Magic Carpet Bombing? Poll Shows Surprising Number of People Want To Bomb Agrabah

250px-Robinwilliams_aladdin220px-B-2_spirit_bombingA poll by the Democratic Public Policy Polling outfit found that 30 percent of Republicans support the bombing of Agrabah. The only problem is that agrabah is the fictional home of Aladdin. Of course, few would sympathize with Jafar, Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah (particularly after his horrible conduct in the Cave of Wonders), there are other rather cute cartoon characters in Agrabah who should not be vaporized in the war on terror. Yet, the bombing of Agrabah seems almost tame when candidates are calling for the killing of the families of terrorists or pledging that, if they are allowed to go back in time, they would strangle the baby Hitler.

The poll found 30% of Republicans support bombing the fictional kingdom while only 13% percent were against taking action, 57% were indifferent as to whether Agrabah is turned into a parking lot or left alone.

It is not just Republicans however who appear ready to take the war on terror into fictional settings. Some 19% of Democrats — roughly one in five — want to blow away Agrabah. They answer affirmatively to the simple question “would you support or oppose bombing Agrabah?”

While other candidates and critics have challenged Sen. Ted Cruz over his understanding the meaning of “carpet bombing,” no one could disagree with the effectiveness of magic carpet bombing in a place like Agrabah.

It still remains to be seen if the candidates will now try to outdo themselves on adding other fictional settings to target in the war on terror. Hillary Clinton may want to pledge to wipe out that bed of sexism known as Bedrock while Sanders may want to just target Scrooge McDuck. Someone could pick up votes from the religious right to pledge to flatten that den of witchcraft known as Hogwarts while anti-environmental candidates could target those green do-gooders living in Atlantis.

Indeed, we may have gotten this thing all wrong. Rather than resisting perpetual wars, we could simply require all wars target fictional places. Thus, ISIS could send as many cartoon suicide bombers as they want to level Springfield and those all-Americans in the Simpson family.

Of course, we need to consider the assets of the enemy.  Agrabah does have a protective Genie to deal with in any air campaign . . .

78 thoughts on “Magic Carpet Bombing? Poll Shows Surprising Number of People Want To Bomb Agrabah”

  1. isaac,
    I ABSOLUTELY reject any candidate that has proven to be a liar and Clinton has no peers in that regard. There are only two reasons to vote for her, either you believe she is telling the truth which takes a special brand of gullible or you want our constitutional republic destroyed and replaced with Fabian socialism.

    The one candidate in the field that is certain to be trusted to do what he says is Carson. The one candidate that has been the most consistent in his defense of the constitution is Cruz. So at this point my choice is Cruz.

  2. Olly

    They are all compulsive liars and bought and paid for to boot. The only difference in this corrupt and treasonous system is some are your compulsive and treasonous liars and some are mine. Regardless of whether one looks at it as the lesser of evils or is duped enough to believe the blather, the future is found in progressing onwards, not trying to resurrect a past based on xenophobia and conspiracy theories. Ya pays your money, buys your ticket and picks your side. Mine, using the lesser of the evils formula is Clinton, compulsive liar, bought and paid for, as she is. The alternative(s) are simply too scary and perverse.

    Are you honestly telling me and this blog that you would prefer a Cruz, or a Trump, or a punter like Rubio in the White House, especially when the House is controlled with the biggest group of dysfunctional reprobates in American history? Proud, no, scared, no, disappointed, yes, hopeful, yes.

  3. You must be so proud isaac. Standing in your one ring is a compulsive liar and that is the best you have to offer.

    When are you progressives ever going to learn that the “system” just like guns are not the danger. It’s only when unprincipled people get elected by equally unprincipled and largely ignorant voters that the system becomes corrupt.

    But this is the same old argument we seem to have. I support a constitutional republic and you support a progressive, democratic republic. I believe NO policy is just that violates anyone’s unalienable rights and you don’t. I believe constitutional limits are to be honored and you believe they are to be overcome.

    Given the fact your progressivism is destroying this country, it takes a special form of idiocy to continue to believe more of it will make things better.

  4. Olly

    It is not voter affiliation that is at question but the procedure. This continues to be telling regarding your perspective.

    The US has one of the most, if not the most, perverted political structures of any, so called, democracy. Nowhere elde does money and special interests control the outcome of elections be they Republicans or Democrats elected.

    This is illustrated graphically with the stranglehold the NRA and other special interest groups have over politicians. No where else in Western democracies is a politician elected or owned so lock, stock, and barrel as in the US.

    That is the problem here. The ignorance of voters and the delusion of Americans is the reason for this. Money talks and Money walks.

    The present GOP circus is all the argument one needs. The same is true for the Democrats. However the Democrat circus has one ring where the Republican one is a full three ring circus with midway and barkers 24/7.

  5. HSK,
    Isaac would want everyone to believe identifying voter competency is simply a matter of pointing to ones political affiliation. He’s been sold that bill of goods as anyone that has studied history knows no party has ever cornered the market on voter ignorance. We have more and more people rejecting both the GOP and Democratic parties which is not a sign of ignorance but rather of enlightenment. Both parties own the failures of the progressive ideology and the voters are awakening to just how destructive it is to liberty.

  6. hskiprob

    The concept of democracy was observed as a natural goal of governance thousands of years ago in Greece. Along with that discovery came the realization that certain conditions needed to be in place for it to work. The people doing the voting had to be reasonably intelligent and very well informed. For the times there also had to be a device that could take control in the case of threat from without, or within. The path from the time of Plato to today has been wrought with bloodshed and crimes against humanity but it certainly has not been a failure. Anyone who reads history and can follow along for even a brief moment should be able to understand that.

    The problems of marshaling reasonably intelligent people to vote and that they be well informed is still to be overcome. The best illustration of these yet to be achieved goals can be seen in the GOP circus going on today. For everyone of those fools that want to lead America backwards to some mythical greater time there exists millions of mindless voters. But, hey, we keep on truckin.

  7. Olly, they have not yet figured out why all governments have failed throughout history. Democracy is allegedly the best but it too fails for basically the same reasons. It seems the larger they are the bigger the failure. All one must do is study the failure rates in the 20th century alone, with or course the USSR being the largest. Ironic how the military is the one that takes over 95% of the time when their governments fail and it is often time their military industrial complex and the police state corruption that are most to blame.

  8. J – Paranoia has always been part of the mind set of the war mongers. Of course this is a meme to get folks like you to buy into their racket. You have more than a 98% change of being killed in a traffic accident than by any form of terrorism. They’re using your tax dollars to stuff their pockets and the “boogy man” is going to get you if you don’t play along with the game. Wake us J, War is a Racket and you getting fooled by all the lies and proagnda.

  9. HSK,
    That is a very principled approach and one that is easily defended. Every other approach requires one to defend unnatural ideologies that have proven themselves time and time again throughout history to fail socially, economically and morally. There is no internal peace with their approach and certainly no external peace.

  10. Exactly nyc pics…..we may not speak the language..
    Or know geography off the top of our tongue….but it is totally reasonable given msm education to agree to carpet bomb a ficticious place that sounds like the enemies place. (Except timbucktu could be my backyard). But the bottom line is the dod picks targets. We via our reps declare war. And-Or defend ourselves. I’d say the survey says defend us. Let the dod spell the target.

  11. If I’m asking you to bomb Tinbuktu or East Jabib TODAY and you don’t know where those places are, the context of the news might give rise to a reasonable, albeit incorrect, inference, that those places are associated with ISIS.

  12. The conclusion of this survey is a “wash”…. If it is from an aladdin movie…..then perhaps ppl aren’t aware of that hollywood or disney production. That means they aren’t all bread and circus. Or don’ t let bread and circus trivia occupy their memory cells. That said…if it sounds like a place isis is….damn right carpet bomb it. If we don’t it will be our kid’s necks. They are invoking this war. They want a world wide caliphate. They have said as much. This isn’ t alqeda saying get out of the ME and MYOB. This is much worse. They have killed most all the “innocent” in their path already. So collateral damage is done and gone already. But each day we sit on our hands they get their hands on more innocent. And ya all joke….ha ha your countrymen can’t name the place of some fantasy movie. This all isn’t a joke or time for mockery.

    1. J – let’s face it. Alladin was not that good a Disney flic. It wouldn’t hurt to carpet bomb it. 🙂

  13. Sacre bleu!

    I hope Issac doesn’t suffer any ill effects from Nick’s withering insult. The Holiday Inn Express! Quelle horreur!

  14. Olly, LOL! I think he stayed @ a Holiday Inn Express last night which would qualify him in Canada to dispense medical advice. The other cultists are Super 8 guests, they can’t be doctors yet.

  15. My list seems to have struck a nerve. Let’s just repeat three simple ones and see if it brings on seizures…

    Fema Camps
    Jade Helm
    Women Can’t Get Pregnant From Rape

    Oh hell. I can’t resist a fourth.

    The Pyramids Are Grain Storage Bins.

    Oh hell again. I forgot to mention the one about

    World Government Is Going To Take Away All Our Golfs.

    Dumb people. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. And all Republican dumbness.

    1. Your list got a response. Stereotyping and making broad generalizations is not always the best thing to be doing. For example, one could assume from your username that you are a typical snotty Frenchman, or French wannabe.

  16. Nick confused? Nevah! He’s too busy ‘observing’ and looking up ‘objective’.

  17. And Nick, if you’re confused why this Canadian is dishing out medical advice; it’s what is passing for timely medical evaluations in their wonderful system. You’d be months away from getting a real doctor’s consult so issac is actually following his conditioned “protocol”.

  18. hskip

    May I ask you a question?

    Are you an anti-Semite? I only ask because I don’t much care for instruction from anti-Semites.

    1. L’Observer – No, I’m anti-zionists. I’m against all statists because their dumb. Lol Some think it cleaver to be a statists, but it really falls back to the ethics of voluntarism vs theft. Is it really cleaver to be on the side that legalizes theft because it can be quit beneficial personally but it helps destroy your society. The answer is not if you have any integrity. So it is a choice. Either you can fight against tyranny or you can be a operative for tyranny. With a little experience It is not very difficult to distinguish between those that are ethical and those that are not. It all about justification and I’ve heard all the excuses/lies.

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