Minnesota Candidate Resigns After Saying ISIS “Isn’t Necessary Evil” and Only Trying To Do What They “Think Is Best For Their Community”

2E7AFEF500000578-3319764-image-a-2_1447628896735Dan Kimmel, 63, may have come up with the worst possible campaign statement for someone running as a candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives. The Democratic candidate tweeted that the Islamic State group “isn’t necessarily evil” and its members were doing what they thought was best for their community.   Not only is the tweet bizarre but it occurred shortly before the massacre that left more than 120 people dead and more than 350 wounded in Paris by ISIS.  Kimmel has since resigned from the race.

Kimmel’s tweet was the ultimately expression of the moral relativism that has taken hold in parts of our society.  He said “ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community. Violence is not the answer, though.”  This is an organization that burns people alive, tortures prisoners, enslaves and rapes girls, and destroys art and historical artifacts in the name of acting for the “best of their community.”

Kimmel later said that “The tweet was stupid. I’m sorry, . . . I deplore the evil acts of ISIS. I do not defend their acts.”  Yes it was stupid but I cannot imagine how one actually assumes such a position in the first place.  There is a tendency to treat all values as relative and the reject the concept of foundational “truths” that underlie Western Civilization like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal rights, and due process.  There is a resistance to saying that those who would deny basic rights are wrong and, yes  in the case of ISIS, evil.    Whether they believe that they are right is immaterial. They are fighting to deny rights to women, other religions, journalists, political dissidents and the like.  Hitler also thought he was right and “helping his community.”  Does that make him or ISIS any less evil?

I understand that everyone on occasion will send out a stupid or unintended tweet. However, this tweet reflects a more fundamental problem of creeping relativism that is coming into vogue in the West.  The values of free speech and other rights define not just Western Civilization but human rights.  Countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, and others have fought to convince people that different cultures are allowed to define human rights in different ways.  Thus, Saudi Arabia and Iran can claim that beating and killing nonbelievers is “right” according to their values and laws.    ISIS is the most extreme form of that perverse and relativistic perspective.  There are truths that transcend borders . . . and tweets.


Source: Fox News

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  1. This guy should move in with the Rabbi from JT’s other post today. I’m sure they’d be very happy together.

  2. His action is not in the league of legal weirdness of that of the Governor of the State of Texas where I am a legal resident. Our governor does not seem to understand that Syrian refugees who are legal entrants and legal residents of the USA are also potentially legal residents of every one of our states. Their status is in this regards no different from that of the so-called “green carders”. Our constitution allows them to travel freely through all states and settle wherever they chose. I sure hope that Senator Rubio gets it too as his parents must have been “green carders”.

    1. Dieter Heymann – I think there is a difference between freely traveling to the state of your choice and having one chosen for you and being shipped there.

  3. Oh, and since I’m on this trend because Paris has been on my mind:


    According to Serbian officials, 90% of immigrants crossing the border claim to be Syrian, but they have no documentation. Found all along the border, however, are discarded IDs from many other countries, like Pakistan and Iraq. We literally have no idea who is coming over.

    Many of these migrants cross through countries in which they are perfectly safe, but they keep going to those with robust social service programs, like German. In reality, this wave of migrants includes war refugees, terrorists, as well as those who simply want better finances but want to skip the legal immigration process by taking advantage of refugee status for which they do not qualify.

    And without documents or a reliable database, it is literally impossible to screen them for terrorist ties. Which brings me to the crux of the problem with our involvement in Syria. It’s been tentative, because on the one side we have a vicious semi-secular despot, while on the other we have jihadists. Sandwiched in between are the poor who always get screwed. How in the world do we screen out those in the regime who abused, and the jihadis, from those who just want out and would embrace freedom?

  4. Another career limiting move but the voters should be glad he expressed such sentiments. It is now clear what he truly believes. ‘Tis better to discover this now before he achieves a political victory and it’s too late.

  5. I am suddenly reminded of all the videos of German young men getting beaten by crowds of extremist non-Westernized Muslim immigrants, while they laugh that they’re too scared to fight back. I’ve seen interviews where they brag about how they treat native Germans. And how they treat non-Muslim native European women.

    This politician reminds me so much of the progressive Germans delighted with unrestrained immigration, only to get beaten up, literally, by the people they wanted to help. Because they didn’t take the trouble to screen out the criminals, and encourage assimilation.

    Kimmel clearly has no understanding of what ISIS actually does – to other Muslims, non-Muslims, women, and gays. He needs to be totally immersed in video evidence of their atrocities so he can grasp the enormity of his misunderstanding.

  6. Did this guy have his brain removed? ISIS is an evil and brutal Islamist group who goal is to make the world as destroyed and empty of joy as the land that spawned them

  7. I would equate this guy’s views comprising about the same value as Hillary’s Clinton and modern Americans infusing modern feminist and LGBT views into the Muslim world. IOW, promising about the same likelihood of success as training lions and wolves to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

    The ME Muslim world is about five C. behind the west in such viewpoints. Expecting a human culture to traverse five C of history in the time frame of a couple decades is as stupid as flapping your arms and expecting to fly.

    And yet Americans clap and hurrah when this view is presented on a daily basis!

  8. There is a tendency to treat all values as relative

    Agreed and it is one of the greatest weaknesses of the “modern progressive” way of thinking. Everything is NOT equal. Some moral precepts, some religions are evil, some actions are actually bad.

    I am of the mind that people can do what they want, as long as it doesn’t impact other people’s rights.

    However, I am not about to be forced to accept what they do as good or forced to be approving of what they do.

  9. “There is a tendency to treat all values as relative and the reject the concept of foundational “truths” that underlie Western Civilization like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal rights, and due process.”

    I couldn’t agree more! We have these very same relativists in this blog (see the BLM thread). JT goes on to say, “The values of free speech and other rights define not just Western Civilization but human rights.” Our society and for damn sure our government DOES NOT grant us these fundamental rights.

  10. From his photo he looks old and in the way. The was a song with those lyrics back in the 60s. Grateful Dead. Maybe Crosby Stills, Nash. But the guy should just sit on the toilet and think about other things in his retirement.

  11. ISIS apparently believe they should resort to the massacre of innocents, to inflict pain in a war to establish an Islamic State.

    An interesting comparison would be those who support the death penalty, while admitting that some who are executed will be innocent.

    Or perhaps some bombing raids from history targeted at whole cities.

  12. Good v Evil. Right v Wrong. Truth v Lies. Us v Them. Absolute v Relative. We report – you decide.

  13. Are you saying that the US military has never: “burned people alive, tortured prisoners, enslaved and raped girls, and destroyed art and historical artifacts in the name of acting for the “best of their community?” Are you forgetting Hiroshima and Nagasaki and every other time a bomb was dropped? Are you conveniently forgetting Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, slavery, all the damage done by US bombs to European and Iraqi artifacts?

    Speaking of, “fighting to deny rights to other religions, political dissidents and the like, since when has Israel given non-Jews equal rights?.

    1. Doglover – as a government, I would have to say no to enslaving and raping girls. All the rest I agree with.

  14. Bravo, Professor. These days we hesitate to state that something or someone may be wrong. It’s sort of a “make up your own morality” kind of thing.

  15. He claimed it was meant to be a response to the Democrat debate going on the night he tweeted it, which doesn’t reduce the moron factor even a bit.

    His main sin was that this is how Democrats actually think.
    It’s no different than Obama tut-tutting those of us demanding that we stop the current Syrian immigrant plan.

    Kimmel just wasn’t supposed to say it in public.

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