Chicago Police Arrest Alleged Killer Of Nine-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee

corey-morganChicago police believe that they have arrested the man who they believe executed a 9-year-old boy, Tyshawn Lee.  Police believe that Corey Morgan, 27, lured Tyshawn into an alley in retaliation for the murder of his brother. Police have been struggling to solve the case due to what they say has been a refusal of Tyshawn’s father (reportedly also a gang member) to cooperate with police. Police believed that Pierre Stokes had critical information on the murderers of his son but refused to share it.

Not since Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll killed a child in 1930 in a botched assassination against the Dutch Schultz gang has the public expressed such collective disgust and shock over gang activities.

151105170939-tyshawn-lee-large-169Police say that men approached Tyshawn as he played basketball with friends on a playground and led him to an alley. The autopsy revealed two perforating gunshot wounds from a .40-caliber weapon to the head and right upper back — and that part of his right thumb was lost as a defensive wound trying to block a gunshot.  Prosecutors said that “Tyshawn’s death is the result of a gang war” that “came to a boil” after Morgan’s brother, Tracy, was shot and killed in a car with their mother on October 13: “Shortly after the shooting, [Morgan] stated that since his brother was killed and his mama shot, he was going to kill grandmas, mamas, kids and all . . . After that day, [Morgan] and two others went out daily armed with guns, looking to retaliate.” Police say that three men participated in the set up and one even picked up Tyshawn’s basketball. Morgan and one of the men drove off at one point while the third man stayed in the park. The SUV reappeared when Tyshawn was lured into the alley.

Police are also seeking 151127130225-kevin-edwards-mughshot-medium-plus-169Kevin Edwards as a participant in the horrific murder. Morgan was arrested on a weapons charge in nearby Oak Lawn after police found him and another man with loaded .40-caliber semi-automatic handguns. Those weapons are being tested while Morgan and co-defendant Dwight Boone-Doty were given $1 million bail for the gun charges. Notably, Morgan does not seem short of cash. He was released after posting his $100,000 bond but was then questioned about Tyshawn’s murder. He has been denied bond on the murder charge.

2E9A45C300000578-3336326-Investigators_believe_that_he_was_targeted_by_gang_members_who_w-m-9_1448670795334If police are right, Morgan and his companions reflect precisely how soulless and craven these criminals can be. Only a person devoid of any humanity could commit such a premeditated murder. As for Tyshawn’s father (right), there are no words to describe depravity shown by Stokes who is accused of first putting his son at risk by his gang activities and then refusing to share information as the police struggled to find the murderers of his son.

Source: CBS

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  1. BLACK gangs. Remember the “Italian mafia?” Never did it rack up a head count like BLACK GANGS.

    Jewish Rahm Emmanuel’s solution is to fire the Irish top cop of Chicago to placate the BLM protestors. (Black Lynch Mob).

    Chicago is headed down the primrose path again that it took when Harold Washington was elected. It took a hard headed Irishman (Daly Jr) to put it back on the right track. Rahm is going to drive it back in the dust. I wish “Chuy” had won the democratic primary, a Mexican knows all these things instinctively.

  2. More on these gang feuds:

    The larger gangs have splintered into disorganized factions, ungoverned and ready to kill over slights. This is a nightmare Hatfield and McCoy scenario. This shooting was just the latest of 4. Another beautiful young person, 19 year old Jenkins, was also shot in this pointless back and forth.

    These gangs are a serious threat to kids and families.

  3. the biggest threat of violence to African American population, statistically speaking, is young black men. that is a fact. the cops are about the farthest thing from a threat to blacks as slipping in the bathtub.

    BLM = black lynch mob

  4. The Chicago gangs should be invited to Soldiers Field to battle it out. Make them use knives and swords only. No guns. Let them kill each other off to a clapping crowd and have it on tv. Haul off the dead bodies to Lake Michigan and throw them in. Those left standing on the field then be shipped to Liberia.
    What would Lincoln have done with this Boko Harem problem in ChiTown??

  5. Hello!

    Please excuse any egregious errors, as my computer sessions are still being monitored, tampered with and disrupted.

    I’ve started the petition “DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, FBI, CONGRESS: INVESTIGATE” and need your help to get it off the ground.

    Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

    Here’s why it’s important: There exists here, A Conspiracy To Violate Civil Rights, Obstruct Justice And Harass:




  6. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the 9 year old child’s mother used the Go Fund Me account set up to pay for his funeral to buy a car. Her excuse was that she found other means to pay for the funeral, and her son would have wanted her to have a car. She apparently has no idea why those who contributed are so upset with her when they thought they were contributing to a funeral and bought her a vehicle instead. She should have updated the purpose of the Go Fund Me site immediately and let people decide for themselves, because apparently she knew the funeral was paid for since the day after her son’s tragic murder.

    This poor child never had a chance.

  7. Here’s 12 celebrities who support BLM:

    Kendrick Lamar, Russell Simmons, Kanye West, Jesse Williams, John Legend & Chrissy Teigen, Prince, Matt McGorry, Azealia Banks, Beyonce & Jay Z and Samuel Jackson.

    No problems solved yet, but business has been good! Lots of pocket money go for personnel gain.

  8. Next…..of course……will be the cry that we should get rid of guns and ban them from being possessed. If there were NO guns there would be NO violence and we all will be safe.

    Naturally, those who make this pearl clutching, breathless argument miss out on the fact that the guns in question that are used in these types of horrific crimes are illegally obtained and obtained by people who are breaking the law by just being in the proximity of guns or other felons.

    The result of more gun laws and more restrictions has ZERO effect on the criminals who scoff at all laws anyway. The result is to disarm or make it more difficult for the law abiding citizen to protect themselves, while the criminals will continue to do business as usual.

    As I have stated, often, if you can come up with a plan that assures that criminals will not possess guns and other contraband…..then, I might listen. Maybe. Otherwise….it is just a waste of time and pixels to argue.

  9. Bambam said: If only a fraction–just a fraction–of the determination and strength, exhibited during the Michael Brown protests, went into decrying and condemning these daily and incessant murders committed in black communities, there could be some incredible results. The ugly truth is that black lives really don’t matter to Black Lives Matter pack. No lives matter.

    Ah….but they won’t do this because it would require that the Black community step up and recognize their own responsibility in the society that the allow to flourish in their own communities in the inner cities.

    I’m sure that someone will be along soon to blame it all on events that happened 150 years ago, on the white patriarchy, on the police, on anyone besides themselves. Instead of taking charge and making a difference they would rather fondle the race card and stoke the fires of victimhood.

    There are some concerned and responsible people in the Black inner city communities, usually church members, who are trying to make a difference, but they are small voices in the void of depravity. They are drowned out and subverted by the feel good/do bad Democrat policies that rule the cities. The good people who can….move out and create stable communities elsewhere.

    Indeed, if the BLM movement would turn its focus inward, into their own communities instead of focusing on imagined micro aggressions and things that happened in the past, which cannot be changed and instead focused on changing the future, they would have at least started on a worthy campaign which would, I’m sure, receive the support of many people across all spectrums.

  10. How do you stop 30 tons a month of cocaine shipped from Peru to the U.S.? Question is, how to stop it and gangs from profiting. BLM, AG or Obama …..Any answer? Nope!

  11. Obama learned nothing from LBJ. He is doubling down on LBJ’s failed Viet Nam bombing regimen.

  12. “The pilot in 1 US jet” has been killing no people. With Obama using the Viet Nam micromanaging approach to bombing, the majority of pilots drop no ordinance in their sorties over Syria and Iraq. One of the many feckless examples of our CIC.

  13. Doglover, +1. I see absolutely no difference between anyone joining this so-called “volunteer” military and this apparent killer. “Volunteer” is in quotes because the jobs available in the USA are so awful that it makes the military a more viable option. Banking and finance (parasite) industries are the rare exception.

    The USA admits to killing 66k innocent civilians in the Iraq war (Edward Snowden documents). I believe laws prohibit the USA from admitting the number of innocent civilians we’ve killed in military excursions. It’s reasonable to estimate the actual current number is closer to 1M. Do you think these dead Iraqis deserved death more than this child? How many of them were children, even suckling babies hit by “smart” bomb?

    I am not in any way “served” by persons joining the military. In fact, you serve under scoundrels and murderers and generally make life miserable for earth’s inhabitants. Please kill yourself before you join, better then later after your thousandth sleepless night for the crimes you know you committed while in “service” to your country.

    The killer of this child killed one (that we know of). How many hundreds does the pilot of one US jet kill?

    A War College Instructor said that POTUS can legally kill any number of innocent civilians in a military action.

    As “dumb” as all or most of these gang bangers might appear to be, IMO they see crystal clear that the way of the world is “might makes right.” Their kingdom is one small neighborhood in Chicago, while Obama possesses the planet with aircraft carriers.

    Americans allow Presidents to possess the planet with military excursions while Rome burns at home. They get what they vote for.

    The military officers who “erred” in killing 30 innocent doctors and patients in the ME a few months ago got job transfers, and none were charged w/crimes. The FBI agent who sent hot lead into the head of a woman carrying a baby at Ruby Ridge got promoted. The FBI agent who thwarted another agent who wanted to look at Moussaui’s computer, which would have disclosed 9-11 and thwarted it, also got promoted. Per Jon Krakauer’s book about Pat Tillman, two weeks prior to 9-11 the USA’s highest ranking security officials told Bush that terrorists were about the launch the biggest attack yet. Bush’s reply was to order him to sit down, followed by Bush’s snide remark that Bush hopes the security official feels better now that he got to speak his mind.

    Maybe Chicago should give this gang banger keys to the city of Chicago?

  14. Karen, Former AG Eric Holder & new AG Loretta Lynch are silent. Obama is going out of town for Christmas vacation. The shop is closed. Happy cyber shopping Monday.

  15. Poor child. My heart breaks for him, as well as for the other child killed in retaliation. The gangs can sink no lower.

    What frustrates me beyond measure is that when a white police officer shoots a black suspect, there is international outrage, T-shirts, singing, crying, politicians take a stand, protests, riots, looting…all before it’s even determined if the shooting was justified or not.

    Just think what could be accomplished if that same energy was directed towards breaking the gangs. Those gangs drive out employers, sell drugs, make a worse wreck out of their neighborhood, lure kids into gangs, and are an unrelenting, grinding machine sending young men into jail.

    If you want to fight the murder of black men, women, and children, then you break the gangs. Drive them out.

    Why didn’t the community band together and browbeat this “father” into cooperating? Whether he thought he could get his own vigilante justice or not, his kid should have come first.

  16. November 2015 has been the most civil month I have experienced in over 3 years here @ the Turley blog. Kudos.

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