Study: Dogs Were Domesticated More Than 33,000 Years Ago

220px-Timba+1While it will not sit well with those creationists who reject evolution and believe the Earth is only a few thousand years old, a new study may interest the rest of mankind. The study at the Royal Institute of Technology in Solna, Sweden from that the relationship between man and dog goes back more than 33,000 years ago and appears to have originated in south east Asia. The study shows domestication much earlier than the prior estimate of 10,000 years.

Domesticated dogs migrated from Asia to Europe. Professor Peter Savolainen and colleagues sequenced the genomes of 58 members of the dog family including grey wolves, indigenous dogs from south-east and north-east Asia, village dogs from Nigeria, and a collection of other breeds including the Afghan Hound and Siberian Husky. The greater diversity found in Asia dogs and close overlap with grey wolves confirmed the earlier domestication in Asia. That would put the critical domestication period during the last glacial period, with a peak between 26,500 and 19,000 years ago.

I will now look at my dog Luna with a great deal more respect, though her ancient hunting skills have been reduced to hearing any food hit the kitchen floor.

Here is the study: Cell Research Study

Source: Discovery

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  1. I wonder if JT was around 33,000 years ago to confirm that finding.

    And to hell with evolution & creationism, I just don’t believe in earth.

  2. I really doubt Creation is concerned, being that the wonderful scientists that evolutionists worship have dated native American artifacts as millions of years old. Living animals have dated to be several thousand years old. So this article serves as entertainment value only.

  3. I’m with Olly. Why would my faith preclude my love of science? The Bible was never intended to be a science book. If God did all our discoveries for us, and presented us with inspiration for a book on genetic sequencing, physics, and evolution, the original writers would have been promptly stoned to death and we never would have heard another word about it.

    I love discoveries like this.

    It is ironic that the cradle of domestication for the dog is also one of the least friendly places for dogs in modern times. It’s too bad dogs were not domesticated on the British Isles. One would be hard pressed to find a country more enamored of our canine friends.

  4. Wait a minute.

    What rational bio-entity actually believes this impossible oxymoron:

    “…creationists who reject evolution and believe the Earth is only a few thousand years old,…?”

    “Creationists” believe in Noah, who was prominent during the global flooding caused by warming at the end of the last ice age which is estimated to have occurred between 15 and 20,000 years ago.

    To wit:

    Scientific American

    “…Roughly 20,000 years ago the great ice sheets that buried much of Asia, Europe and North America stopped their creeping advance. Within a few hundred years sea levels in some places had risen by as much as 10 meters—more than if the ice sheet that still covers Greenland were to melt today. This freshwater flood filled the North Atlantic and also shut down the ocean currents that conveyed warmer water from equatorial regions northward. The equatorial heat warmed the precincts of Antarctica in the Southern Hemisphere instead, shrinking the fringing sea ice and changing the circumpolar winds. As a result—and for reasons that remain unexplained—the waters of the Southern Ocean may have begun to release carbon dioxide, enough to raise concentrations in the atmosphere by more than 100 parts per million over millennia—roughly equivalent to the rise in the last 200 years. That CO2 then warmed the globe, melting back the continental ice sheets and ushering in the current climate that enabled humanity to thrive.”

    “…enabled humanity to thrive.” Did ya catch that?

    Say, did anyone notice that Scientific American told a 20K year-old tale of


    It could never happen here, right, Mr. Zappa? Fraud and deceit could never happen here.


    Oh, I get it. This blog article is facetious. Sorry. My bad.

  5. TinEar,

    ‘It’s JT’s blog-he gets to pick the topics and the content….’

    Yes, you are right.’


    Your straw man tactics are quite amusing!

    1. RWL – surely you have already contacted Michael for his climate data? You wouldn’t take it on faith, would you?

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