Islamic Exorcist Warns That Beautiful Women Are More Likely To Be Possessed By Evil Spirits

Barbara_eden_as_jeannie_1966Mallam Luthfi Jamal-Baba, an Imam and exorcist from Ghana, has warned that beautiful women are more likely to be possessed by evil “jinns” or spirits or genies. It appears that beauty is a jinn magnet.

Jamal-Baba described how Jinn-controlled people must sometimes be tied with ropes or chains. Another exorcist, Mallam Mohammad, believes strongly in caning victims because “[t]he victims, at that moment, do not feel the pain. The jinns are the ones who feel the pain and it is at this moment, together with the Quranic recitation, that they flee.”

The men describe conditions are that easily recognized as classic forms of mental illness but these men beat people to make their inner “jinn” uncomfortable. Getting the “jinn” kicked out of you is hardly a recognized treatment for mental illness, but it all makes sense to Imam Jamal-Baba as the Islamically correct way to deal with such illness.

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  1. When I say “most holy of all,” it isn’t describing a reference to reality or the nonsense of a God as you call it. If God is nonsense, at least do not utter God or write it. Just say, the sky daddy. At least that’s what atheists love to call him but why invoke him if you name him? The nonsense is still there. It’s like this. One atheist doesn’t believe that God exists but will comment on someone’s YouTube comment saying, “But but but Satan doesn’t do magic!” The atheist replies, “But God did tho!” Oh? God did? So you do believe in God? Why mention him at all if he doesn’t exist? It logically doesn’t make sense. An atheist who keeps using the name of God or commenting about God clearly has God on his mind, not atheism.

    When I describe it, it’s the air of attitude. That’s what. When atheists have the ‘holier than thou’ attitude with being ‘smart’, claiming that science can and will trump religion does not equate to actual solid science, which isn’t grounded completely in fact. In fact, our science is growing by leaps and bounds. We do have hard facts in physics, geology, meteorology but we keep encountering things that we keep questioning and wanting to find answers to. Evolution? Not truly fact but a theory that still needs to answer its own questions. If evolution did not have questions but was proven as fact, then it is fact; nonetheless, it still is an ongoing theory.

    We ask the question of immortality and wonder if we can ever reach it. Telomerase is one of our scientific breakthroughs. It is possible with telomerase that we may prolong man’s natural longevity through longer years; it’s still young science that needs to find more verified facts before it can progress to the next stage of scientific advances.

    How about Vasagel? It’s a scientific breakthrough that may help men with their reproductivity by limiting children, or enjoying the benefits of sex without any incredible side effects, such as impotence, lack of virility, loss of sex drive, etc. and so on. It’s still young science but they’ve made major inroads in finding ways to make Vasagel easy to digest. Mass production of Vasagel would come soon in 2017 if they would figure out the question of “Where are the sperm going, if one’s taking Vasagel? What are the implications of blank sperm if Vasagel inhibits reproductivity?”

    Referring to Linn Chainey’s attitude about the pope, pedophile priests, he’s right but his air of ‘holier than thou’ attitude seemed like he’s trying to come off as being more ‘pious’ in a way that makes him so much better than anyone else. This is how I got around to mentioning atheist leaders and people, promoting it, doing very very bad things.

    Religion is not the entire cause of the world’s problems. The cause of the world’s problems lie in Humanity. That’s the problem. That’s what I think.

    Faith is the justification of belief, or to believe. That’s what faith is. While faith is required by belief to exercise religious piety among one’s congregants, it isn’t open faith neither is it easily seen. It’s known as blind faith. Even if one could not see God himself, prayed to God himself, and believed in God himself, he’s blindly trusting in God on faith alone.

    You could say a man could put faith into his own talents, skills, or abilities going with the wind. He may not know the true fate of his own future but he is willing to bet himself on his talents, skills, or abilities. He doesn’t have faith on religion but himself. He’s blindly believing that he can get somewhere even though he knows next to nothing of his own future but the present course he’s on.

    If I come off as rude, I may have felt a bit aggravated or nerved somewhat in the beginning but do realize that I do have a lot of atheists, who are emotional and high-strung, coming straight at me. It’s from previous experience. You seem like the sort of person who isn’t too emotional but high-strung, but could carry a conversation.

  2. Most holy of all? That is a religious description that has no referent in reality just like the nonosense of a God. Religious animosity among religions is a logical extension of the notion that one religion is more true than another. The common denominator of fatih is the justification used although it is not a means of acquiring knowledge, only a way to imagine.

  3. Good looks have nothing to do with “evil”. An “evil spirit” is really a “holy spirit” contrived by some Pope or pedophile priest.

    1. Nice try, Linn.

      An “evil spirit” isn’t really connected to just the religious. An “evil spirit” is one that welcomes and will do evil.

      Let’s consider the “evil spirits” who promoted atheism:

      Leon Trotsky: A Marxist at heart, he never had religion in his life despite being born to wealthy Jewish parents in Ukraine. When he became one of the leaders helping Novaya Russia with Lenin and Stalin, Trotsky massacred the city of Moscow by releasing the prisoners out into the city. He asked for more power, more control over the “criminals” that had supposedly been let loose. He decidedly gained more power and continued to massacre more civilians. There was a video about this. It was until later that Stalin grew into the bigger picture, prompting Trotsky to flee. He was assassinated by KGB agents in Mexico.

      Iosef Stalin: He was connected to religion, having attended a seminary to become a priest. He rejected all the teachings within the seminary and later became one of the leaders who exacted the Great Purge; many Russians were killed because of Stalin, who was Georgian, not Russian, by the way. I think that the Russian-Georgian conflict in Ossetia was prompted by anger from the Russians when they discovered that the Chekist files said that Stalin was Georgian, not Russian. He also orchestrated Holodomor, a holocaust of proportions against the Ukrainian populace; Holodomor caused food to be taken by Communist authorities, leaving many men, women, and children starving then dying of hunger or malnutrition. He continued to endorse atheism in schools and ordered the crushings of the Russian Orthodox Church, killed 10,000 nuns and priests just for being religious.

      Than We: this guy isn’t religious. He leads Myanmar-Burma at 77 years of age. He allowed his people to continue to suffer while he leads a very extremely extravagant lifestyle. When Cyclone Nargis hit, he refused entry into his own country foreign aid organizations seeking to help improve the lives of his own citizens!

      Kim Jong-Il: He was the leader of North Korea. He managed to put North Korea into a collapsing economy. He punished his own people for stealing in famine-struck regions, or crossing the borders by public execution. He also managed to create “re-education camps” where dissidents were sent there for the rest of their lives, continuing into the 4th generation. They were imprisoned, beaten, raped, and watched by the guards. Being 2nd, and 3rd sucked. The 4th was released on account of being re-educated.

      Jeffrey Dahmer: He killed at least 17 men and boys before dismembering them, then eating them. “if a person doesn’t think that there is a God to be accountable to, then what’s the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges?”, Dahmer quoted once. He continued to be a serial killer until he was caught. After he was convicted, he expressed remorse for his crimes.

      Jim Jones: He managed to create a very communist conclave through a church called “The Temple”. In 1978, 909 people died under what was called “revolutionary suicide” under his command. The reason for these men, women, or children taking cyanide was because Jones perceived the American delegation that arrived were seeking to conspire against his communist conclave’s rule.

      Benito Mussolini: He was an openly declared atheist. In 1935, he invaded Ethiopia using poison gas, bombing Red Cross hospitals, and erected concentration camps to kill “inferior cultures”. He ordered the death of “witch-doctors” and endorsed public executions of prisoners, who had no trial. He even allowed his Italian army to invade Yugoslavia, committing genocide by doing public executions, taking hostages, and burning down buildings. Despite the fact he was atheist, he tried to side Fascism with the Catholic Church. His widow, refusing others to believe that Mussolini was a changed man, said that he’s still staunchly atheist.

      Mao Zedong: He led the way to building a strong China. However, Zedong’s programs failed altogether under his rule. His “Great Leap Forward” caused a catastrophic and massive famine; the “Cultural Revolution” was the biggest vandalism ever done by Zedong, which destroyed all of the antiquities, historical sites, artefacts, clothes, ancient documents, feng shui traditions, Chinese traditional clothes, and monasteries because they were the part of “old way thinking”. While Red Guard groups destroyed political or educational stability, Mao continued a live of excess and deviancy privately. He also exacted revenge on those who opposed him, mainly the intellectuals and professionals. Five million were executed in death camps. 36 million were persecuted and tortured. And not once about Mao’s religion at all!

      Pol Pot: His regime achieved special notoriety by singling out all intellectuals, and other “bourgeois enemies”, for murder. The Khmer Rouge committed mass executions in sites known as the Killing Fields, and the executed were buried in mass graves. In order to save ammunition, executions were often carried out using hammers, axe handles, spades or sharpened bamboo sticks. His attempts to “cleanse” the country resulted in the deaths of 1.7 to 2.5 million people. He also had an intense dislike of anyone with the semblance of being intelligent, such as those who wore glasses or who spoke another language.

      And people, who don’t believe religously, can and will do evil. Just because atheists declare they’re the “smartest” of the bunch doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most holy of all.

      Consider the shooter, who went into the Oregon State university to find victims. “Are you a Christian?” “Yes” *gunshot* “Are you a Christian?” “Yes.” *gunshot*….

  4. Or maybe women just go mad because of the repressive regime that has rendered them powerless victims.

    Jamal-Baba sounds like a man who either had no luck wooing the woman of his dreams, or someone who struggles with his attraction to females. These are the same idiots who outlaw bras for women as immodest in some of these African Islamic regimes. In Somalia, women are whipped by strangers for wearing bras.

    Some very evil things are being done globally under the guise of Islamic extremism, condoned and participated in by theocratic governments. I dearly hope Muslims reform from within and put a stop to the violence and madness, and I especially hope that one day Muslim women achieve equality, safety, and self determination. It’s a terrible conundrum. Moderate Muslims escape extremism and emigrate, because opposing such regimes can be fatal, and yet when moderates move away, that strengthens the hold of extremism in the region.

  5. Considering that most men who rise to power, have what is considered a preferred “look” or appearance, there may be some truth in the perception that desirable appearance leads to pernicious sinister behavior.

  6. I Dream of Jeannie was a favorite off all boys my age. We liked to watch it alone w/ no one home.

  7. My first great love, a woman that I lived with and with whom I was intoxicated for six months, followed by a year and a half of yo-yoing, was surely possessed by these jinns.

  8. Based on my experience when I was single, I would certainly not say all, but I could agree with more likely.

  9. Beautiful women are most likey to be a pain in the a** due to the fact that they’ve been treated as ‘special’ for their entire lives. “Possessed by evil spirits” is in the eye of the beholder….obviously.

  10. Have you ever seen these beasts, uh, I mean, women, from some of these African hellholes? If Jinns are attracted by beauty, and those same Jinns need to be beaten, I’d say that the majority of these women are quite safe. Not a Jinn in sight, for miles.

  11. The subreddit now has actresses’ faces. It used to have faces of real people from different parts of the globe. Real women who had natural faces from the USA, UK, and other places. Now, they’re replacing it with actresses… Oh well…

    Hollywood is overrated but I know there are real women in rural/urban areas that are really pretty in a natural face. I even have one woman working with me that has it. Any Imam that canes her is going to get a fist to his face and caned 24/7 to compel the living Islam out of him.

  12. What else do we need to know about a religion whose prophet, as stated in the Qu’ran, married a 6 year old, and had intimate relations with her when she was 9 years old? Game, set, match. By the way, the Crusades, were a self-defense response to Islamic invasions of Christian Europe for several centuries. You dig? Our western civilization is ahistorical to the point of collective suicide. Over and out.

  13. Why am I not surprised?

    I used to go to this subreddit on It was called r/naturalfaces. Do you know why the moderator suspended the subreddit? It was in response to honor killings.

    Now, it seems they opened the subreddit again. Now, if they heard of the news in regards to beauty being attacked by Islamic Imams as being correlated to “jinn spirits”, I’m sure they’ll shut down that subreddit in defense of beauty against Islam, if the moderator ever felt so compelled.

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