High-Ranking Egyptian Official Finds Source Of Violence and Extremism . . . In Tom and Jerry?

TomandJerryTitleCardcThe rise of ISIS and other groups has left the entire region of the Middle East in smoking ruins with tens of thousands of innocent victims. So when the head of Egypt’s State Information Service Salah Abdel Sadek said at Cairo University that he had traced the source for such violence, many thought that they would hear a frank discussion of Islamic extremism. Yet, instead of Bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the culprit proved (at least in part) to be none of than Tom and Jerry.

Sadek told the audience that the cartoon characters portrayed “the violence in a funny manner and sends the message that, yes, I can hit him … and I can blow him up with explosives. It becomes set in [the viewer’s] mind that this is natural.”

So all those ISIS fanatics cutting off the heads of prisoners, raping girls, and destroying historic sites were set off by a cartoon mouse and cat? No other influence that might be a bit more relevant or material?

Sadek however did not stop there. There is also video games. Don’t forget about video games: “It has become very normal for a young man to spend long hours playing video games, killing and spilling blood, and he’s happy and content.”

Well, that wraps it up. Get rid of that cat, mouse, and video games and young men might stop lopping off heads and blowing up markets. I should have known that it is Western culture and influences that has produced such homicidal maniacs.

It also explains all of those ISIS videotapes showing prisoners being killed with trash lids and waffle irons:

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  1. Renagade..
    I totally forgot about woody wood pecker…too busy watching the fonze then hogan’s heros. I see nothing (schultz)

  2. Wow. They must really think men are complete morons, easily led, and violently unstable. The mere flash of a woman’s hair, or a child’s cartoon, or the merest criticism of the faith, can set them off on homicidal rages that blow up entire regions.

    If that’s what they think of their own people, what are we to believe the chances are of having a rational conversation about tolerance?

    I’m just surprised they didn’t blame the Jews.

  3. I just got a great lion cub after selling off six pounds of pot and ……

  4. In the early/mid 20th C, Iran was ruled by a moderate government, though one that was not particularly accommodating to US business interests. So the US military and CIA toppled that moderate government and replaced it with the Shaw. The Iranian revolution finally ousted the Shaw, and the result of that was the far more radical government than what was prior to the Shaw. So when you curse Iran, curse the US government that gave the world Iran’s current government.

    Probably the core reason the CIA and State Department hired N. Africa thugs and killers to murder Gaddafi and rape his dead body (there’s video of this) is that Ghaddafi gave a speech to a huge assembly of African continent rulers in which he proclaimed his desire to unite all Africa under one African currency to gain power in dealings with larger financial powers like the West and China. There’s also candid video of Hilary’s aid showing Hilary an iPad w/video of Gaddafi’s murder, followed by Hillary chuckling and saying, “We came, we saw, he died.”

    There’s good reason Republican neo-cons like Bill Kristol and other Zionists (Kristol is the son of a Boleshevik Zionist) support Hillary over Trump. She’s a far bigger war-monger.

    The result for Gaddafi was similar to when Panamanian Dictator Noriega decided to go solo and stop dealing drugs with the CIA. That’s the US President’s queue to say, “I’d like to introduce you to my friends, the US Marines,” who killed 3k civilian Panamanians to capture Noriega.

  5. I agree with Joseph Jones in his comment above about the legacy of Woodrow Wilson. That dork called out that we Make The World Safe For Democracy. When you think about it, that phrase is the core of the Military Industrial Complex’s propaganda machine to keep boots on the ground world wide for years and years to come. Some places on Earth cannot embrace or tolerate democracy and certainly we do not need to spend money and kill our soldiers in order to promote such a dumb notion. All of the pirate territories need to be left to drift. I do not mean to say that we should not bomb them when they bomb us or send terrorists over. I like the Saturday Night Live song of 30 years ago or so. It is called Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran! Gilda Radner used to sing it.

  6. That Tom & Jerry clip was interesting, and yes, progressives would call the makeup and costumes that Jerry and his smaller buddy magically created “racist.” but there was nothing racist whatsoever about that particular bit. If anything, their disguise permitted them to escape — for the moment, and was, therefore, a good thing and prevented them from being attacked when they exited the wall hole. This is not to say that cartoons did not sometimes use racist or cultural stereotypes, but this clip should rate very low on the “offensive” scale. If this clip is racist, that Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are racist too, But the facts are that Uncle Ben was a credit to his rice.

  7. I’m so glad we give these kind folks $2B/year to purchase military weapons from the USA, so Egypt can spread American style democracy around the world.

    Thank you President Wilson for introducing the above philosophy to the USA. We, the taxpayers, and the rest of the world thank you for your benevolent ideas becoming a way of life for everyone on earth.

    /sarc off.

    How many millions or billions of human beings have died a horrible miserable death, and how many children have been orphaned at the hands of those following Wilson’s philosophy? How many have lost their homes and limbs? How many dozens or trillions of US dollars and rising debt have is cost the US taxpayers to put Wilson’s ideas into practice? How has it negatively impacted the quality of life for most of the human race? How many war mongers and MIC executives have been decorated and made wealthy? How many freedoms have been burned like scrap? How many nightmares sourced?

    May Wilson pay the appropriate price for his error, and every single person following his advice.

  8. And Egypt has the best cartoon of this century. Mickey Mouse Sissi. “Cheers big ears!” becomes “Queers big ears!”

  9. Never understood the Woody Woodpecker thing until we moved across country from a brick house with slate shingles into a house with cedar siding and shingles. Good lord those beasts are devious. Somebody….finally got him by an ambush and a semiautomatic air rifle. Oops, he was banded. That night somebody laid him to rest with fishing weights off a bridge into a river flowing into a lake

    Now that we’re in another part of the world, Bugs Bunny is in a green belt and just loves our yard and all. Oh such a cute thing, all furry and plump and just looks at me, knowing full well all hell will break loose in the house if he disappears. We have a bald eagle and a few hawks making the circuit but no luck yet. Wish Wiley would visit but he’s busy chasing that bird.

    Egypt just ain’t got no sense of humor. We make cartoons out of animals that drive us nuts.

  10. I thought they hated us for our freedom…and barbi dolls and beer. …and hollywood… They hate us for tom and jerry? Thirty years ago? That explains everything. Cause ….proximate cause and actual cause. Note for jury selection….no?

  11. Well, Obama still has time to get on a plane and meet this guy and shake his hand for solving the Middle East violence problem and, oh yes, offer to send more weapons and money.

    Every time I think of the money we have poured into these countries in the Middle East I want to scream! Our roads are falling apart, our water systems are deteriorating so that many have no safe water to drink and don’t even raised the issue of the electrical grid but don’t worry we always have enough money for our “friends” in the Middle East. More money and more weapons.

  12. This article doesn’t adequately explain the Islamic angle on “Tom & Jerry.” Muslims are taught that Tom & Jerry is part of a Jewish conspiracy. Yes, you read me right. I kid you not. Don’t believe me? Here’s what Muslims are taught:


    Is it any wonder that no Muslim has won a Nobel Prize in science, medicine, or economics — the real Nobel prizes benefitting humanity, even though Muslims represent more than 25% of the World’s population? In stark contrast to Muslims, Jews win 25% of those prizes even though they represent less than 0.2% of the World’s population.

    But the Muslims have certainly figured out the grand Tom & Jerry Jewish conspiracy scheme to control the world. There’s no cure for stupid.

  13. (music- to tune of Love and Marriage)

    Tom and Jerry….
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    — from Tom and Jerry Having Sex in the Mosque, coming to a theatre near you.

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