WiFatwa: Islamic Regulators In Dubai Issue Fatwa Against Using Neighbor’s WiFi

200px-Wifi_logoThou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s WiFi. Dubai’s Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department has issue a fatwa or religious edict that using WiFi from your neighbor without permission is unIslamic. The common practice is a sinful act of stealing according to the Islamic experts, even if the neighbor has not locked out other users.

The Department explained that “There is nothing wrong in using the line if your neighbors allow you to do so, but if they’d don’t allow you, you may not use it.”

It is not clear what the penalty will be for WiFi used under the medieval Sharia religious law system used in Muslim countries.

In ISIS areas, the penalty of even using WiFi can be death after the group banned the use of WiFI outside of Internet parlors in Raqqa to protect against Western influence or subversion.

8 thoughts on “WiFatwa: Islamic Regulators In Dubai Issue Fatwa Against Using Neighbor’s WiFi”

  1. My wife tells me that Crisco is spulled with a C not a K. But I used to believe in God, the Holy Ghost, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Now I believe in The Donald. I came to America from Sweden and I have been reborn.

  2. I happen to praise lard and will not eat food cooked in Krisco. And I won’t eat in Frisco.

  3. “Fatwa” is an interesting word. We need some cartoon character who is fat and then employ some other aspect for the “wa”.
    Religion is the opiate of the people. All religions. No Baptists need apply around here. It is wrong to call a non religion person “a non believer”. I believe in logic and science. But not garbage based on “faith”. “Agnostic” means that one does not want to pin the word “atheist” on himself. I do not believe in God. I think Lard is something one eats instead of Crisco. I would not praise Lard.

    We need to stop “respecting” those who believe in these various religions. They are all dumb. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.

    1. Elmer Fudd – there are two types of agnostics. 1) the type you are most familial with neither believes or disbelieves in the existences of God. 2) type you are unfamiliar with believe in an uncaused cause or original being. however do not believe that being interferes in our life.

  4. I think this is a fair law. It really is stealing. Theft of services. Not sure what the penalty should be.

  5. Anyone recall the service called Radio Free Europe? We did not charge the listeners.

  6. Religion is anything those in power want it to be. If leaders like racism, homophobia, misogyny, if they dislike the internet, or enjoy war and plunder and greed, whatever, just label it religion and it’s all good.

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