Iranian Lawyer Barred From Parliament Based On Photos Taken Without A Head Scarf

Politicians being barred from office for misconduct is unfortunately not new, but Iranian politicians Minoo Khaleghi, who won a seat in the city of Isfahan in February, transgressed by allegedly allowing a picture to be taken of her without a head scarf. While Khaleghi insists the photos are fake, Dispute Settlement Committee of Branches ruled that she cannot be sworn into office for violating Islamic values. A religious body previously made clear that they would not allow voters to elect Khaleghi.

The photos were reportedly taken in Europe and China without a head covering. This is not the first time that Khaleghi has been barred by Islamic hardliners. Iran’s Guardian Council, a body of Islamic clerics and jurists, previously nullified Khaleghi’s 193,399 votes for unspecified reasons.

Khaleghi ran for the reformist List of Hope coalition and won the third-largest share of votes in Isfahan. She insisted that the charges were trumped up and said “I am a Muslim woman, adhering to the principles of Islam.” She is a lawyer who specializes in public and communications law. She has also worked as a journalist in local media and an activist in local non-governmental organizations with a focus on women’s rights and environmentalism.

Her courage is self-evident and she is an inspiration to not just women but civil libertarians for fighting such institutionalized sexism and authoritarianism. Hopefully, all of those voters who sought her election will be sufficiently angry to redouble their support for reformers.

10 thoughts on “Iranian Lawyer Barred From Parliament Based On Photos Taken Without A Head Scarf”

  1. courageous Islamic woman, more woman like her may just be what “reforms” hard line sharia theocracies.

  2. She joined a meeting that the President of Iran, Dr. Rouhani, had with newly elected members and her picture was figured prominently during that meeting–when I checked the Presidency’s Website, that picture was not made available–although I disagree with Thomas Edbrink’s characterization of an indirect intervention as Rouhani came out forcefully against the intervention by the Guardian Council–but Edbrink (who I respect greatly..and is also married to an Iranian) noted, it is ultimately in Khameini’s hands..and he won’t overrule his henchmen…the 12 lowlifes that constitute the Guardian Council. The head of the Council, Janati, was the same guy that after 2 hours said back in 2009 that Ahmadinejad Won…and his re-election to the assembly of experts was fraudulently done.

  3. They make women here cover their boobs. I would rather look at the boobs than the faces.

  4. Don’t let her in America without a head scarf and for that matter one that covers her face!

  5. But wait. Didn’t Po just shriek at us that wearing the veil is their choice, and voluntary? It’s all Islamophobia to claim that there are consequences for not wearing Muslim garb? That women are not treated fairly?

    Khaleghi is an inspiration. The younger generation has been pushing back against the hard liners. I hope they prevail. It takes true courage to fight for women’s rights in any Muslim theocracy.

  6. In the name of their ‘god’ their ‘religious police and clerics’ are habitual liars. How anyone can call Islam a religion is an example to pure brainwashing from birth and the womb.

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