“If You’re Innocent You’ll Go To Heaven: Iranian Judge Sentences Man To Hang After A Two Minute Trial

rezahosseini2.png.885x520_q85_box-0,0,884,520_crop_detail_upscaleAny Iranian judge offered another glimpse into the medieval Sharia legal system. After a man was given a trial lasting only a couple minutes, Reza Hosseini, 34, begged the judge to listen to his evidence that he is innocent. Instead, the judge told the man “if you’re innocent you’ll go to heaven.”
Hosseini was one of four prisoners hanged to death on Tuesday at Ghezel Hesar Prison of Karaj in northern Iran. His charges were drug related but he insisted that he was charged because he got into a “physical altercation” with the authorities in the parking lot of their house. The family said that the drugs seized in the case came not from his house but a neighbor’s house. They say that he was beaten while in custody for 70 days.

In a perfunctory trial, Judge Tayerani encouraged him to plead guilty but Hosseini replied saying: “Why should I plead guilty if I am innocent?” Tayerani reportedly responded “If you are innocent, then you will go to heaven after you are hanged.” Now that is convenient.

His wife, Azadeh Geravand, said that she and the family were not allowed to visit him and that they were only allowed to see him 11 months after his arrest.

The family was finally able to speak with the prosecutor who allegedly told them that Hosseini would be exonerated. However, without afforded an opportunity to defend him or present a case, he was summarily convicted and sentence to death. The only consideration extended to him by the judge was his assurance of paradise — apparently the only real appeal from a Sharia court.

Even after his sentence, officials refused to allow the family to see Hosseini and instead heaped ridicule and abuse on them.

32 thoughts on ““If You’re Innocent You’ll Go To Heaven: Iranian Judge Sentences Man To Hang After A Two Minute Trial”

  1. Religion sucks – especially the monotheistic ones. With lying Ted Cruz and other conservatives hanging out with “kill the gays” “preachers”, why would the religious garbage of others be surprising to us? Sorry, Ralphie, hateful religion is a hallmark of the so called right.

    I am not a fan of drug related arrests. There are less expensive, more effective methods available. However, it is interesting that after jailing a not insignificant % of our population for drug related offenses, some for life on 3rd felonies (whether violent or not), that Iranian drug offenders stories merit more support then Americans on this board.

    As for the Iranian nuclear deal, this has nothing to do with that. The USA supports Nazi regimes in Ukraine (and seemingly a current Nazi presidential candidate), slave labor in Uzbekistan, Saudi head choppers galore, and a host of other awful governments on this planet. Was anyone that naive to expect that a nuclear deal would immediately change Iranian internal religious garbage?

  2. Iran is just the kind of nation that Obama says should get nuclear weapons as soon as possible and be permitted to engage in unrestricted trade. Leftists agree, though they sometimes, as here, get qualms about the impact of their pro-Islamonazi policies on innocent people. But just when the common sense of their actions start to take hold of them, the leftist demons within them remind not to be “Islamophobic.” Consequently, they are simultaneously compelled to support their pro-Islamonazi policies with even greater passion and verve, overshadowing any glimmer of conscience. The leftist is, indeed, ultimately more pernicious than the cancer of Islam itself.

  3. Does it work the other way? Does the judge end up in hell if the condemned was innocent?

  4. Some U.S. states do essentially the same thing “covertly” through punitive blacklisting and extrajudicial Justice.

    Iran is just “covert”. Since we now torture, detain, kidnap and assassinate innocent people violating U.S. and international law – Americans can no longer judge other nations.

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