Poll: 58 Percent Of Voters Considering Someone Other Than Trump or Clinton

495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreHillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziWe have been discussing the bizarre situation of the two major parties nominating the two candidates with not just the highest, but unprecedented, negative numbers with voters. The presumptive nomination of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have renewed calls for reforms to challenge the control of a duopoly of power in the country. This week there are new polls showing not only that Trump and Clinton are roughly equal in the high rejection of the majority of the voters, but 58 percent say that they are considering voting for someone other than Trump and Clinton. That could be a huge boast to the Libertarian and Green candidates this election. It also may reflect the dangerous gamble of the establishment in the Democratic party in securing the nomination for Clinton.

Given the huge negative ratings (and deep untrustworthy figures), the polls show that (in an election that should be a walk for any Democrat) Clinton may be the most vulnerable candidate to lose to Trump. While negatives tend to increase with nasty elections, both of these candidates are starting with breathtaking negative views.

New polls show Trump either pulling even or ahead of Clinton while Sanders continues to beat Trump by a healthy margin. Indeed, some polls purport to show that Clinton’s negatives may be higher than Trump’s.

Pollster Douglas Schoen’s recent poll shows both Clinton and Trump are effectively tied among likely voters in the low-40s. However, the majority of voters are looking for another option rather than choose, as Sanders recently said, “between evils.”

The Libertarian party is likely to benefit the most since it is the only third party that will appear in all 50 states.  A Johnson/Weld ticket may be seriously considered by voters as a socially liberal and fiscally conservative option.

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