George Zimmerman To Auction Off Gun Used To Kill Trayvon Martin [Updated]

zimmermans_gunIn an apparent effort to be sure that he is the most hated man in America, George Zimmerman will be auctioning off the gun that he used to kill Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. He has stated that the funds will be use to fight “Hillary Clinton’s anti-firearm rhetoric.” UPDATE: the gun to be auctioned at Gun Broker appears to have been withdrawn from sale.

abc_ht_trayvon_martin_george_zimmerman_2_jt_120318_wgThe killing occurred in 2012 and caused a national controversy over the eventual acquittal of Zimmerman. He refers to the gun as “an American icon.” Zimmerman dismissed questions about the many people who would find the auction offensive, saying “They’re not going to be bidding on it, so I couldn’t care less about them.” Zimmerman has courted controversy since the acquittal with minor arrests and has sought to sell paintings like one of an American flag, emblazoned with the words “God One Nation with Liberty and Justice For All.” That sold on eBay for $100,000.

The idea of the 9mm pistol being an “American icon” is itself a troubling thought. Lincoln’s top hat is an American icon.

The one-day online auction opens at 11:00 EDT on Thursday. The opening bidding price for the 9mm pistol is set at $5,000.

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  1. “Manslaughter is the charge for when someone creates a situation, intentionally or though negligence, AND REGARDLESS OF THE ACTUAL ISSUES, someone gets killed.” Oh, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks, Isaac, for a good laugh.

  2. Manslaughter is the charge for when someone creates a situation intentionally or through negligence and regardless of the actual issues, such as Zimmerman defending himself, some one gets killed. Zimmerman felt empowered to strut his stuff because he was armed. If he hadn’t been armed he would have cowered in his car. There would have been no manslaughter.

    What’s wrong with this picture is the perverse interpretation of the 2nd Amendment allows scum like Zimmerman to walk around armed. There is no logical argument against what I just wrote. What’s also wrong is that the grandstanding idiot Angela Corey gave Zimmerman a get out of jail free card when she charged him with murder. The trial was a sham and the killer went free.

    1. “What’s wrong with this picture is the perverse interpretation of the 2nd Amendment allows scum like Zimmerman to walk around armed. There is no logical argument against what I just wrote. ”

      Whats wrong with the picture is Florida law that allows shooters to stand their ground instead of retreat.

      If Zimmerman had retreated it is a pretty good bet, not certainty but pretty good odds, that both would be alive today.

  3. Bettykath:

    George Zimmerman was Latino.

    Where in the 911 conversation was the justification for Trayvon returning and beating up George Zimmerman?

    Because no one has said why they think it was OK for Trayvon to beat George, other than George was watching him and trailing after him from a distance. Clearly, from the 911 call, Trayvon had run off and was completely out of sight.

    Is it OK for a white man to circle back and beat up a black man that was on the phone with 911, just for watching him and walking after him from a distance? Seriously?

  4. Bettykath, Zimmerman isn’t white.

    And the rest of your comments don’t fit any of the facts.

    Other than that, nice job.

  5. Poor George. He fired the gun using only one hand. The recoil was such that the barrel of the gun hit the side of his face and the sight made two tiny, bloody holes on the end of his nose. (he didn’t have a traditional bloody nose according to the medical personnel who examined him). No, George won’t admit it. The bruise on the back of his head matches a sprinkler head. A lot was made of why Trayvon didn’t go directly home. But why should he? He had “lost” the spooky man who had been following him by truck. Where was George during this time? All you need to win such a case is defense attorneys that pollute the jury pool; a judge that issues jury instructions that don’t allow for a conviction; prosecuting attorneys that lay out the defense’s self-defense claim so that the defendant doesn’t have to take the stand and don’t lay out a scenario that matches the evidence; a jury that includes a woman who thinks that a peaceful protest is a riot. btw, Angela Corey has a record of prosecuting arrested Black teens as adults, regardless of age or accusation. This case was all about white privilege and white privilege won.

  6. BFM, there are other means to determine the real list of the most hated people under than a popular vote or via a representative sampling of the population. For example, people are so disgusted of hearing any news whatsoever about Kim Kardashian and Justine Beeber that they are willing to pay money for software that will filter/block any news of them. Purportedly some software designers have been working on it. At the same time the major media companies are fighting against the implementation of such software because the media loves to divert attention away from real news to endlessly focus on the “activities” of Kardashian and Beeber, to the disgust of multitudes. I, personally, would gladly pay a substantial annual premium to block those individuals. I believe there’s a huge market for such software and whoever successfully develops it and manages to get it past the media police will become incredibly wealthy.

    1. @Ralph Adamo: ” I, personally, would gladly pay a substantial annual premium to block those individuals. I believe there’s a huge market for such software and whoever successfully develops it and manages to get it past the media police will become incredibly wealthy.”

      I can imagine a brownout right now as developers all over the country boot up their pc’s in a mad rush to be the first to rewrite their add-blockers and pop-up blockers to turn them into Kardashian-blockers.

      Who wouldn’t pay for an app like that?

  7. George Zimmerman is the most hated person in America? Only in the perverse, depraved mind of a leftist.

    The following is a REAL list of the most hated people in America:

    Barack Obama
    Kim Kardashian
    Eric Holder
    Justin Beeber
    Louis Farrakhan
    David Duke
    Kanye West
    George Bush
    Miley Cyrus

    Of course, in typical leftist fashion, this leftist article features the “cutest” photo of Trayvon Martin it could find, instead of a representative photo that depicts the real person. So, as a public service, I’ll provide the link to a real photo of him:

    1. “The following is a REAL list of the most hated people in America:”

      In the great tradition of democracy and our forefathers, Shouldn’t we put this important question to a vote?

      Hmmmm …. Trump… Clinton …. Clinton …. Trump …. what to do? ….. what to do? ….. decisions are so hard.

  8. There is an element of the black community (supported by Isaac and JT) who think it is okay to savagely beat someone whom you find annoying. Or just for the fun of it. About a year ago a young white father was walking home from a baseball game, through the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington D.C. Three black teens robbed him. He did not resist, and handed over his wallet and cell phone. They proceeded to beat him into a coma. Somehow, he crawled onto someone’s doorstep, where he was found the next morning. He survived, but is severely brain damaged. His young, 20-something wife is now overwhelmed with an infant and a brain-damaged husband who cannot communicate. The three thugs were caught, and their obese mamas were down at the court house crying about “they babies be good boys.” They will get out in a few years at most and return to the streets as predators looking for their next victims. Had the young man pulled out a gun and defended himself, the MSM and the likes of JT and Isaac would brand him as “the most hated man in America.” Of course you’ve never seen anything in this blog criticizing the thugs, only the people who defend themselves. That’s why places like D.C. and Chicago don’t allow law-abiding people to carry guns in self-defense. The nut-job liberals want thugs like these three and Travon Martin to be free to brutalize people with no repurcussions.

  9. I hope they get a great price for the gun. I think part of Zimmerman’s problems are that the trial destroyed his marriage, he had to go into hiding and everything he was charged with after that was payback for being found not guilty.

  10. Remember the Brown case, where a mob of people chanted death threats to cops, because they felt a cop was not justified shooting a huge suspect who was charging him, after grappling in the car for his gun?

    And YET, Travyon was supposedly justified in using deadly force (smashing George’s head repeatedly into a curb) because George watched where he was going, trailed behind him, totally lost him, and had time to have a long conversation with 911.

    Explain this disconnect to me.

  11. Pursued – running? At a leisurely walk? 2 feet away or 100 yards away?

    To me, “pursued” indicates trying to catch him.

    “he certainly deserved a good beating.” Wait. So if I see someone peeking into houses, and I trail behind by a full block, while on the phone with police. And then I lose him. I deserve a good beating?

    “He took a gun to a fistfight.” But this wasn’t just a fist fight. He was smashing his head into a curb, which could have either killed him, or left him with a catastrophic brain injury. If someone said, “I’m going to make sure you have to live in assisted living the rest of your life, unable to live independently, with severe brain damage” would you said okey dokey? I have a gun but I won’t use it and I’ll let him make me brain damaged?

    I do not understand that logic or your position. Please explain it to me.

    Have you read the full transcript? By the end of the transcript, how was Trayvon in fear of his life, enough that he was justified beating a man’s head into the curb, which is the same as smashing a large rock repeatedly into someone’s head?

  12. “Zimmerman may not have deserved to die that night but he certainly deserved a good beating”

    Under what law did Zimmerman deserve a good beating?

    Under what statute am I prohibited from moving freely if I encounter an unidentified person (regardless of age) moving about through the neighborhood?

    Me thinks Isaac is relying on conjecture and ignoring the facts of the case. Manslaughter was an option for the jury, but the jury acquitted Zimmerman of that charge too.

  13. I would like Trump to make Zimmerman our Secretary of Homeland Security.

  14. Karen

    Zimmerman pursued Martin. He was armed. He was told not to. Protocol dictates not to. Zimmerman may not have deserved to die that night but he certainly deserved a good beating, regardless of the adolescent ‘tough guy’ who was giving it to him. Zimmerman committed first degree manslaughter. He took a gun to a fistfight. He instigated the fistfight. Murder may be impossible to prove but first degree manslaughter is clearly obvious. Read the law.

  15. Why is it that some people equate “we don’t need you to do that” with an order to get back in your truck, you are no longer permitted to move about freely?

    “We don’t need you to do that” from a dispatcher is not a lawful order. Nor does it imply that Zimmerman was no longer free to move about as he wished. The facts of the case were that Zimmerman was assaulted while acting lawfully. The response to that assault resulted in Martin’s death. The force used by Zimmerman was lawful, according to a jury of his peers.

    We live under a system in which the accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. A finding of “not guilty” returns the accused to a position of innocence.

  16. Isaac:

    OK. Now read the transcript, and get back to me. Because I don’t understand your position at all. Unless it’s just the fact that the death of any young man, troubled or not, justified or not, is a tragic loss of potential and an unrecoverable injury to his mom.

  17. I suggest that anyone who defended Trayvon’s actions beating George Zimmerman read that 911 transcript. Try to come up with a scenario where Trayvon was justified for coming back after George.

    And then please explain it to me. I think George’s a jerk, but I can’t come up with anything to justify Trayvon smashing his head into the concrete.

    But only if you’ve read the transcript and all the evidence.

  18. Here is the entire transcript of the 911 call, including where George said that he ran off. Then he has this whole entire conversation with the 911 operator. He’s making plans to meet the police officers.

    Trayvon at this point is completely out of sight. Gone. And yet a Trayvon, a young man who had pics on his FB page of guns, drugs, and tough guy statements, beat George, an overweight, soft man who, according to his self defense instructor, was totally incapable of fighting. He smashed his head into the curb. How threatened could Trayvon have felt if he was completely out of George’s sight? What was Trayvon’s defense for using deadly force?

    If Trayvon was a white cop, and George was a black suspect, who would the mob have supported? If George was black, and Travyon bashed his head in, and killed him, how would white Trayvon’s defense have fell on the mob’s ears?

  19. Unfortunately Professor, the gun is an icon to that scary percentage of Americans who are missing huge segments of their brains. The guy was told to stay out of it. Protocol dictates that neighborhood watch people stay out of it. The scum took a gun and created an altercation with an innocent man, who was part of the neighborhood. The scum Zimmerman should be doing 30 years for first degree manslaughter. Unfortunately Angela Corey was running things and decided to grandstand her ego.

    The appropriate ending for this disgusting aspect of American is for Zimmerman to meet someone just like himself and end up the same way as his victim. Po, if there is a god, regardless of whether or not he is a pedophile, water walker, flying horseman, talker to burning shrubs, he or she would design this ending for Zimmerman. Now if we could only get those who want to strap on a 45 and muscle their way through town to get together in an arena on a regular basis and blow each other to pieces, then we might have something.

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