After Destroying Free Speech and The Free Press In Turkey, Erdogan Moves To Punish Those Who Criticize Him Abroad

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 7.07.33 PMThe United States continues to give overwhelming support to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he continues his expansion of authoritarian power, the dismantling of secular government in favor of Islamic rule, and the destruction of free speech and the free press in the country. Now Erdogan’s insatiable appetite for censorship and sanctions of critics has extended to outside of Turkey where he is demanding that critics be silenced. Not only has his thuggish security details been criticized for roughing up protesters in Europe and the United States, but Turkey is demanding action from governments against his critics.

Erdogan’s ire was recently directed against a satirical music video on German television, which the Turkish government demanded should be “removed from the air.” It appears that the Turkish government has lost any notion of free speech and was mystified how anyone could be allowed to air a critical piece against Erdogan . . . even on German television.

Not surprisingly, the German government rejected the demand.

Here is the video:

The video is a parody of a 1980s song by the German pop star Nena, “Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann,” (“Anyway, Anywhere, Anytime”) which is changed to “Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan.” The facts that it reports however are not satirical but actual. The video details Erdogan crackdown on democracy and basic freedoms as well as his infamous intolerance for any criticism.

The only good thing is that the Turkish effort to force Germany to censor the video has lead to an overwhelming desire to see it. In the 24 hours after the Turkish demand, the video was viewed nearly three million times more on YouTube, including more than a quarter of a million views of the new Turkish version.

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  1. I knew some of you clowns would get around to ‘Obama, the ruthless dictator’…

    I KNEW it…

  2. Riesling – Turkey used to be a cosmopolitan tourist destination. Sure, the prisons were like a death sentence where they break big rocks into little rocks, but it was a chic place to visit.

    Sadly, it’s sliding down the same authoritarian extremist hole as the rest of the ME.

  3. The US badly wants to maintain its strategic, meagre few bases in the hostile ME. So much so, it turns a blind eye to Turkey and UAEs abuses of human rights. It’s a Machiavellian deal, which is why I would be no good in politics or government.

  4. Riesling funny you mention germany education. One of the only noble things eric holder did was not send that german homeschool refugee family back to germany. Where the six or so kids would have lost their family to be forced into public education. Indeed germany has prohibited germans from leaving the country to have their kids educated elsewhere….because as ethnic germans they deserve a german education. I think the german supreme court said something like….multiculturalism ….won’t work. Apparently merkel never got the opinion.

  5. Olly agree….yet at the same time our lame street media has been devoid of endogram stories… just get it here from turley. So there is no comparison by the masses of at least we are more free. And him going after foreigners in their home countries that could be real. Idk. We have a federal statute that gives foreigners ultra standing in our court for torts. Including negligence….so if causing him harm in his national capacity…we no idea on breach or duty, and therein could be a rub. Why aren’t our media all over it? What or who is holding them back? I note the executive department deleted hollands words in french too….as to “islamic terrorists”. Point being…you are right we are free by comparison….problem is no one is comparing. Because the media is blocked? Idk. What i do know we spent billions of dollars and american’s lives to spread “democracy” since the wall fell. And now those soldiers and taxpayers are seeing for the first time in their lifetimes….the reality of superdelegates and open conventions. Wondering if that’s what they’ve been fighting or paying for. Regime change is easy if your the regime. ….who who who begs the question. Alas. That was one of tim russerts final interviews.

  6. Lots of Turks I know that live in Germany would love to go back home for longer than just a family visit. The weather there is better, they miss the food- especially friuts and veg- and they’ve gained a good education and skills in Germany that Turkey could use. But things are getting bad. My newspaper agent said she can’t go back anymore because she gets so sad and is afraid she’ll have to wear a headscarf.

  7. This parody is hilarious! Finally the German tax payers get something for their money! But, don’t forget, as innocent as the German government may want to portray themselves- NDR is state-run television and what they say is approved by the government. I

  8. This is Obama’s guy. A couple days ago, Jake Tapper ripped Obama a new one for having the temerity to lecture the press for not doing their job and asking Trump tough questions. Tapper pointed out Obama has been worse than Nixon in going after reporters for merely doing their job. Tapper is one of the few in the MSM who calls Obama on his hypocrisy.

  9. Our government needs to ensure that at all times there are regimes in the world more at odds with the liberty and freedoms we “currently” hold sacred. As long as we can declare “at least our government isn’t as tyrannical as the Turkey’s of the world” then our people will continue to support them. At one time in our nation’s history Life, liberty and property were objectively tied to the principle of unalienability; that no government had the right to infringe upon those natural rights. Now most people view these rights as granted from our government, and as long as our government is perceived as securing these “better” than anywhere else on the planet then we should feel blessed to live in America.

  10. Folks on blog. Just remember one aspect of all of this. We need dictators to run the territories in the middle east. He is an arrogant fellow but not bad like Hitler or Castro.

  11. I would not criticize Erdogan by calling him “a broad”. I heard that he might be gay and plays the lady role when in bed with “The Flue”. “The Flue” is what he calls his sweetheart. This is all according to web-gossiip coming out of turkey. It mostly comes out the rear end of Turkey. That is where Erdogan goes in. Oh. My wordage is lame this morning.

  12. How do we get in bed with these Dictators that have the total opposite goal in mind than freedom and then the people of Turkey hate us for supporting Dictators who deny freedom to their people. Is our only reasoning because they are not a bad as someone else might be? Yep that sounds about right, no different than a Union election.

  13. It’s known as the Streisand effect. 😉

    Perhaps the Diktat Erdogan should take a seat and examine what the Streisand Effect truly is?

    Oh, and Diktat Erdogan, pppphhhhlllllbbbbbb on your Turkiye! There’s not enough baste and batter to get it cookin’ ready for Thanksgiving! I am not going to use your Turkic recipe ever!

  14. Such men are inherently weak..and such men will be an asterisk in history–Erdogan could have been just as consequential as Ataturk–but he chose to be like all the loser Sultans that he aspires to.

  15. In my broken German, I wrote a song for you, Mr. Erdogan.

    (from Hundert Mann sung by Heidi Brühl)

    Tyrann Mann

    Irgendwo im fremden Land
    ziehen wir durch Stein und Sand.
    Fern von presse und sprechen frei,
    tyrann Mann, er regiert Türkei.

    Tyrann Mann, und ein Befehl
    und ein Weg, den keiner will.
    Tag ein, tag aus,
    wer weiß wohin.
    Verbranntes Buch,
    und das ist Sünde!

    Ganz allein in neblig Nacht
    hast du oft daran gedacht
    dass weit von hier der Freiheit scheint
    und weit von mir eine Kurdin weint.

    Und mein Welt ist doch so schön,
    niemals ich dich noch einmal sehn.
    Nun trennt uns schon ein langes Jahr,
    weil mein Befehl dein Schicksal war.

    Wahllos schlägt der kritik zu,
    heute ich und morgen Du.
    Sie hör’ von fern die Freiheit schrein
    im Morgenrot. Überall wird es sein.

    Irgendwo im fremden Land
    ziehen wir durch Stein und Sand.
    Fern von presse und sprechen frei,
    tyrann Mann, er regiert Türkei.

    The original lyrics

    (perhaps a native German speaker can write a better translation)

  16. Fear maker people do what Erdogan is doing. The Devil who impersonates angelic being is fearful of his own end. That being is in Erdogan. That being is in all Quran followers.

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