“If You’re Innocent You’ll Go To Heaven: Iranian Judge Sentences Man To Hang After A Two Minute Trial

rezahosseini2.png.885x520_q85_box-0,0,884,520_crop_detail_upscaleAny Iranian judge offered another glimpse into the medieval Sharia legal system. After a man was given a trial lasting only a couple minutes, Reza Hosseini, 34, begged the judge to listen to his evidence that he is innocent. Instead, the judge told the man “if you’re innocent you’ll go to heaven.”
Hosseini was one of four prisoners hanged to death on Tuesday at Ghezel Hesar Prison of Karaj in northern Iran. His charges were drug related but he insisted that he was charged because he got into a “physical altercation” with the authorities in the parking lot of their house. The family said that the drugs seized in the case came not from his house but a neighbor’s house. They say that he was beaten while in custody for 70 days.

In a perfunctory trial, Judge Tayerani encouraged him to plead guilty but Hosseini replied saying: “Why should I plead guilty if I am innocent?” Tayerani reportedly responded “If you are innocent, then you will go to heaven after you are hanged.” Now that is convenient.

His wife, Azadeh Geravand, said that she and the family were not allowed to visit him and that they were only allowed to see him 11 months after his arrest.

The family was finally able to speak with the prosecutor who allegedly told them that Hosseini would be exonerated. However, without afforded an opportunity to defend him or present a case, he was summarily convicted and sentence to death. The only consideration extended to him by the judge was his assurance of paradise — apparently the only real appeal from a Sharia court.

Even after his sentence, officials refused to allow the family to see Hosseini and instead heaped ridicule and abuse on them.

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  1. You know, some of these responses demonstrate the truth of the answer to the question,, “What do you call two lawyers up to their necks in cement.”

    Answer: A good start.

  2. The U.N. should pass a resolution expressing outrage at member nations that engage in wars against (some) drugs. President Obama should lead the way in encouraging other countries to end the war. It’s way past time to legalize freedom and stop punishing people for what they eat, chew, smoke, snort, or inject. Let’s not allow
    the opposition to Mrs. Clinton to become a referendum on her alleged past use of Cocaine.

    1. bill mcwilliams – from reports the cocaine helped level out Hillary’s insanity. However, there is no excuse for the amount of coke Bill was snorting.

  3. Bernie and Trump. Who will the women vote for? It may be split down the muddle. Let us skip the Donald and vote for his wife. We need a woman for President.

    1. Molly – there is a difference between needing and wanting a woman for President.

  4. Again, Mr. Spinnelli, you are entirely mistaken, but on the other hand, I don’t care. As for balance, there is way too much inanity on these threads. A rather poorly educated crowd, from the looks of things.

  5. Nobody thought Trump could win, but he seems to have. There is no reason that Bernie cannot make it a contested convention.

  6. bam, The comments by Ben Rhodes, bragging about how the Obama Administration snookered the American public, tells you all you need to know. This is Chicago politics, pure and simple. McCain was right.

  7. Aqua is a blast from the dark past here. Liberal blogs implode. The best are balanced blogs, like this one. So, Aqua is welcomed, unlike how I was treated when I arrived a couple years ago. JT saw the problem w/ the imbalance and he fixed it.

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  9. Agua deOro,

    Conservatives may amuse you but “South Paws” scare the hell out of me. They all have the same mantra, kinda like yours, you know what I mean?

  10. Should we call her “Madame” President Clinton? Or President Madame Clinton? Or President Ms. Clinton? I think Ms is more apropo. Or appropriate.
    Is she gonna win?
    What would we call Bernie if he wins?
    I know what I will call Trump. How do you spell “Heil” in English?
    If Cruz won would it be Signor?

  11. Whenever I’ve exhausted the daily supply of amusing Trumperies, I know I can count on finding at least a couple of hilarious comments on this blog. Norm Ornstein was right about conservatives, they’re determined to deny reality and fact-based evidence in favor of racist and bigoted xenophobic jingoism and delusion.

    In the end, you’ll kneel before Madame President Clinton

  12. Why do we (or Iran) need judges at all if a God is available to hand out punishments (and rewards)?

  13. Well Joe, 260 years later those same protestants founded this nation based on unalienable rights. For another couple of centuries we worked at becoming “a more perfect union”. Now we are regressing and our government is getting worked by nations clinging to 8th century law. 2017 cannot get here quick enough.

  14. A version of “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”

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  16. It’s quite strange reading about this insanity. The really strange thing is this is the same philosophy practiced by the post-Constantinian Roman Church, against those who challenged the Church’s authority. The Church would declare a punishment (a death sentence), and state if the party was innocent the punishment would have no effect.

    Quickly after the start of the so-called “Protestant” movement, “Restitutionists” raged against the power of the Protestant clergy, who passed government enforced laws that only “Pastors” could read the Scripture (alleging that Clergy had the power of the Apostles, and this power was forbidden to “laity.”) The Protestant rulers were in bed with the State rulers, and the State rulers passed laws that forbade the Restitutionists from gathering in their illicit “conventicles” (private religious meetings closed to the public).

    All these practices result from religious leaders being in bed with the King, two peas in the same pod. Of course, Christ forbids these unions when he stated three times in one verse to Pilate: “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

    In all these cases, the Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants view public religion as a glue that holds societies together. So of course, any person who disagrees is perceived as a threat to public cohesion, to the continuation of society, whatever that looks like. It’s also the reason that Plato’s law forbid “conventicle” under penalty of death. And even anyone who did not tell the authorities of a known private religious meeting was guilty.

  17. Please, let’s sign more bogus and worthless deals with these madmen–which these animals have violated on numerous occasions, already–because, after all, what could go wrong? Yes, folks, these are the men that Kerry and Obama find to be rational, responsible and trustworthy–partners to be viewed as reliable, stable and true to their promises. Undoubtedly, the mullahs will uphold their end of the ill-fated and deadly agreement, which was shoved down the throats of the American people. Hoodwinked politicians, so paralyzed with fear that they would be branded as racists for daring to protest against the foolhardy deal signed with Iran and pushed by our Traitor-in Chief, let this charlatan, inhabiting the WH, once again, get away with murder. No wonder Trump has so much appeal. It’s an expected outcome after the harm caused by the Obama administration.

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