The Alligator Always Rings Twice . . .

BBsEkRr.img Just when you thought that the greatest danger was exposed by Chevy Chase as land sharks at your front door. An alligator succeeded in ringing the front door of a Florida home. After all, why chase food when the food can come to you?

The video was taken by a neighbor Gary Rogers while walking his dog.

It is clear where the gator got this idea . . .


7 thoughts on “The Alligator Always Rings Twice . . .”

  1. It’s a Clinton supporter who wants to “unify” the party.

  2. I appreciate the humor in the clever title of this article, as well as in the video clip. But we should recognize the stark reality that alligators seldom ring twice. We’re lucky if they even ring once. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, even the Postman doesn’t ring twice. At least not where I live.

  3. A couple years ago a friend sent a video of an alligator waiting at a school bus stop as the school bus drove up and stopped. It was in Thibodaux Louisiana.

  4. Ring, ring, ring. “Dave?”
    “Dave’s not here man!”
    “No, I’m Dave.”
    “Come on man, hurry up and open up the cops are coming!”
    -Cheech and Chong.

    If Dave rings my bell I am letting him in.

  5. My… alligator won’t come back!
    My alligator won’t come back.
    He’s the biggest disgrace to the four legged race.
    My alligator won’t come back.

  6. Pretty clever gator. Taking advantage of his rights for inhabiting the Earth. I wonder how he made out?

  7. Like Shark Week wasn’t bad enough, now we are going to need Alligator Week.

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