Man Strips Naked and Jumps Into Lion Cage . . . Zoo Kills Two Lions To Rescue Him

300px-Daniel_in_the_Lion's_Den_c1615_Peter_Paul_RubensDaniel in the Lion’s Den by Peter Paul Rubens is a painting that has inspired millions in capturing the moment of faith dedicated in the Bible. The same cannot be said about the scene this week in Santiago, Chile where a man stripped naked and jumped into the lion enclosure at the zoo in what is believed to be a bizarre suicide attempt. In order to save the man, the zoo was forced to shoot and kill the two lions. (Warning: disturbing video shot from YouTube below.)

Witnesses said that the man was screaming religious statements as the cats attacked. The 20-year-old man was accidentally hit with a tranquilizer as zookeepers tried to first put the lions to sleep. However, they were unwilling to risk the life of the man and killed the lions. He is in grave condition.

hqdefaultClearly this is a disturbed individual. However, the loss of these two animals was a huge tragedy for the zoo keepers who were forced to destroy these creatures who did nothing to bring about their demise other than act according to their nature.  in the end, this man may have achieved his suicidal purpose but at a great (and presumably unintended) cost.

30 thoughts on “Man Strips Naked and Jumps Into Lion Cage . . . Zoo Kills Two Lions To Rescue Him”

  1. Of course, once Sea World is gone and out of business, then we can just let the sea creatures die on our beaches as nature takes its natural course. Or we can let the sheriff and locals take care of their problem. I think that will most likely be shooting the ill and distressed ones. Way to go PETA. Or they can do the job themselves ,which I doubt they have the stomach for.

  2. steve, I agree about orca’s, and so do many people. But PETA’s goal is stated by them. They want animals to be equal to humans and illegal to be eaten.

    1. Nick, I’d be surprised to find that the per se prohibition of meat in our diet is their goal. I think abuse and the suffering of animals are.

  3. All of you kids like to think you’re smart, but you all miss the obvious. The planet is overpopulated. Put the blame where it naturally, logically, and rationally belongs…… soccerball moms (the cause of 99% of all worldly issues)..

  4. Perhaps we could shoot (or at least incarcerate for life without possibility of parole) a couple Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel executives to make up for the loss of the lions. Because no “mental illness” is caused by the body’s failure to produce sufficient patented pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, many cases of “mental illness” have been caused or exacerbated by toxic legal drugs.

  5. I’m out West. I drove through Yellowstone yesterday listening to the Royals v White Sox game on satellite radio. What a country! I stopped along the beautiful Gallatin River to watch people kayak and fly fish. PETA would ban all fishing and eating of fish.

  6. PETA will have a victory soon when Sea World goes out of business. The San Diego zoo and then all zoos will be next. They want a vegetarian society and animals being equal or maybe above us humans. They are ISIS like in their resolve.

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