Knesset Member Calls For Segregated Israeli Hospitals

300px-Being_a_twin_means_you_always_have_a_pillow_or_blanket_handyKnesset member Bezalel Smotrich of the Jewish Home party is calling for the segregation of Arab and Jewish mothers in maternity wards in Israeli hospitals. He insists that Israeli mothers should not have to have their babies next to Muslim babies “who might want to murder” them in 20 years. Media reported that Shaare Tsedek and Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv’s Ichilov and the Meir hospital in Kfar Saba were all segregating patients.

Smotrich said “My wife is truly no racist, but after giving birth she wants to rest rather than have a hafla [a celebratory feast often accompanied by music and dancing] like the Arabs have after their births. It’s natural that my wife wouldn’t want to lie in bed next to a woman who just gave birth to a baby who might want to murder her baby 20 years from now.”

When confronted later by a radio interviewer, Smotrich doubled down and said “Arabs are my enemies and that’s why I don’t enjoy being next to them.”

The suggestion of a type of separate but equal doctrine for babies is disturbing on a variety of levels. Extremists on both sides seem intent on reinforcing barriers to prevent interactions between groups. Such segregation only serves to polarize the population but play to extremist parties.

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  1. Nick Spinelli
    1, April 10, 2016 at 7:03 pm
    I detect liars for a living.
    Yep, takes one to know one!

  2. Ralph, There are some people, particularly dissemblers, that it is best to avoid if you can. I detect liars for a living. So, in my spare time, I try to avoid them. But, to each their own.

  3. Just individuals thinking for themselves. That’s good!
    Never thought I would ever say this, but if you are thinking for yourself, Sandi, then please don’t! it is doing more harm than good.
    What you don’t know is so much more than you do, and what you do is wrong 🙂
    Now, if you wanna do this, let’s do it one point at a time.
    Make one assertion, base it on a historical scholarly source and let’s discuss that….and we go from there.

    1. po – without question, on matters concerning Muslims and the Koran, you are a psuedo-intellectual.

      1. Paul, as long as I am not a pseudo-intellectual, I am okay.

        Are you saying you know more about Muslims and the quran?

        Speaking of pseudo-intellectual, are you about to take my challenge to a debate?
        Or offer definitive source for the Grand mufti?

        1. po – it is clear that you do not know enough about the Grand Mufti of Palestine to debate.

              1. I understand, Paul, why would you take a challenge you know you would lose?
                I don’t blame you at all!

  4. Po, yes I have gone to school, including college. I have heard/read many sources on “kill the infidels” quoted as being in the Koran, no, I have not read it. Yes, Palestinians, in fact lots of different peoples, lived with the Jews. The Palestinians have been given so much money (siphoned off by Arafat) from America. These dollars were intended to aid them in building schools, hospitals, etc. I know the lines drawn after WWII were a grave mistake. Churchill, et al, did not understand tribal differences. There’s an interesting book about meetings in Egypt where Mr. Lawrence tried futilely to explain the nature of tribal life. The title escapes me. Cutting heads off people because they are Christian is barbaric. Digging tunnels toward Israel to attack them only hurts the Palestinans. Israel is there to stay. The constant hostilities toward Israel accomplish nothing. Israel is recognized by a large plurality of countries throughout the world. I would think Palestinians are sick of the destruction and loss of life. I have never heard/read that Muslims were brought here as slaves. I do know thousands of students were given visas to attend schools. They did not and are here illegally. They should be found and deported. No more student visas should be given unless their country accepts Israel’s right to exist.
    Just because people don’t agree with you does not make them stupid or uninformed. Just individuals thinking for themselves. That’s good!

  5. bam bam
    1, April 10, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    As usual, you spew your hate for Israel and the Jewish people. What else is new? What that one individual said about his wife pales–PALES–in comparison to what your holy and sacred rag, the Koran, and your other despicable religious texts declare about the treatment to be exacted on Jews and Christians.
    Bambam, imagine me coming home from a morning spent with my Abrahamic brothers and sisters, Jews and Christians, cooking food and serving it to the homeless, only to find such despicable comment!
    Thank God that the Jewish people I spent the morning with, some of whom are Israelis, unlike you are decent, caring individuals, true people of G d.
    Thank G d also you do not represent the Jewish people though you represent a hateful small part of it, just like ISIS represents only a hateful small part of Muslims:)
    Would you join us to do something good for the world or will you keep spewing hatred, venom and division?
    Your service event is almost here!

    Dear Po,

    Thank you for registering to serve the homeless and hungry of …

    Date: Sunday, April 10
    Time: 9:30 AM–2:00 PM
    Location: Congregation Beth Israel

    DRESS CODE : Casual. For safety and hygiene, the following dress is recommended:

    No tanktops or sleeveless tops
    No shorts
    No open-toed shoes
    Hair touching one’s shoulders should be pulled back or covered by hat, scarf or hairnet.
    Jeans are fine.

    Volunteers will enjoy a tasty kosher and halal dinner together after service. To contribute toward the cost of food to be served to both guests and volunteers, please donate directly to your sponsoring congregation: Congregation Beth Israel, Beach Church or Islamic Society of …
    Please arrive a few minutes early so we can begin on time.

    We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
    Peace, shalom and salaam,

    Rod Cardoza
    Executive Director
    Abrahamic Alliance International

  6. The Jewish people are indigenous to Israel as our native Americans. Except that native Americans don’t teach hate to their children, chop heads of small children off, kill because their religion tells them to, live by the Koran. The Koran religion leaves Muslims no ability to improve their lives and relationships.“”

    1-Sandi, where do you get your facts? Not fox news I hope? Israelis are native of Israel but Palestinians aren’t? Did you go to school…ever?
    2- Sandi, what is the koran religion?
    3- Sandi, please offer a source for your comments on the koran.
    If you can prove your statements, I’ll apostate right now.

  7. Sandi, do you still live at 10 Elm street?
    You better leave your house for a while, the koran has a chapter in it with your name on it and specific instructions as to how to take you out, and I suspect the Muslims plants in this country, some of whom came as slaves, all let themselves be caught and enslaved just so they can get here and prepare the terrain for when you reach whatever age you age now so the hit that the muslim god put on you be executed.
    Run, Sandi, run!

  8. Po and others: Imagine the native Americans, after all the time the “white man” has been here, behaving as Muslims do toward Israel. The Jewish people are indigenous to Israel as our native Americans. Except that native Americans don’t teach hate to their children, chop heads of small children off, kill because their religion tells them to, live by the Koran. The Koran religion leaves Muslims no ability to improve their lives and relationships. Their religion never left the dark ages. We assume freedom, liberty, and all rights guaranteed by our Constitution. I don’t know if Israelis have the same freedoms, but certainly many more than Muslims. Imagine being born and taught to hate; then deciding this isn’t how you want to live. Your fellow Muslims will want to kill you, do I want to live among these people? No!

    As long as all newborns and their mothers receive the same care, is where their bed is so terribly important? It isn’t just preference, but fear. And do you blame them? I keep hearing about the peaceful Muslims in the U.S. Where are they? Why do they not speak out against what radical Muslims are doing? Fear of retaliation? How many are just waiting for their opportunity; as 9/11 hijackers/killers and San Bernardo killers did? When will the next horror happen? Israelis feel this every day. If a radical Muslim attack happened her several times a month, we’d all be armed and ready. Because our current President has his head in the sand! But millions of us are aware and would not allow this.

  9. po

    As usual, you spew your hate for Israel and the Jewish people. What else is new? What that one individual said about his wife pales–PALES–in comparison to what your holy and sacred rag, the Koran, and your other despicable religious texts declare about the treatment to be exacted on Jews and Christians. Go try practicing your taqquiya somewhere else. Ralph’s got your number. Precisely. The man in Israel, which you describe, didn’t call for anyone’s death. He didn’t call for anyone’s forced conversion. He didn’t call for the Palestinian mothers to be forced from the hospital. He wanted his wife to be comfortable and not have to be in the company of others, who are running like mad dogs, through the streets of Israel, and wildly stabbing anyone in their sights. It’s a daily occurrence in Israel, where your fellow rabid Muslims wildly slash and stab strangers in the streets. A daily occurrence. You also fail to mention that Israel has a law which violates any sort of discrimination in medical treatment, but, of course, that’s what I expect from such a lying and duplicitous piece of work, such as you. Compare what this one individual said about his wife, who, by the way, has been roundly condemned by Israeli media, to what is preached by your venerable imams, on a daily basis, on the internet and in every mosque. Compare this to what your fellow Muslims write in their papers everyday. You may not agree with what this man has to say, but it in no way compares with what Islam, itself, preaches regarding infidels and the treatment that they deserve. The world is on fire, and it isn’t because some guy in Israel doesn’t want his wife around Palestinians when she gives birth. Save some of that righteous indignation for your own people and the vile precepts that they follow. Condemn them for following the orders of your precious Mohammed. Oh, yeah, you can’t, even if you wanted to do so. They’d murder you in a heartbeat.

  10. Ralph, is islamofascist the same as Judeo-Nazis?

    Many think that Smotrich is the very personification of the kind of Jewish extremism that thrives and flourishes on the hills of Judea and Samaria. He is the fulfillment of what philosopher and professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz raged about prophetically in 1982, when he warned against the rise of a new race of “Judeo-Nazis.” The problem is that in the past, people like Smotrich had to hide and keep their opinions to themselves. Now, however, they feel confident enough to express their opinions loud and proud. They can even serve as legislators in the Israeli Knesset.

    Bambam, this is for you:
    As if it couldn’t get even more chaotic, on April 5, the most right-wing member of Knesset, a settler named Bezalel Smotrich (HaBayit HaYehudi), popped up with the assertion that he understands Jewish women giving birth who refuse to be in the same hospital room as Arab mothers. Smotrich wasn’t referring to Palestinian women either. He was talking about Israeli Arab women who are citizens with equal rights [supposedly] in the Jewish state. Smotrich’s wife, Revital, who was interviewed immediately after him by the Army Radio, said that during each of her five births, she refused to be treated by Arab obstetricians, because “the moment that the infant enters the world is sacred and pure. It is a Jewish moment, and I would be very happy if Jewish hands were the first to touch my child.”

    A veritable world war erupted in the media following those remarks. Once again, liberal Israelis found themselves confronted with a new wave of despicable racism and xenophobia of the worst kind. “There has been a 100-year war here between Arabs and Jews,” Smotrich tweeted. “I think it is natural that my wife would not want to lie [in the hospital] next to another woman who just gave birth to a baby that in 20 years might want to murder my wife’s baby.”

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