The Bolkameister Meisterbolka: Sultan of Brunei Criminalizes Any Celebration or Association of Muslims With Christmas

Chancellor_of_UBD,_Hassanal_BolkiahUnknownIt often seems like some countries like Saudi Arabia are the first to respond to any slight or barrier to Islam in other countries, but routinely deny such accommodations for other religions in their own country. The latest such hypocrisy was shown by the Sultan and Muslim clerics in Brunei after the country criminalized celebrating Christmas. Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah previously was denounced for introducing the medieval Sharia law system to his kingdom. He has now ordered that anyone found illegally celebrating Christmas could face a five year jail sentence. While Bolkiah cuts the same comical figure of Burgermeister Meisterburger, he is not a bit comical for those who reject Islamic extremism.

Even wearing a Santa hat can now put you into jail for five years on Borneo. Non-Muslims can celebrate the holiday but only in their own communities. However, Muslims will be jailed for participating in any way in such celebrations. The Ministry of Religious Affairs explained “These enforcement measures are … intended to control the act of celebrating Christmas excessively and openly, which could damage the aqidah (beliefs) of the Muslim community.” It is interesting that these religious fanatics would view Islam as so fragile that joining in a celebration of another faith would be viewed as such a threat.

The clerics warned that “During Christmas celebrations, Muslims following that religion’s acts – such as using their religious symbols like cross, lighting candles, making Christmas trees and singing religious songs, sending Christmas greetings, using signs praising the religion, putting up decorations or creating sounds and doing anything that amounts to respecting their religion – are against Islamic faith.” They added “Some may think that it is a frivolous matter and should not be brought up as an issue. But as Muslims and as a Zikir Nation, we must keep it (following other religions’ celebrations) away as it could affect our Islamic faith.” Well, most do not consider such acts to be frivolous but signs of tolerance and respect for other religions.

This year, a boycott was launched over the purchase of the famed Beverly Hills hotel by the Sultan who is widely viewed as anti-homosexual and a religious extremist.

Of course, he could always appeal to his citizens in the same way as his Burgermeister counterpart:

It’s a difficult responsibility
That you accept from the number-one lawmaker, me . . .

All the tin soldiers — melt them down
Wash the face of every clown
Each bouncing ball — deflate it
No, I don’t want to debate it!
The ballerinas who pirouette
Arrest their musical toes
Outlaw the dolls and sink the boats!
They bring me only woes!

Source: Telegraph

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  1. I wish someone had checked Zionist-owned Telegraph’s source first.

    Here is another Zionist propaganda Christmas story.

    On December 24, 2015, bi-weekly New American posted an article, entitled, Somalia Bans Christmas Again, Says It’s “Not Relevant” to Islam. The article is penned by Zionist writer Bob Adelmann (Jewish). In the article he claims that country’s so-called Islamic regime in Mogadishu has banned Somali Christians to celebrate Christmas this year. There are about 1,000 Christians in country’s ten million Muslim population. Let’s not forget, Israel found a tiny Somali Jewish clan called Yibbir.

    Adelmann’s information of “Islamic discrimination” against Christian minorities comes from the US-based Open Doors, a propaganda arm of John Birch Society, a Jesuit (Masonic) organization.

    Adelmann says that the ban on Christmas celebration shows that Somali Muslims consider Christianity a threat to their faith.

    “The threat isn’t from terrorists, although Christians have been occasionally targeted in Somalia. The real threat, it seems, is the message of Christmas: the entry of God the Son from eternity into time, bringing the hope of salvation to a lost world.”

    No wonder preaching of Christianity or even gifting a copy of the New Testament to an Israeli Jew is a crime punishable with two years in jail. There are 130,000 Christians living among five million Jews in Israel. Before the illegal creation of the state of Israel in 1948, Christian population in that part of historic Palestine was over two million. They were forced to leave their ancestral homes by the anti-Christ Jewish terrorist gangs.

    In January 2015, the Open Doors released its list of top worst of worst countries for Christians to live. They’re in sequence N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Maldives, Mali, Iran, Yemen, Eritrea, and Syria. In case some readers may not know – all these eleven nations don’t recognize Jewish occupation of Palestine – plus North Korea is not an “Islamic” country. Furthermore, there is no Christian citizen of Saudi Arabia. Foreign Christians who works for Saudi-ARAMCO, live in a huge barbed compound known ‘Saudi Tel Aviv’.

    Anyone, who has listened to the Jesuit Pope Francis, shouldn’t be surprised why Israel didn’t make to top of the list? Because Francis has declared Jewish occupation of Palestine kosher.

    1. rehmat1 – Open Doors is not headquartered in the United States, although it has offices there. It has no affiliation with the Jesuits, Masons or John Birch Society.

  2. This intolerance is typical of the Middle East, and Sharia Law abuses human rights everywhere it is practiced. What is especially tragic, is that intolerance and hatred are ingrained in children from birth, making it very difficult for them to overcome prejudice and anti-semitism as adults. Reformers face jail or execution. I greatly admire those who speak out against this injustice, from within the country, because they take their life into their hands when they do so.

  3. “Lower that oil price and hold it low and lower until these religious extremist regimes made rich by high oil prices are broke and are on the run.”

    Apparently the cost of producing oil there is lower than it is here. So the fear expressed by some in the business community is that the ME producers might maintain high production levels, resulting in lower prices to the point that domestic production cannot survive.

    Low oil prices have the potential to hurt us more than it hurts them.

    It seems they still have the US over a oil barrel. Maybe we should take another look at renewables.

    BTW, we only celebrate the crass, secular, commercial holiday Xmas. Do you think they will let us slide with that or do we have to change?

  4. The Saudis are rotten “allies” and we should disentangle ourselves from them and that other notorious pariah state in the middle east. You know who I mean folks, this time of year it’s hard to forget that strip of sand on the east side of the med

  5. Lower that oil price and hold it low and lower until these religious extremist regimes made rich by high oil prices are broke and are on the run.

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