Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are in Durham, North Carolina with my in-laws to celebrate my favorite holiday. We will begin the day as the Turleys have for over 40 years with our Turkey bowl football game, though this will be a smaller affair since we will not be in McLean this year. We will then get to watch the Chicago Bears play the Packers! What else could one wish for? Turkey, family, football. The pilgrims never had it so good.

We will have our traditional Thanksgiving meal and I will be making the Waldorf salad (I get to focus on eating since my father-in-law will be doing the Turkey). As a pumpkin pie addict, I usually make a scandal of myself by the end of the day. This year, Leslie and I bought a special Bourbon (Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon) that we tasted in New Orleans to make Old Fashions. Leslie made the Old Fashions last night and they were awesome.

I truly love this holiday and, after sufficiently stuffing myself, I will roll on to the couch to walk the Monsters of the Midway play that other team in the continuation of the oldest rivalry in football. (I brought my away jersey to wear for the game). Bear Down Bears . . . and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (even Cheeseheads).

25 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!”

  1. The Bears played an incredibly sloppy game, yet beat a decent Packer team. I can’t understand it. I can only bask and smile.

  2. Da Bears Won! Good game. Great rivalry. Some very good players on both teams. This is the best game of the year. From a dog’s perspective.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Mr Turley! I am thankful for your blog and especially for your vacations and business trips because you take beautiful pictures. I save the best ones to look at over and over. As a senior on a fixed income, I vicariously take your trips too. The photographey is so wonderful. Many blessings to you, your lovely, lucky wife and your entire family on this sunny day in Columbia, SC.

  4. It’s just my husband and myself this year. His mom is in Texas for a wedding. My father and step mother are on a cruise (again) this time a short one to Mexico. Daughter and SiL are attending his families event in Southern Calif. So we decided to just lay low and chill. Everyone lives so far away…..or is it US who lives so far away 😉 Plus we finally did get our snow!!! Yay!

    Since we don’t watch football and have no idea who is playing, or care (sorry guys…) we will probably do some marathon Netflix movie watching or stream something from Amazon. After our afternoon naps, of course.

    Pumpkin pie is made. I’m roasting the garlic for the red mashed potatoes.LOTS of butter!! Going to make cheese sauce for the broccoli. Cesar salad…with anchovies for me. He hates them. Ham with brown sugar/mustard/ginger glaze. And whipped cream flavored with rum and nutmeg. Ready to pork out. Single malt scotch and a nice bottle of Marilyn Merlot at the ready to go with the dinner.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    We all have much to be thankful for. We should remember it more often.

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