The Halal Friendly Skies: Rayani Air To Offer Flights On An Islamically Correct Airline

Rayani_AirThis month a new airline will emerge with a curious mission: to be the Halal friendly skies. Rayani Air will be Malaysia;s first “Islamic airline.” That alone is not too surprising. After all, we had Hooters Airline for people with a different transportation need. (Frankly, I would just be delighted if a religious airline declared that God intended passengers to have legroom). No, the surprising thing is the impetus for the airline: conservative Muslims believe that the two Malaysia Airlines recent disasters were punishments from God for not adhering to Islamic values. That’s right. God killed a couple hundred people (including devout Muslim passengers) because the airline was not sufficiently pious.

Now here is the other surprising fact. The founders Ravi Alagendrran and wife Karthiyani Govindan are actually a Hindu Indian couple (They combined Alagendrran and Karthiyani to create “Rayani.”). (It is reminiscent of our earlier discussion of ChristianMingle and its Jewish owners).

We have previously discussed this bizarre notion of God killing people to show his displeasure. It would seem axiomatic that God should be at least as logical and human as those he created. Otherwise, those 11 people killed on Christmas could be claimed to be the same type of message to reform Texas politics or commit to a different set of religious doctrines.

Now Muslims can fly Rayani and have Islamic prayers read before taking off and no prohibited foods or alcohol. Presumably, God will then just down one of those Are Lingus or Lufthansa flights.

Source: IBTimes

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  1. Islam has become incompatible w/ Western culture. We need to partition Iraq, and may need to partition the world.

    1. All we needed, Nick’s insightful nothingnesses!
      But..he may be right…we need to partition the world between him and us.
      Nick, any preference about the island you will be sequestered on?
      Perhaps in Alaska…a melting one…with a pet grizzly bear 🙂

  2. People who believe in religion should be forgiven. Went in dumb, come out dumb too, hustling around Atlanta in alligator shoes. Keeping the Muslims down.

  3. God don’t kill nobody who don’t deserve it. Do not ride on Malaysian airplanes. God spulled backwards is Dog.

  4. As usual, the Christmas spirit has, quite obviously, failed at dampening po’s knack at miserably attempting to confuse all facts by comparing all events and occurrences to one another, regardless of their obvious and blatant differences. He compares a Muslim airline, which proudly promotes itself as being Shariah compliant–where all Muslim and female flight attendants must wear a hijab, where there will be a call to prayer on board the flight, where Islamic law is required to be upheld, where only halal meals will be served, etc.–with a plane–Delta, I believe–which has no religious affiliation, whatsoever, experiencing an episode where a group of extremely Orthodox individuals were uncomfortable sitting next to members of the opposite sex and created a singular and uncommon uproar. Those individuals were roundly condemned for the disturbance and the ensuing delay caused by such behavior. Delta, as opposed to any Islamic airline, has no discriminatory policy based upon religion or nationality. We would be outraged if it did. This airline, on the other hand, deems itself to be a religious airline. I have no problem with that. None, whatsoever. There is a need for an airline that caters to those with demands for halal meals, modestly dressed flight attendants, etc., but the problematic part, however, is in how the religious policies are going to be implemented. Will passengers be allowed to dress as they please, without incurring the wrath of some Islamic code of decency and allowed to remain, onboard, dressed as provocative hussies, wearing those short-sleeved tops and yoga pants? Will all women, past the age of puberty, be required to cover their hair, regardless of their religious beliefs, so as not to offend the religious men on the plane? Will burkas be handed out, along with stale honey roasted peanuts, as one boards? Will passengers be allowed to wear crosses and bring Bibles on board? Will passengers be allowed to sit next to others, who are unrelated and members of the opposite sex, where close proximity is forbidden? Will those of certain faiths or countries of origin be denied passage and refused the opportunity to fly?

    Obviously, not questions for a Delta passenger. Try as he might, po’s feeble attempt at drawing some sort of comparison fails.

    Unfortunately, Santa didn’t bring po the brain he so desperately dreamed of getting. Maybe next Christmas.

    1. bambam the grinch in action…
      why not do us all a favor, why not call the airline and inquire about their policies?
      Rather than assuming the worse and devolving from there (as is your wont), base your criticism on something real …otherwise, you are but islamophobizing (as is your wont.)
      Or are you now suggesting your questions were fair, non-biased, honest questions asked simply to satisfy your intellectual curiosity? 🙂

      And you can’t, on one hand, allow the freedom for an airline to be a religious one yet be ready, on the other, to curtail the expression of their religiosity…eh?

      I would not fly hooter airlines…not would I fly Ultra-orthodox-rabbis airlines, for I know whatever defines them counters my sensitivities. We have the choice after all? Can’t you just choose not to fly that airline? Wouldn’t that be easy enough?

      Finally, what is worse, having a private religious airline with specific religious rules targeted to those who want to fly under that framework, or having people flying a public airline and trying to enforce their discriminatory religious views on everyone else?

  5. bambam asks:
    “”Will infidels/goyim be relegated to their own infidel section of the plane so as not to contaminate the other pure and holy Muslim/Jews or will they even be allowed entrance onto these planes? How will they solve the seating problem, where men and women, unrelated to one another by blood and/or marriage, are not allowed to be in close proximity to one another?””
    Is it kinda like this


    Yeah, I stole that one.



    Yeah, stole that one, too!

  7. Chinggis say Islamic airline ok because US Supreme Court say corporations can now go to church.

  8. BAM BAM Probably the same questions were asked when USA decided whether and how to apply the separate-but-equal policy to black people in the US. Except that muslims are certain of their superiority and will establish flight policies accordingly. If Christians are allowed on board, which is not evident, they would normally be given seats among other Christians and would not be given access to muslim only seats. Sound familiar?

  9. No mention as to whether or not filthy, dirty infidels will be allowed to sully the holy seats with their infidel a$$es. One of just a myriad of questions that JT ignores. Why not mention or discuss the criteria for being given the blessed opportunity to fly with this airline? After all, its conception was a direct reaction to Muslims not being pious enough, so, one of the inevitable questions has got to be–what will make this airline compliant with Allah’s will? Would being seated next to infidels, for example, with whom one is forbidden to associate or become friends and against whom all Muslims are to wage jihad, according to Islam, provoke the anger of Allah? Will infidels be relegated to their own infidel section of the plane so as not to contaminate the other pure and holy Muslims or will they even be allowed entrance onto these planes? How will they solve the seating problem, where men and women, unrelated to one another by blood and/or marriage, are not allowed to be in close proximity to one another? Will the passports of potential passengers first be screened for obviously Jewish-sounding names or stamps indicating past visits to Israel to exclude them from passage? No mention of this new airline should exist without the obvious need to address these issues. Ownership of the airline? That’s what’s important? Who cares who owns the airline–totally irrelevant information, yet thrown in as some detail of importance. Why not delve into what is critical–the manner in which the airline will be operated? That is what is critical–not the religious affiliation of the owners.

  10. Jockeying for position to maintain competitiveness after the Rayani Air announcement, Airbus Group SE, maker of the world’s largest passenger airliner, the A380, is renaming itself “Jeebus Group SE.”

  11. Ryan Air is an extremely successful airline that operates out of Great Britain and links Brits with the places they go to get away, like the Dordogne which was English for hundreds of years. They are cheap and fly often between places like Edinburgh and Bergerac. They undercut prices and service and make money. Is it a coincidence that this airline is named Ryani Air? Singapore, Hong Kong, etc….

  12. I think you can make the religious case the God was angered at the gifts he got for Xmas, hence the deaths in Texas.

  13. Ryani Air policy reflects the separate-but- superior muslim doctrine. Ryanair will probably sue for infringement of their name and logo.

  14. I thought this was the Irish airline. Scared me. But wouldn’t have surprise me considering current events in Europe. Logo is very similar to Ryanair’s

  15. It’s like flying Hobby Lobby airline…dangerous to both your mental and physical health.

    If the owners are Hindu did they ever think that their gods were angry with them for pretending to be Muslims for running a Muslin airline.

  16. I’d rather fly in any plane piloted by Douglas Corrigan on any other airline before I’ll set foot on any Rayani Air flight.

  17. The owners, as Indians, are probably Hindu. Which means they can not safely fly the planes as passengers or crew. The plane will not safely land at anything other than a muslim airport–those are few and far between.

    Meanwhile all humans should avoid any airline owned by some person or company in a third or fourth world country.

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