Saudi Prince Sued After Trashing Los Angeles Mansion In Alleged Drug-Laden, Destructive Party

3281A04F00000578-0-image-a-25_1458778105142We have previously discussed the anomaly of the House of Saud executing people in Saudi Arabia under its draconian Sharia laws while Saudi royalty is seen in booze and drug saturated scandals in Western countries. The latest is Prince Aziz al Saud, 29, who allegedly hosted a wild party at a rented Los Angeles mansion with naked female dancers and copious amounts of drugs. He is now being sued for $300,000 by the owner for lost rent after the damage to the mansion was repaired.

While the contract limited parties to no more than 150 guests, the prince reportedly had over 800 guests who proceeded to trash the 10-bedroom mansion.

He was renting the 16,000 foot mansion for $100,000-a-month.

While the prince promised to pay for the repairs, he reneged on the promise. Saudi Princes and Princesses have developed an appalling reputation for running out on bills. What is particularly striking is that Saudi Arabia flogs and even executes people for drug violations as well as other Islamic offenses. Yet, there are rarely questioned raised, let alone punishment imposed, for Saudi Arabian princes and princesses who engage in gross drug-infused lifestyles in the West.

21 thoughts on “Saudi Prince Sued After Trashing Los Angeles Mansion In Alleged Drug-Laden, Destructive Party”

  1. We don’t need the Saudis anymore. Why are we still so buddy-buddy with them?

  2. No worries, the Bush family will fly him and his whole gang out of the country…….On our dime.

  3. I am as egalitarian as they come, but boy are many prominent people of Islam just trashing any association a person may have with the faith as a religion.
    I deal with people as they come, but many other people are far more practical than I am, and when people who purport to be Muslims do shiite like this, right on the backend of another record breaking Islamically inspired terrorist attack.

    Unlike the Jews who have historically been the brunt of prejudice and pogroms just for being Jews minding their own business, these they are earning that animosity for all Muslims.

    It is no wonder that Donald Trump is having it easy with his anti Muslim rhetoric.

  4. Saudi Saudi bo baudi
    Banana fanna fo faudi
    Fee fi mo moudi

    If the first two letters are ever the same.
    Ya drop them both and say the name ..
    Like Bob, Fob friggin Saudi Rob
    Or Red, Fred friggin F so Red.
    Or Mary Mary, is porking Larry..
    Thats the only rule that is contrary!

  5. I guess the idea is that debauchery doesn’t violate Muslim ideals, as long as it is carried out in some other country ……

  6. The Prince is a Saudi.
    His wife is a slut.
    They live in large houses and pork when in huts.

    Stop at the border and cleanse with some spray.
    You cannot stop disorder or keep them away.

    A Prince is a Prince. A queen is a bean.
    A Saudi eats dog poop and calls it a day.

  7. Had to deal w/ a sh!tfaced Middle Eastern man on St. Pat’s Day. He was obnoxiously drunk, regaled in St. Pat’s garb. I later learned he is Muslim.

    A nurse I know travels the Middle East and Africa doing rescue work. A great heart and soul and very down to earth. I learned from her that the way many Muslim men make sure they marry a virgin is by only having anal sex w/ their fiance. They employ the Bubba Clinton parsing of “sex.”

  8. @ Carlyle

    Maybe it really is George Zimmermann. He could have borrowed the identity of a Saudi prince, rented a mansion and thrown a big party with booze and dancing girls. After what poor George has been through, who could blame him?

  9. First of all, anyone with common sense knows that you should not rent anything to a Muslim, unless you are asking for trouble. Two, if you insist on renting to a Muslim and asking for trouble, you should at least demand a security deposit necessary to rebuilt the property 3 times over. If the Muslim walks, then good, you have saved yourself a lot of trouble. If he pays, then at least you’ll be compensated for your trouble. I realize that this particular Islamic Scumbag (if you pardon my redundancy) is renting in California, which limits security deposits to no more than one month’s rent, but the easy way around that is to jack up the monthly rent sufficient to cover 3 times the value of rebuilding the property.

  10. Under his laws aren’t we suppose to cut something off, something small it doesn’t have to be big?

  11. And these “princes” claim that westerners are debauched! The USA should boycott Saudi Arabia until it stops funding terrorism and ends the reign of terror by ISIS Al Queda and the other entities it has funded. First, the boycott would stop princes from traveling to the US and end their flagrant flaunting of our laws. It’s time to tell them to remain in the hell hole they have created!

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