“Safety Must Be First”: Israeli-Arab and Palestinian Forced Off Flight To Tel Aviv Due To Objections From Israeli Passengers

Boeing_737-33A,_Aegean_Airlines_AN0387722There appears another profiling incident on an airline after an Israeli-Arab and a Palestinian were forced off an Aegean Airlines flight from Athens to Tel Aviv. There was no reason given for the objections to flying with the two men other than their being Muslim or Arab. It is extraordinary that these men would have to deplane rather than those objecting take another flight but the airline insisted “safety must be first.”

The flight was delayed more than 90 minutes after, according to the airline, an “initially small group of passengers very vocally and persistently asked for two other Israeli passengers to be checked for security issues.” Both men has valid documents — one had an Israeli passport and one an Israeli residence permit — and the airline admits that it appeared a case of “racially profiling the customers, indeed their fellow Israelis … safety must be first.”

Notably, the police checked out the men and cleared them but then the rest of the Israeli passengers started to demand their removal: “It started with three or four people and by the end there were 60-70 people standing up, demanding that the pair disembark.”

Notably, the pilot did the right thing and “said anyone who does not feel safe to fly should disembark and would not be compensated. But by that stage, the two men were in a poor state and wanted to leave themselves.”

That is an incredible result that the unruly passengers prevailed. The men has to stay overnight (at the airline’s expense) and take an El Al flight on Monday.

It seems like the pilot and the airline tried to protect these men but the result remains highly disturbing. It is an illustration of the continuing problems faced by Arabs and Muslims in traveling around the world.

Source: Haaretz and the Guardian.

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  1. Oh Nick, you’re so sciocco. Although Aegean Airlines may appear to be a Greek company, everybody knows that the Jews really control everything — except when it’s inconvenient when making certain anti-Semitic arguments.

  2. LOL! This was AEGEAN AIRLINES, A GREEK COMPANY!! EL AL, an ISRAELI AIRLINE, flew the passengers the next day. This post is like an anti-Semitic Rorschach test.

    1. How obtuse can you two be? Really?
      This is not about the airlines, geniuses, it is about the passengers! The airline did not kick them out, the passengers demanded they be kicked out!
      No wonder you two always go against the grain of reaction…you have reading comprehension issues.

      Are you two saying that mob law rules? That any group of passengers can force its demands upon a plane, their fellow passengers and the crew?

  3. Israelis being unfair on their airline is less offensive than tens of millions of Americans getting groped and searched for no reason by a bunch of illiterate scum the TSA. Just imagine how many FEWER Arabs have been abused on El-Al than in the USA. Along with all the rest of us! This garden variety discrimination by Israelis is about the least bad thing I have ever read about them. Now if you want to find stories about them shooting unarmed teenagers or UN observers or dropping bombs on hospitals and stuff like that, you don’t have to look to far. I want to be fair just this once to the Israelis, they must be losing their edge.

  4. JT always seems to get upset when civilization scores a minor victory against the tyranny of Islam. Perhaps JT can at least take delight in the massive rape epidemics in Europe, “thanks” to the increased presence of practitioners of the cult of Islam.

  5. Responding to pernicious, mendacious, thread hijackers and anti-Semites only encourages them. IGNORE!

    1. Right, Nick, you are hereby ignored, you pernicious, mendacious, thread hijacker and anti-semite!!!

  6. Here is the real link http://muftah.org/how-a-new-jersey-teenager-was-railroaded-by-her-school-for-being-pro-palestine/#.Vo26XmSAOkr

    In August, Israeli lawmaker Dichter suggested separate roads/highways for Palestinians and Israelis. An example of apartheid by definition.

    Apartheid is the refusal of justice for an oppressed group. Israeli terrorists bombed the Dawabsheh family home, killing a toddler. And…

    …the Israeli defense minister decided to not only refuse to prosecute the terrorists, but to claim the family ineligible for compensation.

  7. Here it is, karen, an Israeli Jewish girl, a highschooler, is willing to condemn Israeli terrorist acts very clearly and loudly…and since we are no longer a sovereign country and are instead owned by Israel and its apologists, she is being threatened by her school.
    And if you wonder where some Israelis get to decide who flies with them and who doesn’t, all of it is an extension of this.
    Some women are brave.
    Some women…



  8. karen, if I am fabricating your statements and opinions, it should be easy enough to prove.
    Give us one single instance where you condemned Israeli terrorism without excusing and justifying it somehow…usually, as you did here, by creating a fact where there was none.

    Paul, between CAIR and Muslim brotherhood having 6 offices in the white house, and the Mufti convincing Hitler to conduct the holocaust story you keep offering, I am tempted to assume you have a factory…an assembly line of fabricated facts.

    1. po – go back to my original statements about the Grand Mufti. You keep making crap up and then saying I did it. I am with Karen, you make s**t up.

      1. Paul, if I mis-stated your comments, I apologize for it.
        My understanding is that you echoed what Netanyahu said, that Hitler had no intention of killing the Jews but the Mufti convinced him to do just that in order to stop them from moving to Palestine.
        Am I wrong?

  9. Once again, for the record, Po is completely fabricating my opinions and statements.

    1. Karen – if po could not fabricate opinions and statements he would be required to agree with you.

  10. Once again Po has claimed I said something that I didn’t. Which is the pattern. Next he’ll claim I want women and children to die, as per usual.

    1. You already did, karen.
      If you can claim that I don’t condemn islamic extremist, and that therefore I support it, then, logically, rationally, if you do not condemn the murder of women and children…then you condone it!

      Although, to my condemning the massacre of defenseless Palestinian women and children you have specifically said that Palestinians were to blame for shooting rockets at Israel.
      Do you deny it?

      Ah…the dark arts of the dark hearted…when Palestinians are guilty, they are to blame, and when Israelis are guilty, Palestinians are to blame!
      Those subhumans!

  11. Po,
    1. What do you perceive to be a legitimate response to the western nation’s exploitation of the Middle East?
    2. What are the repercussions we (western nations) deserve?
    3. Do you believe it is just to violate the natural rights of innocents as retribution for the violation of natural rights of innocents?

    If your worldview is grounded in natural rights then what context is necessary?

    1. In general, no context is necessary.
      Specifically, a context is always necessary.
      Your original comment was preceded by “”you’ve lost it””, which made the subsequent question a reaction to something I (must) have said.
      Knowing what I have said that rankled you would help me know:
      1- How much of your question to answer
      2- In which direction to stir it so I answer it as best as i can
      3- Whether or not you have misunderstood what I said, in which case I need not go into much detail in my answer.

  12. Po,
    Come on, your a deeper thinker than that. Forget the “lost it” part and answer the questions. They are very straightforward.

    1. Olly, would you please give me the benefit of the doubt, when I ask for clarity, to assume that I am actually seeking clarity, not to avoid answering?
      I always answer questions, I am just stubborn about answering clear (to me) questions.
      In this case, I miss the context. I don’t see where I have stated anywhere, in this thread, that brought about your question.

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