Christians in Europe, the Buddhists in Myanmar, the Yazidis in Iraq, the Hindus in India and the atheists in Bangladesh.

    If there’s a religion that Muslims can live in peace with, it has yet to be discovered. If frustrated Muslims succeeded in their goal of wiping out or enslaving all non-Muslims, they would go back to taking out their “frustrations” on each other with Sunnis and Shiites slaughtering each other as they do today.

    It’s not us. It’s them.

    Muslim frustration is as universal as death and taxes. If Muslims just had an issue with Israeli Jews, then it might be the fault of the Jews. But how does one explain ongoing Muslim conflicts with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Yazidis, atheists and even other Muslims? It can’t all be the “settlements.”

    Either everyone (including other Muslims) is picking on Muslims, oppressing and frustrating them, driving them so deep into despair that they have no choice but to hack elderly Rabbis to death or rape Chinese women in Jakarta… or the Muslims are the ones picking fights with everyone else.

    When one group of people is constantly bombing, stoning, murdering, raping, burning, beheading and stabbing every other religion it can get its hands on… maybe it’s the real problem.

    John Kerry blames the “settlements” for Muslims stabbing Jews.

    And yet during the Scorpions’ Pass Massacre in 1954, there were no “settlements.” Despite that, “frustrated” Muslim Brotherhood Bedouin terrorists massacred eleven Israeli passengers on a bus; including a 9-year-old boy whom they shot at point blank range. A 5-year-old girl who survived found her mother had been raped and her finger had been cut off for her wedding ring.

    But back then the rapists and child-murderers were “frustrated” at the existence of Israel. So what of the Hebron Massacre in which the Jewish population was exterminated with knives and axes? Blame Zionism. Then what of the Safed Massacre in 1834? The Jewish victims were raped and murdered. This was not to be confused with the Muslim attacks on Jews in Safed in 1838 or 1927 or 1517.

    Were the Muslims frustrated by Zionism or “settlements” in 1517?

    Muslim “frustration” with Jews leading to outbreaks of butchery has a long history. Because it’s not about “settlements” or even Jews. It’s not about unemployment in Europe or American foreign policy. It’s not about Myanmar’s refusal to accommodate Muslim Rohingya invaders or Chinese businesses in Indonesia. All of these are excuses for Muslims to do the terrible things they want to do anyway.

    Muslim violence is not about anyone else except Muslims. No one else is responsible for Muslim violence except Muslims.

    The one thing that Muslim murderers excel at is playing the victim. Someone always “made” Mohammed do it. Someone got him so frustrated and upset that he had no choice but to rape and kill.

    There’s a term for the kind of people who think like this; criminals. There’s a term for the kind of people who defend them; leftists.

    The Muslim case for justice can be found in the books of a million police departments where all the stories begin with the criminal feeling sorry for himself and end in hospitals and morgues. The story always begins with, “I wanted what was coming to me” or “She shouldn’t have made me angry.”

    We don’t put up with that behavior from individuals. Why do we put up with it from an entire culture?

    There’s a place we send people who start killing when they get frustrated enough. It’s called prison. We can’t lock up the entire Muslim world, but we can lock ourselves away from it by ending migration and immigration to the civilized world from a Muslim world where frustration justifies violence.

    And maybe, if Muslims get frustrated enough by this civilizational time-out, they’ll choose civilization over barbarism.

  13. Muslim Medical Staff Didn’t Save Rabbi Stabbed to Death Next to Clinic

    The medical team did not go out to provide treatment to the wounded

    October 17, 2015

    Daniel Greenfield

    The media has tried to emphasize the role of Muslim medical personnel in treating Jewish victims some of the latest Muslim terror attacks.

    The reality however is much less politically correct.

    Health Minister Ya’akov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) ordered an investigation on Friday to check suspicions that Arab medical staff at a clinic in Jerusalem’s Old City did not go out to help Jewish victims, who were stabbed right next to the clinic.

    The incident in question is the brutal murder of Aharon Banita Bennett (21) and Rabbi Nehemia Lavi (41), which took place on Hagai Street on October 3. Bennett’s wife was seriously wounded and his two-year-old son was lightly wounded in the Arab terrorist attack.

    While Bennett’s wife’s condition has since improved, it is likely that immediate medical treatment could have lessened the seriousness of her wounds and possibly saved the life of her husband and of Rabbi Lavi, who was stabbed as he came to try and save the young couple and their son.

    The Arab-run health clinic located adjacent to the stabbing was open at the time of the attack and medical staff was present inside, reports Channel 2.

    However, the Arab medical team did not go out to provide treatment to the wounded, despite their occupational obligations to treat the wounded, just as Magen David Adom (MDA) medics treat Arab terrorists at the scenes of attacks.

    This was how it happened.

    Miriam Gal, the mother of Benita’s wife Adel, spoke at the funeral to Lau about what her daughter had told her of the incident.

    “My daughter tried to run away with a knife in her neck. She tried to escape but they [Palestinians at the scene] wouldn’t let her and shouted at her “hopefully you’ll die too,” recalled Gal who was inconsolable with grief.

    “Such cruelty. The Jewish people should not be foolish, wake up. This [the Palestinians] is a nation of murderers. There entire essence is blood, blood, blood, Jewish blood. They have nothing else. Anyone who speaks of peace is an idiot, there is no other word,” she cried.

    Health Minister Litzman really stepped up to the plate in another more important way to expose an Abbas lie.

    Israel reacted with fury on Thursday to a claim by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas that it had killed a 13-year-old Arab stabbing suspect in a “cold-blooded execution”.
    Ahmed Manasra and his cousin Hassan were filmed on CCTV appearing to stab an Israeli teenager, also 13, outside a sweet shop in the East Jerusalem of Pisgat Ze’ev. In another video filmed shortly afterward, Ahmed is seen lying covered in blood on the rails of the Jerusalem tram.

    In a televised speech on Wednesday night, Mr Abbas condemned the “occupation and aggression of Israel and its settlers” who “execute our boys in cold blood, as they did with the boy Ahmed Manasra”.

    It later emerged that Ahmed is still alive, after Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem released photos and video footage of him being treated, sitting upright in bed with a bandage on his head.

    In the video footage filmed at the hospital, readers can see a nearly-healed, eating and drinking 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra — who stabbed and critically wounded a boy two months shy of his 13th birthday and a man age 25 — thus disputing the claim by Abbas that he was “executed.”

    On Thursday morning, in an apparent retreat, the Palestine Liberation Organisation circulated an updated version of Mr Abbas’s speech, where the word “execution” was changed to “shooting in cold blood”.
    Israel says Ahmed was not shot, but rather hit by a car during the ensuing chase. Hassan, 15, was shot dead by police.

    While Hadassah hospital is being credited for it, the real credit goes to Litzman.

    Health Minister Yaakov Litzman ordered Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital to allow photographers to the room of the terrorist – in order to prove that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas lied when he claimed that security forces executed him. Litzmann’s order came after the hospital refused to allow photographers,

    Hadassah Ein Kerem has had issues for a while, particularly with covering up terrorist attacks. There needs to be accountability, not just in clinics, but in hospitals.

  14. Hamas Attacks School Bus, CNN Headline, “Palestinians Shot Boarding Kids’ Bus”

    “Palestinian Knife Attacked by Israeli Neck”

    October 22, 2015

    Daniel Greenfield

    After the next Muslim stabbing of a Jew, I expect to see a headline, “Palestinian Knife Attacked by Israeli Neck”.

    The CNN story isn’t even particularly egregious. It’s the headline that once again erases the Jewish victims and puts the emphasis on the Muslim attackers as the victims. The headline has since been changed to the more accurate, “Armed Palestinians shot after trying to board bus with children on board”.

    Two Palestinian men armed with knives tried to board a bus carrying children in Israel but were forced back by people inside the vehicle, police said.

    After being kept off the bus, the Palestinians stabbed an Israeli man at a bus stop in the city of Beit Shemesh, west of Jerusalem, said police spokeswoman Luba Samri.

    Police officers shot the two attackers, wounding both of them, she said. They and the Israeli they stabbed were hospitalized, and one of the Palestinians later died of his wounds.

    But by then the initial damage had been done as viewers of the Benghazi hearings were left with the impression that Israel had shot some Muslim kids for trying to board a school bus. When the situation was the exact opposite.

    An initial police investigation found that the two terrorists had tried to board a bus carrying children on Yehezkel Street in Ramat Beit Shemesh, but stopped after the children aboard yelled at them.

    After receiving reports of two suspicious men in the area, Beit Shemesh police arrived on the scene and witnessed the two terrorists stabbing a man near the bus station. They reacted quickly, firing on the terrorists and neutralizing them.

    According to an eyewitness, after the bus driver shut the door on the terrorists, they moved in the direction of the synagogue.

    “At that point, I saw a police car coming up the road, and I ran in its direction and signaled the police inside,” the eyewitness, Yinon, told Army Radio.

    “The policeman hadn’t gotten out when the terrorists attacked the first man who came out of the synagogue. The police ran after after them and shot from a distance of 50 meters,” Yinon added, noting he called MDA while police neutralized the terrorists.

    So CNN cleaned up the original story to some extent, but let’s break down what happened here.

    Hamas terrorists (for some reason CNN fails to identify them as such) tried to stab Israeli kids. Then they tried to attack a synagogue. CNN though uses that as the intro to the usual cycle of violence narrative, the accidental Eritrean casualty during a terrorist attack on a bus station which is being played up endlessly, without dealing with the kind of mindset that deliberately targets acts of mass murder against a bus full of children

  15. The Palestinian Authority has stated that their goal is the ultimate destruction of Israel, and the Middle East to consist of only Muslim theocracies.

    How, exactly, is Israel supposed to “find middle ground”? They can give all they can, and by the PA’s own admission, they will never be satisfied and they will never stop fighting until Israel is destroyed.

    And yet, compare human rights in Israel with that of Saudi Arabia. They are the lone bastion of human rights in a region infamous for its treatment of women, gays, apostates, and non-Muslims.

    It is a task for Sisyphus to combat the tide of brain washing, internet gossip, and false information that creates terrorists like this young man, who threw his life and future away apparently with the full support of his dad. Who will not be receiving “Dad of the Year” award this year.

  16. Why is anyone surprised that the Palestinian Authority supports terrorism? This act sums up their attitude nicely.

    What’s the difference between Israel and the PA? When an Israeli commits a terrorist act, he is arrested and tried. When a Palestinian does, he is honored with a posthumous law degree.

    This story also illustrates the brainwashing this young man experienced since birth, in the statements his father made over his act. If his dad is proud that this man shot a 2 year old little boy, then we all know where he learned his hatred. From his own family and his own culture, because the adoration extends to the entire PA.

    Pathetic. You cannot justify this.

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