Ottawa Woman Raises Human Rights Complaint Against Club For Objecting To Her Wearing Tank Top While Working Out

rose-nickelsThere is a human rights complaint in Ottawa, Canada after Jenna Vecchio was asked by a female employee of Movati Athletic club not to wear a tank top as too revealing. Vecchio has gone public with pictures to say that she was humiliated by all of the attention in the club over her wearing the tank top . . . which she has posted.

Vecchio said that the female employee spoke to her in front of other customers when she and her husband were working out. She described it as “humilitating” in being “singled out” due to her breast size.

The company is siding with its employee and said that it maintains a dress code. It added that “Following Ms. Vecchio’s own social media postings on this matter, we conducted a thorough investigation which included first-hand accounts from members and other staff, and a followup meeting with Jenna herself.” It concluded that she was not dressed in conformity with the policy. The company questioned whether the outfit in the picture is in fact the same outfit worn in the gym.

The posting would raise an interesting issue in any case. The company could question the degree of humiliation when the person posts the pictures for the general public. She can claim that she was trying to make the public aware and show that the outfit was not inappropriate. Putting aside the policy itself, there is also the question of whether such a dress code should be a matter of human rights charges.

What do you think?

Source: National Post

27 thoughts on “Ottawa Woman Raises Human Rights Complaint Against Club For Objecting To Her Wearing Tank Top While Working Out”

  1. Me thinks the lack of frontal image is not by accident, and favors decision in favor of the club. It’s a private club, so it’s their rules. All she had to do was leave and get a refund, case closed, go somewhere else or stay home, whatever.

    If civil rights law addresses this whining wench I’d rather see all civil rights laws flushed than a decision against the club.

    Canada with its “thought crime statute” can go to hades: if you disagree with the popular Western version of history Re. “holocaustianity,” you rot in prison.

  2. The Reader must have 50 ads every week for plastic surgery. I will be visiting my 48th state in a few hours. North Dakota. Only Oregon and Hawaii remain on my bucket list. I see more plastic surgery women in SoCal than I do anywhere else. By far!

  3. LOL! see a lotta of those false ones on Mission Beach, my friend. Seinfeld had a funny episode on this topic.

  4. My prediction that Trudeau will not last long as PM in Canada just got much more likely. Liberals only like compliant women.

  5. WTF is going on in Canada? The West is burning, the liberal pretty boy French Canadian PM is pushing around and elbowing female political opponents, and now they are hating on tits. All I got to say about this post is, NICE RACK!

  6. “After asking every woman at the club who I could find on the way out if my attire offended them and they responded no, it became clear that the only ones offended were the two women supervisors working at the club today. I pointed out to them that my shirt was no different than any other woman’s shirt. They informed me that it did not matter that due to my chest size I could not wear a tank top.”

    She posted pictures from the club showing women wearing exactly the same top, and ones even skimpier.

    The supervisors were ‘uncomfortable’ because she is prettier, bustier and in better shape than the supervisors and average females there.

    Canada, like the US, thrives on power-seeking via claiming victimhood, so why not sue whenever there is badfeel?

  7. Another example of body-shaming women. The morals police have more in common with the Taliban than the Founding Fathers

    1. agua de oro – I am not body shaming anyone until I see a full frontal in that outfit.

  8. Another pretty girl brainwashed by this culture into thinking a couple of $10K balloons on her chest will solve her insecurities.

  9. Most prison inmates have tatoos. Apparently extensive facial and upper body tatoos help ward off prison attackers…… and help the public immediately identify ex-cons.

  10. Private club can have a dress code. Tatoos should be covered. What is with all these women who get tatooed? This is such a deviant custom and is taking hold in America. Trump needs to take this issue on in the campaign. Next thing you know women will want to get drafted into the military.

  11. Interesting that she left out the front view shot which may have been more revealing and hurt her augmentation oops I meant argument.

  12. This appears to be the normal tank top that the women in ,my neighborhood wear. I think they wear them to the gym, too. However, Canada falls under the EU for some odd reason so only God knows what will happen to this suit.

  13. I do not agree that her claim has merit with regard to it being elevated to a human rights case. Private club, their dress code.

  14. I think a private business can decide what their dress code is. Maybe the employee could have been more discreet. There is also the hygiene issue. In just a tank top her skin will touch the seating on the weight machines – gross..

  15. she’s working out at the gym – these look like a gym clothes to me.
    she’s also in great shape, is that a bad thing now?
    should we throw a burka on her?

  16. Who cares what she wears – may even increase business. I have one friend and two acquaintances in end stage cancer and I suspect they don’t care either. You did ask what I think.

  17. Between the tank top, the tattoos and posting get own picture, it would appear that this person is doing everything she can to draw attention to herself. I believe she has undermined her own claim.

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