ISIS Fighter Reportedly Executes His Own Mother After She Encouraged Him To Flee With Her

Islamic_State_(IS)_insurgents,_Anbar_Province,_IraqJust when you thought that ISIS could not get more twisted in its perverted use of Islam to excuse rape and murder, it does. The BBC and other media outlets are airing a report that an Islamic State militant, Ali Saqr, 21, carried out a public “execution” of his own mother, Lena al-Qasem, 45, after she asked him to leave the group. The reported execution occurred in Raqqa, according to some activists. ISIS has also announced the execution of the first female journalist for reporting from ISIS territory.

Lena al-Qasem reportedly told her son that the US-led military alliance fighting IS would “wipe out” the group, and tried to convince him to leave the city with her. He told other ISIS fighters and was reportedly then told to execute her. One activist said that she had been missing for a while and that she was suspected of being a spy. The execution if verified offers a chilling example of how religious extremism can supplant even the most instinctual and basic human feelings.

2E45F47500000578-0-image-a-49_1447082473059This atrocity follows a report in November of ISIS killing 200 children.

gallery-preview-650x250The announcement of the execution of outspoken reporter, Ruqia Hassan, is the fifth journalist killed by the radical Islamic group. She was extraordinarily brave. Her last words on Facebook included “When ISIS arrest and kill me it’s ok because…it’s better than [living] in humiliation with ISIS.” When folks lump all Muslims together with ISIS, it is important to remember people like Ruqia Hassan who have risked everything to resist them.

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  1. Such utter nonsense. ISIS is not a “perverted use of Islam to excuse rape and murder” any more than Hamas, Hezbollah, Abdullah Azzam, Abu Sayyaf, Aben-Abyan, al-Aqsa, Al-Badr, al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Sharia, Boko Haram, East Turkestan Liberation Organization, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, or any of the thousands upon thousands of Islamic groups worldwide are. Islam IS Islam,the cult founded by a pedophile and mass murderer.

    So, here’s a primer on Islam for JT and all the other shills and dupes for Islamoterrorism:

  2. Didn’t she see The Force Awakens?

    You can’t just ask your kid to leave the bad guys.

  3. What’s the birth rate in these countries? At the rate they are killing each other, these countries must be baby factories!

  4. Is rape really a “perverted use of Islam,” in the words of Turley… and likely Obama and every other Islam apologist, left and right-wing? In fact, religions are ideologies. Why must all ideologies be peaceful? Were Naziism and Soviet communism peaceful ideologies? “Rape of infidel women is part of Islamic law and Islamic tradition,” notes Carol Brown. “As such, it’s been going on for centuries.” For more on this, see (for example!)

    G. Tod Slone, Ed.
    The American Dissident

  5. For the purpose of dealing with the Islamist ideology today it is essential to stop this propaganda line pushed by western and Islamic state and government officials worldwide that an ISIS soldier cannot be compared to your local muslim storekeeper. While this is obviously true in the literal sense, they all work from the same book and all accept, in their different ways, what the book tells them to do. And what the book says is that western culture, i.e OUR culture, built on the core value of individual rights and freedoms, is corrupt, asserts the wrong values and, simply, has got to go using all means available (hard or soft). Please, Mr Turley, let people come to their own conclusions based on their own experience. The “no amalgum” approach is basically an unthinking one.

  6. What dlet60 said.

    Journalists who publish this information have obviously not gotten the message that the US is no longer demonizing ISIS because the enemy of our enemy (Russia) is our friend and those (ISIS) who are providing stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil to Israel are our friends.

  7. Interesting that your do not report on how the US directly and/or indirectly supports and nurtures ISIS either by air dropping supplies or through the allies of the US in this bloody, hypocritical war that knows no boundaries; Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

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    Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks!

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